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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 33 Recap

Nan Sheng ran to the school affairs office, and the people in the security department had reported to Professor Su. Professor Su knew the situation from Nan Sheng, but Nan Sheng was only willing to tell the story of the wall, but the people in the security department did not agree.

The basketball court, Xiaoxi ran to tell Luo Chen, Luo Chen left his teammates and went straight to the school affairs office. In front of everyone, he claimed that Nansheng was a boyfriend and a boyfriend. Professor Su couldn’t help getting angry. Nansheng quickly explained, but Luo Chen was pulled away. The two left the school affairs office. Nan Sheng knew that Luo Chen was doing this to protect himself. He hoped that Luo Chen would not say so in the future. Luo Chen said that he would not give up easily, and would insist on his whole life.

Xu Zhen got angry and skipped class. He told peace about Luo Chen’s pursuit of Nansheng, and peace did not take it for granted. Heping knew that Xu Zhensheng had skipped class, and repeatedly scolded Xu Zhensheng back to school. After learning of it, Ah Li greatly appreciated it.

After Luo Chen returned, the students in Zhang Luo’s studio helped him pursue Nansheng. Everyone yelled loudly downstairs in the girls’ dormitory. Nan Sheng was sitting in the dormitory to write a review and was surprised when he heard the voice downstairs. Xiaoxi told Nansheng not to say anything, otherwise the school would increase the punishment.

Xu Zhensheng ran to the school affairs office to complain to Professor Su, and expressed the feelings of peace and Nansheng. Professor Su could not help but frown. The people in the security department arrested Luo Chen, and Professor Su understood the situation. Luo Chen swore to Nan Sheng, Xu Zhensheng accused Luo Chen of being improper, and Luo Chen went back. Professor Su was so flamboyant.

Luo Chen was disciplined, wrote a humorous review book and posted it in the school, and the students watched the discussion. When sorting the goods peacefully, they found that the goods were all uneven goods, so they thought of putting cartoons on the crafts to sell. A-Li was full of praise. After that, the two came to the craft factory together, hoping to use the technology in the factory to combine handicraft and cartoon production, but they were expelled from the factory.

Xu Zhensheng told Peace about Luo Chen’s pursuit of Nansheng. He came to the campus with peace but he came over the campus and happened to see Luo Chen showing off to his classmates. He waved his fist in peace and passed towards Luo Chen. Luo Chen sat bleeding on the ground at the corner of his mouth, Nan Sheng and Xiao Xi hurriedly came over, Nan Sheng blamed peace for hands-on, peace and reason, but Nan Sheng did not agree. He believes that this may be the growing gap between him and Nansheng …

Qiaoman came to find peace and told him about his stay in Beijing. Seeing peace is very happy. Qiaoman said that he would pay the mortgage for his sister and invited Qiaoman back to work peacefully. He planned to take a few thoughts on the theme of the lighthouse on the other bank. Qiaoman pointed out that he had finally settled with Li Pingge and would not go back. She advised peace not to use the lighthouse on the other shore to avoid Ali getting angry. Peace has its own claims. Peace hopes to continue to make friends with Joe Man, Joe Man smiled gently.

The parents learned that Xiaozhi had returned to China secretly and found Beijing angry. Meet up at the restaurant where my parents met. The mother was so ignorant that she didn’t take care of her, and she quickly apologized for the tea and water. As young as Dad understands.

After, as young as her mother began to force her marriage, she lied that Hansen was her new boyfriend in anxiety. As young as her mother learned that Hansen was an overseas Chinese in Spain, she had to meet Hansen before she left. It was so small that I had a headache.

At night, Ali went to the toilet, saw Hehe sleeping soundly, and quietly slipped to Hehe and took a photo of Zhang with his mobile phone. She quietly sent it to Hansen, hoping that Hanson would help take Joeman away. Hansen was sleeping, and the photo sent by Ari happened to be seen by Zhu Fan. Zhu Fan awakened Hansen, Hansen looked up to find Qiaoman, Zhu Fan quickly stopped, persuaded him to let A Li deal with Qiaoman to make Qiaoman retreat.

Early in the morning, Ali went to work and happened to meet Joe Man in the morning run. Ali was surprised to see that Joe Man was calm and calm, and asked Hansen. Joe Man was puzzled by this, and Ali said that he had complained to Hansen. Qiaoman ignored it.

Joman is looking for a new job online. I was so annoyed how to make my parents meet with Hansen. When Qiaoman saw it, he wanted to call Hansen. As soon as he saw it, he quickly stopped. Qiaoman was puzzled. As small as he couldn’t help but wrestle with Hanson, Joeman looked at it and thought it was a little weird, and was so angry that he left.

Qiao Fang went to Hansen to borrow money. Hansen gave Qiao Fang a bank card without saying anything. Qiao Fang said he would return the money as soon as possible. Hansen ’s bank card password is Joman ’s birthday, and Qiao Fang was very moved when she saw it. She was very optimistic about Hansen and Joman, and encouraged Hansen to work hard to recover Joman. Hansen knew that Qiaoman had left Li Pingge and hoped that Qiao Fang would persuade Qiaoman to come to work. Qiao Fang answered.

Joman was looking for a job online, and he came over peacefully, saying that he had arranged for Joman, but he was unwilling to accept it. Peace hopes that the two can recombine, but Joman believes that peace regards himself as the shadow of Nansheng, and peace immediately denies, but Joman believes in his own eyes and rejects peace for thousands of miles.

Ari was so busy for the company’s affairs that peace was missing. Professor Su’s charming pictures were taken away by Yipin, and Yan Dong was very angry. A Li instructed Yang Lan to invite Professor Su as he would.

It was peace that rejected Professor Su’s charming pictures, and now Professor Su is famous in the circle, and people in the circle have talked about peace. Luo Chen always collects the actions of Li Pingge and plans to hire Professor Su to rely on Pinpin as a consultant. Hansen agrees. In the company, as small as forced by his parents, he once again begged Hansen to be a fake boyfriend. Hansen was really helpless, so small that he carefully prepared Hansen’s cold medicine and begged hard. Hansen reluctantly agreed. I’m so happy.

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