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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 11 Recap

Dai Haiyan directly expressed her attitude, she was quite disdainful about the wish to be a counterfeit hero, thinking that he was just a sensation, because the story he described on the Qingming Shanghe Tu was ridiculous, the time and events were inaccurate, and the stories were full of loopholes. It ’s okay to treat it as a novel, but it ’s necessary to treat this full-blown story in the newspaper as history, and use it to question others.

Wishing also felt that the content of the Qingming Shanghetu information he had previously understood was not carefully studied, but that he understood some of the content hastily, but did not expect that the authenticity of this story would be so different. He expressed his apologies to Dai Haiyan. After a turn, this story is not true, but it does not mean that the matter is false. She believes that Wang Shizhen is indeed tangled with the original and pseudo-copy of Qinghe Shanghetu. Wang Shizhen stolen from Yanfu is the real one, and the Emperor Jiajing took Arrived at counterfeit.

Wishing to wake up to God, this result is completely opposite to Wang Shizhen’s self-report, but the conclusion is still the same, whether it is true or false, one is in the palace and the other is in the folk, but it is impossible to distinguish between true and false, but at least verified Everyone’s guess on the train is correct, why the results of the National Palace Edition and the Beryl Lotus version on Carbon 14 are so close, because Huang Biao used fake ink and Song silk when making fakes. I wish a few people thought they could Knowing these things from Dai Haiyan’s mouth, then this trip is worthwhile.

The three also wanted to get more things from Dai Haiyan’s mouth. Unexpectedly, it was time for Dai Haiyan to attend class. She asked the three to come back tomorrow. The three had no choice but to leave, but they met Zhong Aihua on the campus. Wishing and Yao would see him immediately and plan to work with his new account and old account. Zhong Aihua once again made a wish to let him join Bilelian. Wishing scolded a dog blood sprinkler. Zhong Aihua said with a sneer that he won Dai Haiyan’s ambition, and then he attracted the police and reporters to hunt down the siege medicine or make a wish, otherwise the medicine would flee, and Dai Haiyan relieved the wish.

Dai Haiyan called the wish upstairs. She was afraid that the wish would be caught, and she rarely encountered an object that could be narrated, so she decided to spit out the reserved content as soon as possible. The ancients looked at the paintings from right to left. The Qingming Shanghe map should depict the autumn scenery instead of the spring scenery. Qingming does not mean the Qingming Festival. It means the prosperity of Qingming. The Bian River is the river of royal use. The missing section is painted with the sceneries of Jinmingchi and Xishuimen. Dai Haiyan said that she not only knew the content of the scrap, but also the length of the scrap. Not only can it play a role in distinguishing authenticity, its value is also very amazing. The above content is the result of Dai Haiyan ’s research since high school, which surprised the wish. He thought Dai Haiyan saw Dai Xi ’s copybook. Only know these contents.

Huang Yanyan followed Zhong Aihua but was discovered by him, and was then threatened by Zhong Aihua. The wish was also caught in the police station because someone reported that he was not with the medicine. Huang Yanyan asked the old party for help and asked her to make the wish After the insurance was given, the old man agreed to come down. Because Zhong Aihua attracted the police, Yao could not have acted with the wish, but it could be determined that Qingming Shanghetu was a ruined book. Next, Yao planned to follow him slowly to find clues, but the old dynasty made the wish leave for Hong Kong as soon as possible. At present, it seems that the head-to-head confrontation between Wumai and Bairuilian is inevitable, but the medicine is otherwise worried that the wish will be in danger in the process of finding the residual. Bairuilian has now put all the means on the bright side. It’s just that there is no one to protect the wishing single-handed horse, otherwise the medicine decides to secretly protect and help him.

Wishing to let Lao Fang help to restrict Zhong Aihua, don’t always let him follow the trouble, Lao Fang said that Zhong Aihua’s identity is a Hong Kong citizen, there is no criminal record, can not restrict his freedom, but can help him check Zhong Aihua’s The bottom is thin. Dai Xi ’s Daqi Tongbao and copybook were missing together. He wished to speculate that Huang Kewu, who owns Daqi Tongbao, might know the whereabouts of the copybook. Huang Yanyan immediately called his grandfather to ask. At her request, Huang Kewu mentioned himself in 1994. During his nine years at a cultural relics shop in Zhabei, Shanghai, he found out that he helped an old shopkeeper who changed the seller’s treasure, so the old shopkeeper gave Huang Kewu his missing corner Daqi Tongbao to express his gratitude.

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