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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 7 Recap

Huang Kewu had to go to Hong Kong because of something. He could only make a wish to help rescue Huang Yanyan, and gave him a missing corner Daqi Tongbao. It was something from Dai Hexuan’s ancestors. He could negotiate with Dai Hexuan on this condition. Wishing to hand over the small bowl entrusted by Mei Sulan to Huang Kewu, Huang Kewu immediately changed his face, picked up things and hurriedly left.

Dai Hexuan was the technical backbone of the Cultural Relics Bureau in the early days of liberation. His real name was Dai Xiaoping. His identification level is average, but he is proficient in photography. Wishing to see the high-definition identification photos of Qingming Shanghetu seen in the library from his hands, but this person has The problem is that he likes to get rid of flowers and grass, because a few things happened, the leader of the Cultural Relics Bureau can only transfer him back to his original place. Dai Hexuan has been silent, but in recent years he has transformed into a master of Chinese studies, giving lectures everywhere, very popular, and later he declared that he had a set of Dai Qigong from the Yellow Emperor’s research, not only to prolong life, but even Able to develop specific functions of the human body, it immediately became a fire.

As soon as he made a wish in Nanjing, the backpack was taken away by the medicine. He had to chase in a taxi. The two of them caught a group of people without saying a few words. They had to fight and flee, otherwise the medicine Let the wish go first, he stayed to resist, and finally the Dragon King came to the rescue, otherwise the medicine escaped the disaster, and under the pressure of the Dragon King, he learned that this group of people were under the hands of Bai Ruilian. Otherwise, Yao found the wish and let him answer the call of Lao Zhaofeng. Lao Chaofeng said that the previous things had nothing to do with him. It was the trap set by Bai Ruilian to defeat Wumai and himself. At present, only the wish can be broken, and he hopes to make a wish. Otherwise, they would work together with Yao to bring the situation back, while Zhong Aihua and Mei Sulan were both used to deceive the wishing pawn. The opponent sent only two people to make the wish.

Wishing received a box from the service at the hotel, which contained bundles of banknotes, and then Aihua called. He invited Hong Kong on behalf of the Beryl Group in Hong Kong. These banknotes are just a little of the group ’s wishes. If the wish agrees to cooperate, In the future, he can randomly choose and manage the stores in the mainland, but Wishing immediately refused to cooperate. Zhong Aihua immediately pointed out that Wishing came to Nanjing just to find Dai Hexuan, which surprised Wish.

Wishing to visit Huang Yanyan at the detention center and told her that the black hand behind the scenes was Bai Ruilian. Huang Yanyan said that she did not want to see the wish or the medicine would be together, fearing that the medicine might cause a wish, but this time he really needed his help He made a promise to Huang Yanyan that no matter what price he paid, he would let Dai Hexuan withdraw his complaint as soon as possible. After leaving the detention center, Wishing decided to cooperate with Yao, and the two came to Dai Hexuan’s home together. Dai Hexuan made conditions and asked Huang Yanyan to apologize to him in public, but this was impossible for Huang Yanyan, and the wish was given. The missing corner of Daqi Tongbao wanted to use this condition to let Dai Hexuan pass Huang Yanyan.

Dai Hexuan claimed that the Daqi Tongbao was obtained by his ancestor Dai Xi. At that time, it was repeatedly confirmed that this one was only one of the two remaining in the world. In order to prevent accidents, he used the printed things to the outside. Display, but the authenticity is never easy to show people. In the ten years of Xianfeng, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom captured Hangzhou, and Dai Xi went to the water to die. This treasure did not happen for a long time, but he did not expect to fall into the hands of Huang Kewu. Dai Hexuan believed that the property should be owned by the Dai family and could not be counted as a debt. It could only be attributed to the original owner. Wishing said that according to the rules of the antique world, no one can have unlimited ownership of antiques, even if it was once a heirloom, but it is lost in the middle, and now it should have nothing to do with the Dai family. It turned out to be a fake, which made the wish and medicine unexpected.

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