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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 8 Recap

Dai Hexuan told the wish and the medicine otherwise the reason for this missing corner Daqi Tongbao is counterfeit. Daqi Tongbao is known for its neatness and exquisiteness, all carved from a mold, but the Daqi Tongbao has flaws, as if It ’s the same thing in calligraphy. He thinks that they are fooling themselves with counterfeit money, saying that Wumai has no sincerity. The way to make a settlement is to let Huang Yanyan learn Qigong from him for three months until he gets tired of teaching. until. Then, Dai Hexuan said that the real purpose of the wish to come to Nanjing was not for Huang Yanyan, but for the Qingming River Tour, and took the opportunity to snatch the missing corner of Daqi Tongbao. He said that even if it was a counterfeit currency, it would be in his hands. Give birth to variables.

Dai Hexuan finally decided to give the wish a chance to decide the destiny in the form of gambling. If the wish is to win the game, then everything is as he wishes. If the wish is lost, they return the same way, and the wish has no choice but to promise. Dai Hexuan ’s proposed method of gambling is shooting, that is, the gambler puts out a few pieces of antiques on the table, limited to a joss stick, and the most expensive or oldest of these antiques is picked out by the people participating in the gambling. Otherwise, it is regarded as failure. There was an eight-flag brother named Hao Renjie in Beijing. He had a special skill that he could walk through the antique shop and glance at the treasures. If he sold antiques, he quickly blocked the store with curtains. , So people send nicknamed Avenue Net. He has participated in dozens of shots and has never lost. He relied on his sharp eyesight to see through people’s hearts. In one match he was shot accurately, but he was secretly dropped and his confidence fell. Since then, there has been a slump, so it is people and hearts who shoot and shoot.

Otherwise, Yao sees that the porcelain in Dai Hexuan’s room is counterfeit. He reminds the wisher to be careful and fraudulent. Dai Hexuan wants to make a wish to find one of the most expensive in the room during the time of the incense stick. , Dai Hexuan is an unscrupulous god stick, and his collection is also chaotic. The pieces in the room seem to be genuine. In fact, there are many loopholes. They are all valuable objects. Since they are all fakes, he chooses the one with the highest value. So he chose a rhino horn cup. Dai Hexuan told him that this was not a rhino horn cup but a yellow horn cup, and he wished to admit that he lost the game. Dai Hexuan told him that he had already lost when he entered his house. This missing corner Daqi Tongbao is indeed genuine. Treasures, he had already made a wish to see through it. The wish still wanted to bet with Dai Hexuan again, but was forcibly taken away by the medicine, so as to wish the current state, anyone with a little antique foundation can crush him.

Otherwise, Yao told Feng Chao that Dai Hexuan, an old fox, was too cunning and made a wish to be caught in a trap. Lao Chao Feng asked him to take a wish to Zijin Mountain to find a way to restore his reason. Fortunately, I went to Zijin Mountain before cheering up. They came to Zijin Mountain together and wished to see a man named Lao Xu. He was making extensions. In order to restore the wish to restore the mind and cultivate the mind, the medicine would allow him to practice extension. Since the wish was impetuous, he did not try many times. Able to print successfully.

On the other side, Huang Kewu invited the antique experts from Hong Kong as guests, hoping to increase the contact between the mainland and Hong Kong. In the future, a lot of cooperation will be made. Hong Kong experts believe that the Forbidden City will not be able to collect the fakes of the Qingming Shanghetu. Although the headquarters of Brei Lin is opened in Hong Kong However, it has always been controlled by foreigners in the back, and it is not the Hong Kong people ’s own industry at all. It is definitely ulterior for foreigners to insert a stick at this time. The Hong Kong Antique Chamber of Commerce will definitely stand on the side of the Forbidden City and the Five Veins. Wishing to tell Lao Xu that he could n’t expand the tablet. Lao Xu felt that he could n’t even do it, let alone mention other things. Wishing not to be willing to stop like this, he decided to continue to expand the printing. Because of his impetuousness, he repeatedly broke the paper. Successive failures, and in the end he lost his confidence.

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