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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 27 Recap

Hansen listened to Xiaozhi’s advice and decided to let Shelley speak to Li Pingge. He gave Joeman the agreement, and Joeman was pleasantly surprised. Hansen said that the company is well-defined and will not easily give Qiaoman peace to his feelings. He believes that only knowing each other can win a battle. He pointed out that peace is just a landscape on Joe Man’s way, and asserted that Joe Man would definitely return to himself. Qiaoman was speechless.

Joemann gave Shelley the performance costumes that Shelley really appreciated. Shelley saw that Joeman and Hanson had an unusual relationship, but Joeman was unwilling to tell the truth. Shelley was reluctant to reluctantly, and advised Joman to accept Hansen, reminding that peace was just a passer-by on Joman’s love path. Qiaoman thanked Shelley for agreeing to speak for Li Pingge. Shelley said it was Hanson’s hard work and reminded Joman that he should be grateful to Hanson.

In the company, peace has not taken care of Ali for a whole day. A-Li is staring closely at the office of peace, unwilling to give up hope easily, and believes that with the feelings she has struggled with peace over the years, peace will not be easily abandoned. So she ordered Yang Lan to go home with herself.

A Li took out the real estate certificate and asked Yang Lan to help himself as soon as possible to block the hole. Yang Lan was taken aback. Ali told about the exposure of the fake account and pointed out that He Jianfeng had evidence in his cell phone. Yang Lan was terrified when she heard it. Ah Li promised not to drag Yang Lan into the water, and asked Yang Lan to shoot as soon as possible.

Qiaoman met and met peacefully. He was blind to Ari because of fake accounts, and almost apologized for misunderstanding the two sisters. Qiaoman accepted, she took out the agreement that Shelley promised to speak for, and was very happy to see peace.

Yan Dong intends to formally sue He Jianfeng. Upon seeing the situation, he pleads with Yan Dong to make a big deal, and proposes that someone will return the money to the company’s account. Yan Dong felt incredible when he heard it. He knew that peace was interacting with Qiaoman, and hoped that peace would not shield him. Heping said that the company will be clear. Seeing that peace is unwilling to tell the truth, Yan Dong agreed.

Qiao Fang came to the company to find Ari. Ali is not here. However, Qiao Fang recognized Yang Lan. He pulled Yang Lan and pointed out that it was Yang Lan who had stolen He Jianfeng’s seal and joined forces with Ali to marry He Jianfeng. Yang Lan couldn’t break away and quickly called for help, and the company security quickly drove Qiao Fang out.

Ari’s house is listed for sale. Ali took advantage of this opportunity to attack peace. A-li happened to meet Qiao Fang at the gate of peace, and Qiao Fang dragged A-li to make it clear. The two were quarreling outside the door. Hearing the voice quickly came out and persuaded him to let Ari hide in his house. Qiao Fang reminded Peace not to be deceived by Ali. Heping Ran is guaranteed.

He returned home peacefully, and Ali was still in trouble. Peace blames Ali for not knowing to repent. He was shocked to see Ali’s suitcase. Ali said that he had listed the house for sale and had nowhere to go and had to surrender. Seeing peace is very angry. A-Li stayed in spite of the fact.

Hansen prepared the agreement and asked Joeman to come over and discuss. As small as he wanted to hear what the two were going to talk about, but Hansen scolded as little as leaving. Qiaoman looked at the agreement and thanked Hansen for his generosity, hoping that the two would be friends. Hansen felt that he was a loser and could not help burying himself. Qiaoman couldn’t say much when he saw it, and got up to say goodbye.

Was so close to Hansen that he eagerly asked Joman to come out and ask. Qiaoman said about the contract. As small as to test Qiaoman’s thoughts on Hansen, Qiaoman said he would only be friends with Hansen. As small as I like Hansen, I just want to stop talking. Joman grinned and left.

Qiao Fang did not want to accept He Jianfeng’s gift, so he left the property to Wen Jing through lawyer Li. Attorney Li helped the two to make an agreement and left. Wen Jing believed that Qiao Fang really liked He Jianfeng, and he was very grateful.

Peace wants to rent a house for Ari, Ali stunned that he did not agree, and Lai refused to leave at Heping’s house. A-li is going to cook for peace, and when he sees peace, he finds an excuse to leave. Ali went to demonstrate to Joeman under the name of soy sauce, but Joeman had just returned from outside. Ali pointed out that she had lived with peace and hoped that Joeman would not intervene. Qiaoman knew that Ali was demonstrating with himself, and he did not want to ignore it. Ari pointed out that she was in peace with peace. Joman said she would only believe in peace. Ali said that he would stare at Joeman closely.

Qiaoman hadn’t entered the house, he received a phone call for a peaceful appointment. Qiaoman came downstairs and peacefully took the initiative to explain Ari’s affairs. Qiaoman planned to move out and stayed in peace. He hoped that Qiaoman would give him a little time and he would let Ari move out. Qiaoman smiled quietly.

Yipin Cultural Industry is officially listed. Guests gathered. As small as busy in the meeting place. Zhuo Yang quickly stepped forward to offer diligence. It’s so strange how Zhuoyang came in? At this time, peace appeared. When peace and Hansen met and greeted each other, Hansen said that he would formally start a contest with peace. Shelley came with Joeman. Qiaoman smiled when he saw Peace, and Hansen felt very unhappy.

At this time, An Kailun took the stage to give a speech. An Kailun thanked Hansen in public. He watched Hansen grow up and was pleased that Hansen was finally mature. Shelley toasted with Peace and Hansen to celebrate, Shelley suddenly hugged Hansen. Qiaoman was confused. Joman tastes wine alone. An Kailun came to chat with Joeman. An Kailun knew that Joman chose peace, and knew that Hanson would not let go easily, pointing out that Joman and Hansen were the best couple. Qiaoman heard the stress. An Kailun calmly left.

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