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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 22 Recap

Xiaofeng led people to fight with the Blue Panther and rescued Xiangjiang’s wife and daughter. After seeing the people rescued, Xiaofeng evacuated immediately. Blue Panther hurried to the Military and Political Office to report. Xiangjiang was worried about the safety of his wife and daughter, so he came to Miyamoto to ask about his wife. Xiangjiang asked Miyamoto to buy Guangfuji’s evening tea for himself, and to be accompanied by rice wine and boiled bamboo shoots. Miyamoto could only agree to Xiangjiang’s request.

Xiangjiang eats and thinks that Ye Chong gave himself an antidote tortured while the listener was damaged, but also told him not to drink. Right now, Xiang Jiang is unwilling to let Ye Chong take another risky rescue, and cannot give the enemy any flaws. Miyamoto left the interrogation room and told Kojima to give Xiangjiang some time. When he was taking the island to dinner, he missed the Blue Panther to the Military and Political Office. Ye Chong came to Xiaozhuang to ask how to save people. Xiaozhuang mentioned that people had been rescued, but He Ying’s classmate Wang Tongxi had been killed by the Japanese.

Ye Chong came to the meeting hall to see the fake Yu Zhongping. Ye Chong lied that he was sent by Miyamoto. After Zhitong Tongxi, who asked in Japanese, was dead, he shot Takagi. Sato learned of Takagi’s death, and angrily called Miyamoto. Even if Miyamoto explained, Sato still didn’t believe that Ye Chong would kill. Sato was anxious and wanted to go to see Xiangjiang, but the next person came to report that the criminal was robbed.

Old Wei told Chi Cheng that the people had been rescued, but he couldn’t figure out what Ye Chong was thinking. Chi Cheng decided to find an opportunity to have a good chat with Ye Chong, and decided to go to the place where Xiangjiang left his information tomorrow. He Ying was sad because of Wang Tongxi’s death, thinking about whether Professor Yu was also killed. Ye Chong comforted He Ying not to be sad, he would find a way to rescue Yu Zhongping.

Xiangjiang alcoholism, Miyamoto decided to use No. 5 reagent for Xiangjiang, and there were many people ambushing around. Miyamoto was very disappointed with Sato’s slack, and decided to calm down and think about where the problem occurred. Miyamoto thought of Ye Chong in his mind, thinking that only by focusing on Ye Chong would he find more useful information. Kojima found that Xiang Jiang used the identity of a businessman to travel between Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. His most recent trip to Southeast Asia coincided with Ye Chong’s time to Vietnam.

Xiaozhuang and Ye Chong talked about saving Xiangjiang’s family. Ye Chong gave Xiangjiang a reagent and decided to save Xiangjiang together. Ye Chong took the opportunity to enter Xiangjiang’s intensive care unit and was about to take away Xiangjiang. Xiangjiang told Ye Chong that he understood that he was Qiu Chan, saying that he could not leave and told Ye Chong that there was important information in 48 Nathan Road. come out.

At this time, Miyamoto came to the hospital, Ye Chong took the opportunity to leave, preventing Lin Xiaozhuang from preparing to save himself. After Miyamoto arrived, he asked the doctor to inject No. 5 to conduct the final interrogation of Xiangjiang. Xiangjiang was obviously unable to do so under the action of No. 5 potion, and the island finally shot him and killed him. Ye Chong was hurt because of Xiang Jiang’s sacrifice. But he had no choice but to watch Xiangjiang die in front of himself.

On the second day, Ye Chong came to fetch important information at No. 48 Midun Road, which was explained by Xiangjiang. Ye Chong opened the mailbox and found that there was a letter in it, which contained all the passwords and codebooks of the joints. Ye Chong returned home and asked He Ying to help himself pour a glass of wine. He Ying looked at the dull Ye Chong and wanted to accompany him. He Ying asked Ye Chong to help himself to prepare a meal.

On the second day, Chi Cheng saw the news that Xiang Jiang was dead in the newspaper, and it was difficult to accept for a while. Ye Chong also bought a newspaper and saw the news. Chi Cheng brought the newspaper to Ye Chong’s office. Chi Cheng explained that the intention was to thank Ye Chong.

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