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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 20 Recap

Miyamoto asked to grab everyone who observed the blackboard. Lao Wei reminded Chi Cheng to ask who Jin Xiang rescued. Chi Cheng decided not to visit for the time being, to arouse Japanese suspicion, or to wait for Jin Xiang’s arrival at home. Mr. Sun wanted to go out, Xiaofeng reminded him not to go out casually. Mr. Sun suggested that he must go out today. Xiaofeng followed Mr. Sun to the tea house.

Sun and the person in the joint informed him that the contact point must be evacuated, and the joint shopkeeper could only write that it was Xiangjiang. Xiaofeng followed Mr. Sun and left. Xu Feng bought a newspaper and saw that everyone standing next to the newspaper stop was arrested. Kojima reported that new numbers were found near each newspaper stop. Xu Feng returned home and told his wife that someone was watching outside. His wife drew the curtains skillfully and burned important evidence. Xu Feng picked up the child and fed the child to dinner.

Miyamoto and Ye Chong came to the newspaper stop together. Miyamoto saw Ye Chong reading the newspaper and asked if Ye Chong had any new discoveries. Ye Chong explained that he only reads entertainment newspapers on weekdays.

Lao Wei took the newspaper and told Chi Cheng that Lao Liu had found the white ribbon in the Jiangjia Tea House and wanted to know who was warning. Chi Cheng suspects that Xiang Jiang did all this, Xiaofeng saw that Mr. Sun was being followed. He stepped forward and borrowed fire with two Japanese people in casual clothes, and the other party let Xiaofeng go away. Xiangjiang’s actions were carried out privately. Chi Cheng analyzed that this time Xiangjiang’s actions were too dangerous, and he had to report to the organization.

Mr. Sun knew that Tang Feng was following him. Tang Feng said that he just didn’t want to be shot in vain. The two of them met Ye Chong. Ye Chong reminded Mr. Sun that the world is not peaceful at night, or don’t go out in disorder.

Ye Chong asked Mr. Sun where to buy the tea. Mr. Sun can only say that it was bought by Jiang Jia Tea House. The younger brother suggested that this tea could be given to Ye Chong. Ye Chong felt the same as Tang Feng, and felt there must be something wrong with it. Miyamoto reported on recent actions, and Sato believes that Miyamoto’s Thunder action has had a great effect. Miyamoto analyzed that the actions of the Communist Party may be only one person, not a gang. Sato is going to Miyamoto to call for Ye Chong.

Mei Fang couldn’t contact Wang Xuefu and was anxious. He Ying promised to go to Ye Chong and ask him tomorrow. Miyamoto told Sato the truth about the latest news of the suspension, and believed that the latest lottery information is to remind the Communist Party to find the information in the Kashima Daily, which has the largest circulation.

Ye Chong followed Miyamoto to the editorial office of the Kashima Daily, and Ye Chong was caught off guard by this sudden action. Ye Chong and Miyamoto came to the editorial department and directly asked who had recently released commercial advertisements and tracing notices. Miyamoto saw no one talking, threatening these people, Du Cong, who was in charge of the tracing section, stood up. Du Cong said that he could not remember the person who repeatedly sent advertisements. He was talking and someone called to stop.

Miyamoto answered the call, and the other party asked for Du Cong to edit. Du Cong answered the phone, and Xiang Jiang asked if there was time to send someone a notice today. Du Cong could only answer that there was time. Ye Chong didn’t know what to do at this time. Ye Chong saw a small soldier sorting out the mailbox and called him to tell him to pretend to be in position. He took off his glasses and wiped them, and threw the white cloth next to the phone, hoping to attract Xiang Jiang’s attention.

Xiangjiang came to the newspaper office, and the person in front of him told him that Du Du was not there, but the reporter had already been arranged. Xiang Jiang entered the room and found a room of Japanese people, only to learn that he was fooled. When I was about to retreat and go out, I met Xiang Jiang. Ye Chong can’t understand why Huang Zihua appeared here. Unexpectedly, he was actually a Communist Party. So who is Chi Cheng? Things in front of him are getting more and more chaotic for Ye Chong. Xiang Jiang saw Chi Cheng when he got on the bus, and smiled slightly at Chi Cheng.

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