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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 23 Recap

Ye Chong reminded Chi Cheng not to be friends with the headquarters if he wanted to stay away from trouble. When Chi Cheng left, he mentioned that he would play the song “Friendship for a long time” when he met with Ye Chong. Opportunity. Chi-cheng came to the place where he joined the fisherman, when Chi-cheng read the secret code of “Lone Boat”. While the other party was thinking of “fishing Hanjiang Xue alone,” he turned and told Chi Cheng that he was a fisherman.

Chi Cheng looked at Tang Feng in front of him, and wondered for a moment how Tang Feng was. Tang Feng talked about himself and Xiangjiang, because Hong Kong was blocked, Xiangjiang could only activate himself. Chi Cheng asked Jin Xiang if he knew about this matter, Tang Feng said he didn’t know. Tang Feng mentioned that his sister Xiang was very ideal, and Sun Yongxi rescued on the 29th was her comrade.

Tang Feng proposed to let Jin Xiang know about this matter, but Chi Cheng severely rejected it. Tang Feng told Chi Cheng that he is now on his own, and he will arrange for Chi Cheng and Sun Yongxi to meet as soon as possible. Chi-cheng mentioned that Xiang Jiang had already sacrificed. On the way back, Chi-cheng thought about a Japanese comrade among the Japanese said by Xiao Feng. This comrade lurked among the Japanese for a long time, and most likely it was Qiu Chan.

The Japanese are interrogating Prof. Yu Zhongping, Miyamoto has no fighting spirit because of the recent defeat. Miyamoto told Sato that he had failed several times in the past and did not know who had leaked the secret, which clearly indicated that the headquarters had an internal crime. Sato wanted Miyamoto to pull out the crime of the headquarters, and Miyamoto raised his doubts about Ye Chong. Miyamoto asked him to investigate and told Miyamoto to seize this last opportunity.

Miyamoto looked at the code of sandalwood in the interrogation record and suspected that Qiu Chan was still alive. Sato proposes that it can be used by us regardless of whether Qiu Chan died or not, and thoroughly investigate the internal traitor of the headquarters. Chi Cheng and Lao Wei talked about the Communist Party among the Japanese. Lao Wei admired this man very much, and Chi Cheng proposed that he must be found. Sato and Ye Chong proposed the clues provided by Yu Zhongping to prove that Qiu Chan might be alive, and asked Ye Chong to take charge of this security, and told Xiangjiang that things should not be allowed to happen a second time.

Miyamoto invited Ye Chong to the interrogation room and came to the place where Yu Zhongping was interrogated. Miyamoto invited Wu Qifei, his killer, to feed Yu Zhongping’s special medicine. Yu Zhongping, under the action of the pharmacy, said that he and Sandalwood participated in the Anti-Japanese Federation in Shanghai, but only met one side. Miyamoto continued to ask Yu Zhongping if he knew Qiu Chan, and Yu Zhongping fainted after not saying the word. Tang Feng looked at Jin Xiang’s photos with Chi Cheng and wanted to comfort her. Jin Xiang suggested that this was not necessary because he always believed in him.

Miyamoto reported to Sato today’s new interrogation results, Yu Zhongping confessed to the list of some left-wing students in Hong Kong. Sato asked Miyamoto to expedite Yu Zhongping’s interrogation, and once again asked if the plan to catch the traitor had already begun, and he would help Miyamoto to the maximum. Chi Cheng received the information and demanded the rescue of Yu Zhongping. Chi Cheng found out Yu Zhongping’s whereabouts and asked the organization for the next plan. The organization replied to the fisherman to cooperate with the next plan.

In response to Yu Zhongping’s interrogation, Wu Qifei thought that he could no longer be sentenced, and that he would die. Now he still needs to treat Yu Zhongping, and the treatment time is one week. Wu Qifei assured Miyamoto that he would heal him. Miyamoto had no other choice but to believe Wu Qifei. Chicheng came home and called Tang Feng, asking him if he could contact someone with the phone number left by Xiang Jiang. Xiaozhuang received a mysterious phone call, and this time there was still no movement. Miyamoto came to the data department and called up the list of all the people he wanted to investigate, but he could not bring it out of the archives room.

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