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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 12 Recap

Huang Kewu told the story of the year, but because the time passed, he could not remember which antique shop owner the old shopkeeper was in, but he remembered the young man who had been educated by him. For several years, Liu has been in charge of Shanghai, and is currently the deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Calligraphy and Appreciation Association.

At this time, someone came to make a wish and sent a pager to see the content on the pager. The wish knew that it was sent by the drug or the person. As a way of contacting the wish, he could help in secret. The most important thing right now is to immediately go to Liu Zhan and find out where Dai Xi ’s copybook is. The two came to the Shanghai Calligraphy and Appreciation Association to find Liu Zhan. Liu Zhan was very dissatisfied with the wish to nearly smash the rice bowl of all the five veins. I was worried that once the information of the old shopkeeper was revealed to him, the wish would go to write an article to hurt him again, so he refused the wish by forgetting the three words and blasted them out unfriendly.

The two had no choice but to leave temporarily. They had just left the door of the Calligraphy and Painting Association and made a wish to receive the message of medicine or not. They asked him to buy one or two gardenias, a packet of black tea and ten acorns and then went to fight with Liu. Different results, Wishing to hold the idea of ​​giving it a try, let the dead horse be a living horse doctor, so Wishing and Yanyan took these things and went to the door again, Liu battle changed his face instantly after seeing these things, he was very alert The door was locked, and his attitude changed 180 degrees. He told Wishing about the old shopkeeper.

The shop opened by the old shopkeeper is called Fan Huji, which is a small size in Shanghai. But the credit is still good, but Fan Lao’s shopkeeper has long since passed away, and Fan Hu Ji has also closed. However, he has a nephew named Fan Bo, who seems to be a worker in a factory in Shanghai. In the past few years, Fan Bo had asked Liu to fight several times, saying that the price of the antique was not fair, and he requested that the antique be returned or compensated. At the beginning, Fan Bo was dissatisfied because they were unanimously stipulated by the national cultural relics store, and then he wrote endlessly to appeal. Liu Zhan gave Fan Bo’s address and letter to the wish.

Made a wish in Fan Bo’s letter to find the missing corner of Qi Qiongbao. He wanted to talk to Fan Bo. He was worried that he wouldn’t receive it when he went to Fan Bo, so he took Liu to fight to find Fan Bo. Wishing to ask Fan Bo where the missing corner Daqi Tongbao was purchased from, but he did not want to tell him easily, unless the box of antiques of that year could be returned to him, but Liu Zuofang said that those antiques had already flown all over the world. It may be recovered again, but the association still has a collectible. It is a picture of the smoke tree of Yunshan, one of the four major members of the Southern Song Dynasty. It was acquired from his uncle. Fan Bo, but he had to tell all the things he knew, and he could not continue to appeal in the future. Fan Bo saw the embarrassment of his family and considered that the painting should sell for a good price and agreed. Down.

Liu Zhan was not so kind. After he returned to the Calligraphy and Painting Association, he asked the secretary to get a fake. He bullied Fan Bo without culture and did not understand appreciation. At this time, the wish was made to understand why the medicine could not be given to him. Immediately let Liu Zhan’s attitude change. It turned out that Liu Zhan was using this prescription to make old, and used it to make fakes. But he wished that the people of the five veins could only discriminate against forgery, and could not falsify. He should not give Fan Bo a fake with his conscience. He asked Liu to fight to give Fan Bo the authenticity, and threatened with falsification. Liu could only obediently obey. But he still asked the secretary to take some fakes and mix them with the real ones. He wanted to test the wish and might be able to take advantage of it. He didn’t expect the wish to discover the clues through the subtle observation of the secretary, so he selected the real one at once.

Fan Bo was very happy to get the Yunshan Yanshu Picture. This time he could temporarily improve the family ’s embarrassment. However, he told the wish that he was a troublemaker before and did not know the source of the missing corner Daqi Tongbao. All the text files were also burned due to the destruction of the four old times, but the shopkeeper Fan had a very good friend at that time, named Zhou Shunxun. He was the manager of the Jinjing Huiyin Bank established by the Shanxi-based clerk. The main number was in Beijing. Although Shanghai has semicolons, it is not large in scale, and he went to Taiwan in 1949. In addition to these information, there is no important information, which makes the wish and the smoke a little disappointed.

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