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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 9 Recap

Otherwise, Yao put the wish in Zijinshan to cultivate his mind. He came to the detention center to visit Huang Yanyan. Huang Yanyan was more concerned about the whereabouts of the wish. Otherwise, Yao told her that the wish was in a safe place and let her not worry. Huang Yanyan had an important message to tell the wish, because he did n’t come, so he believed that the medicine would not come back. She said that when she went to Dai Hexuan, she found that he had a plum bottle, which was obviously just sealed, but he kept it Put in a pile of fake antiques, this detail is very suspicious. Otherwise, Yao thinks of what he said when he investigated Dai Hexuan, thinking that Dai Hexuan wanted to use this plum bottle to make articles.

Liu Yiming convened a meeting to study the countermeasures in view of the current situation. He believes that the current Bailly Auction House is using public opinion to exert pressure on the five pulses, and the superior leaders are in a hurry, and they must come up with some points. Mr. Shen said that the Qingming Shanghe Tu in the Forbidden City must be authentic. This is undoubted, but even the authenticity needs to come up with evidence. Ordinary people can not fool the past with one or two empty words. Liu Yiming thinks that teeth should be used for teeth. A statement was issued, and the simple Five Veins also issued a statement to keep changing.

Wishing is still practicing the Tuoba monument in Zijin Mountain. Because of his impatience, he repeatedly failed. The old Xu saw him to use his wrist strength instead of arm strength. The wish realized it and felt that the effect was good. During the time spent in Zijin Mountain, Wishing has been worried about the smoke in the prison. Otherwise, the medicine said that he would show his talents, and he did not know what he was going to do. As for the status of Liu Yiming and Wumai, it was not clear how he was, but he was alone. Staying in the mountains, whether he was cultivating or escaping, he couldn’t tell himself. Day after day, slowly, the wish began to sink into the heart, meditating with Mo Tuo, and finally successfully printed a complete work, and then he Ready to leave Zijin Mountain.

Huang Kewu contacted Mr. Wang of Breilian and wanted to talk to him alone. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang called the major media and wanted to make the conversation public. Huang Kewu had no choice but to accept the move. He said that even if Bai Ruilian got it The so-called Qingming Shanghetu authenticity can not be easily asserted that the Qingming Shanghetu of the Forbidden City is a counterfeit. Mr. Wang announced that Qingming Shanghetu will be sent to an authoritative organization for carbon 14 testing to determine the date of this cultural relic, but carbon 14 needs to be The cut-out sample of the heart of the painting will definitely damage the treasure. The Qingming River Map, as a national treasure, does not mean that it will be destroyed.

Otherwise, Yao took the wish and later went to Dai Hexuan to go to a luxury hotel often. He had done a lot of work in advance. He bought the waiter here and got the relevant information. They put on the clothes of the hotel waiter and came to the restaurant of Dai Hexuan. , Pay attention to every move inside. Dai Hexuan took out a treasure box on the wine table, saying that this bottle was a plum bottle in the inner palace of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty. It was a wine vessel specially made for the emperor Zhu Disheng wine. There was a circle of mud in the mouth of the bottle, and there was no trace for many years. The rift means that it has never been opened by people for six hundred years. The wine inside can be imagined how mellow. While everyone is tasting the wine, the wish and the medicine will come to Dai Hexuan in order to expose this fake wine. In exchange for the opportunity to make a wish to fight against Dai Hexuan again.

The Qingming Shanghe map of Brei Lian identified the result. Its carbon 14 result was one thousand AD, plus or minus four hundred years, which happened to be the Song Dynasty. The Breit Lian’s identification result came out here. If you refuse to test, it is equivalent to admitting that you are a fake. It seems that Dai Hexuan must have an end immediately. Wishing and medicine will come to Dai Hexuan again, he thinks medicine will actually use tactics, but he can only agree to give Wishing another chance to fight, this time, Dai Hexuan replaced all the antiques on the shelf, wishing to calm down, Carefully scrutinizing each collection, he tasted the objects and people, and keenly discovered that the most valuable one is the wooden shelf with antiques, and saw through Dai Hexuan’s set of tricks. Dai Hexuan admits that he lost the game and asked the two to choose one of the two things: release of Miss Huang from prison and Qingming Shanghetu to verify the authenticity. Wishing to remember what Xu Yiming and Huang Kewu said to themselves. After thinking about it, he decisively I chose to uncover the secret of Qingming Shanghe Tu.

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