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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 34 Recap

As small as buying a bunch of gifts from his own pocket, he took Hansen to meet his parents. My parents liked it when I was young. Hansen deliberately narrowed his distance with his parents according to Xiaozhi ’s instructions. How could I know that Xiaozhi ’s mother was back to the bottom? Hansen was disconnected. Hansen did n’t want to be embarrassed to find an excuse to leave. As quickly as he blocked, Hansen did n’t agree. . As small as she had to take out the house, the ticket, and the child in front of her parents, and praised Hansen. Hansen was speechless.

After Hansen left, Xiaozhi persuaded his parents to go home early. How could I know that Xiaozhi’s mother planned to stay in Beijing to take care of Xiaozhi and Hansen, and when she heard panic, she quickly found excuses to persuade, and Xiaozhi’s father also persuaded, and Xiaozhi’s mother agreed with a little thought. It was only then that I was relieved.

Ari thought about it and decided to find Qiaoman to take the initiative. The two came to the lake, and Ali took out the hospital certificate from his mobile phone and lied that he had had a child with Heping. He begged Qiaoman to leave Beijing and stopped appearing in his sight. Qiaoman listened to the chaos and ran away.

Ari returned to the company in a loss of heart, feeling very regretful. She knew she was taking risks and was worried, and she would be furious if she knew that peace would happen. Seeing this, Yang Lan quickly comforted Ali. Qiaoman was shocked when he heard Ari’s words, and ran to Hanson’s house in a state of disappointment. He proposed Hansen to him in person. Qiaoman refused to say the reason, his eyes dull. Upon seeing this, Hanson knew that Joman must have been hurt, and immediately hugged Joman. Qiaoman embraced gently.

Professor Su is now famous, and many companies are rushing to invite them. Luo Chen went to the studio to find Professor Su and hired Professor Su as a high-paying art consultant. Professor Su is a teacher, and he does not want to step on two boats. He said that although there are some conceptual differences from peace, things will not end here. Luo Chen expressed understanding.

The two were talking and peace came. He guessed that Luo Chen was impure for this purpose. They inevitably pinched a few words when they met. Professor Su quickly drove Luo Chen away. He came here this time to save Professor Su. Professor Su and Peace are in the heart, one is a partner and the other is their own students. It is difficult for Professor Su to be caught in the middle. He expressed his willingness to respect Professor Su’s opinions.

Hansen is about to marry Joman. After Zhu Fan sent the ring to Hansen, he happily told An Kailun. An Kailun was very surprised when he heard it. He immediately took out his mobile phone and notified the lawyer to draft a pre-marital agreement. Upon seeing this, Zhu Fan quickly showed great diligence, and An Kailun did not buy it. After, An Kailun found Hansen and told Hanson to sign a prenuptial agreement with Joeman. Hansen assured that Joeman was not a man who wanted money, but An Kailun was not at ease and Hansen agreed.

In the restaurant, Hansen wrapped up the audience and confessed to Joman romantically, and Joman agreed with ease. Hansen kissed Joeman affectionately and cherished this moment because it took too long to wait.

To try the wedding dress tomorrow. Hanson carefully told Joeman. This scene was seen peacefully. At night, Peace handed over Qiaoman for questioning. Qiaoman pretended to take out the ring calmly for peace to see, but peace did not take it seriously, pointing out that Qiaoman was deceiving himself. Qiaoman ignored it. Heping wanted to use the contract of the lighthouse on the other shore to keep Joeman, and Joeman ignored it.

Qiaoman didn’t believe it. He hurried home to check the contract and found that it turned out to be true. It was so small that he asked Joeman whether he liked peace or Hansen. Qiaoman wondered that everyone asked the same question. Xiaozhi said that this was seen by everyone with a discerning eye. Qiaoman didn’t want to be the third party of peace and Ali. Xiaozhi was immediately upset and angered Hansen. Qiaoman hesitated. Ari forced Hansen to take Qiaoman away again. Hansen responded as a fiancé to warn Ari. He was very pleased to see him and quickly told Hanson that he would marry Qiaoman.

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