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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 19 Recap

Ye Chong searched alone but couldn’t find it. Miyamoto brought people here and ordered his men to seize the time to search. Chicheng and Lao Wei drove on the street to see Jin Xiang, and also saw Ye Chong with Japanese soldiers as if looking for someone. Jin Xiang Jin Xiang returned to the Xinghehui with the injured Xiaofeng and his comrade Sun Yongxi rescued, Jin Xiang dug out the bullet for his brother.

Miyamoto took Kojima back to the gendarmerie. Kojima mentioned that he had caught a professor who came to HKU to give a lecture today. Ye Chong remembered that He Ying had returned to HKU. Ye Chong came to the University of Hong Kong and asked He Ying to control his classmates. Gong was in a hurry to catch people, and things were very serious. He Ying’s classmates screamed that Professor Yu wasn’t here yet. Mei Fang suggested organizing a march. He Ying blocked Mei Fang’s proposal, thinking that even the parade must have a plan.

The Japanese arrested people in the streets and harbors. Xiangjiang took out his documents when passing by the harbor. The Japanese examined and left Xiangjiang for a long time.

The Japanese caught the real professor Yu and found a professor Jia to come to HKU to give a speech. The fake professor Yu appealed to young students to be upright, and called on young students to do things in a down-to-earth manner. He Ying asked everywhere about Senior Wang. Professor Yu took the initiative to ask He Ying if he had any questions to ask himself. He Ying suggested that he had a friend who came from Shanghai and hoped to meet.

The real professor Yu has been arrested by Miyamoto for strict interrogation. Professor Yu proposed that he was only giving a speech at the University of Hong Kong. Miyamoto said that someone had already gone, and he went to Takagi, a Japanese who likes to study Chinese culture. task.

Miyamoto repeatedly asked Professor Yu to say something about the Communist Party. Professor Yu said he was a professor who came to lecture. Xiangjiang returned to his home and found that his home was already dilapidated. When Xiang Jiang left the house, all he thought about was his wife and daughter. Xiangjiang was walking on the street and called a rickshaw to the Jiangjia teahouse.

Xiaozhuang once again received a mysterious call, Xiangjiang contacted Xiaozhuang to meet at Jiangjia Tea House at 11 o’clock tonight. Xiaozhuang quickly approached Ye Chong to discuss this matter. Xiang Jiang found Chi Cheng. Chi Cheng decided to arrange for Xiang Jiang to leave Hong Kong as soon as possible. This is the best time tonight. Chi Cheng persuaded that Xiang Jiang still needed to leave quickly, Xiang Jiang insisted that he wanted to stay and help contact other comrades. Chi-cheng transferred Xiangjiang to the organization for instructions, and Xiangjiang still insisted on posting announcements in the newspaper column.

In the evening, at 11 o’clock, Xiaozhuang and Ye Chong waited at the Jiangjia teahouse. Ye Chong saw Xiangjiang and ran down immediately. He found that Xiangjiang had left a white cloth strip on the pillar of the teahouse and decided to buy a newspaper tomorrow. Miyamoto and Kojima analyzed the current situation and asked what Ye Chong was doing recently. Kojima said that Miyamoto was just spending time with Helin Xiaozhuang.

He Ying came to Ye Chong’s house and saw that there was no hot water in the house, and asked for a key from Ye Chong’s house. He reported to him that he had already agreed with Professor Yu before, and Professor Yu asked Ye Chong to go directly to the hotel to find him.

Ye Chong is very alert and asked how Professor Yu usually contacts. He Ying remembered that Senior Wang, who was in contact with Professor Yu, had not seen anyone until now after taking Professor Yu to school. Miyamoto looked at the news that the newspaper had stopped, and proposed that the military police should be replaced with plain clothes, and asked Kojima to keep staring at this piece to capture anti-Japanese elements.

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