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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 10 Recap

Wishing did not choose to save Huang Yanyan, but decided to exchange the method of authenticity identification of the Qingming Shanghe Tu, which made Dai Hexuan and Yao both puzzled. Wishing stated that he was prepared to follow Dai Hexuan to learn the emperor’s internal strength as a condition for the freedom of smoke and smoke. As the protagonist of the case of cracking the Buddha’s head, the only descendant of the Wumai Xu family, the well-known anti-counterfeiting hero, used so many titles to help Dai Hexuan. According to the propaganda, Dai Hexuan made a profit without losing money. Dai Hexuan agreed immediately after hearing, letting people revoke their accountability for Huang Yanyan, and immediately signed a contract with the wish.

Dai Hexuan told the wish of the Qingming Shanghetu. His ancestor was Daixi, Qiantang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. He was a true master of Danqing, and he was good at painting landscapes, fish, birds, rivers, springs, and chrysanthemums. This includes Qingming Shanghe Tu. In the early years, there was a big collector named Bi Yuan. He invested heavily in collecting Qingming Shanghe Tu, but his family offended the court for other reasons and was cut off by the whole door. Later, Zhang Zeduan ’s Qingming Shanghe Tu After flowing into the palace, the Emperor Jiaqing received the third series of Shiqu Baoji. Dai Xi asked the emperor to enter the Yuku to watch the painting, but found a terrifying secret. The Qinghe Shanghe map is incomplete. In order to prevent the wall from having ears, he wrote this matter in a copybook that night. And hide it with Daqi Tongbao.

The Qingming Shanghe map of the Forbidden City was framed, so it is impossible to see whether there are any incomplete marks. The authors of the past never mentioned it as a broken volume. Dai Xi ’s view was really a bit shocked, but later the copybook and Daqi Tongbao were lost together. Off track. Dai Hexuan participated in the appraisal team as a technician when the national appraisal of the Shangming Tu in Qingming was conducted by the country. He had doubts on the appraisal day and went to the director of Zheng Zhenduo, but he could not prove it because he could not find evidence.

Dai Hexuan believes that the reason why Huang Kewu decided to return the copper money to him, in addition to showing him the good, may also be hinting about the secrets of the Qingming Shanghe Tu. In addition to Dai Hexuan ’s knowledge, the Dai family also has an adopted niece Dai Haiyan also knows that Dai Haiyan is currently in the Department of Biology at Fudan University in Shanghai. If she wants to know Dai Xi ’s secrets, maybe she can tell something. Dai Hexuan also mentioned Zhong Aihua as a reporter before. Hurry and medicine will leave for Shanghai.

Liu Yiming held a press conference of the China Association for the Study of Ancient Antiquity. It was announced in public that the Palace Museum has handed over the Qingming Shanghetu to the national authority for testing. The test report has been published. The result of the carbon 14 test is AD One hundred and one hundred years, plus or minus three hundred years, shows that the Qingming River Map of the Forbidden City is closer to the Song Dynasty than that of Bai Ruilian. Later, Liu Yiming turned and left without any explanation or questions to reporters. Opportunity.

At this time, the heavy news released by Wumai caused the media to blow up and make a mess. The Hong Kong media did not believe it at all. It believed that the country was covering up the scandal and asked third parties to intervene to re-test, and the domestic media became more lively. It is divided into two groups. The media in the north think that this matter is finally settled and can be calmed down. The media in the south think that the detection method of carbon 14 is not mature at all, and the credibility is open to question. In this case, the public The focus of the debate will temporarily change from the authenticity of the Shanghetu in Qingming to the credibility of the carbon 14 technology. This is really a good move. Although the focus is shifted, this method will not last long. , But at least they can make a wish for them to get time.

Huang Yanyan was released, wishing to step forward and hugged her tightly, otherwise the medicine would go up to join in the excitement and was thrown aside by Huang Yanyan. The three came to Shanghai on a non-stop basis and went directly to Dai Haiyan at Fudan University. He did not expect Zhong Aihua to take the first step and turned into a suitor for Dai Haiyan. Fortunately, Dai Haiyan did not eat his suit. He sent Huajun three times a day After being thrown downstairs by Dai Haiyan, they felt that there was still play to follow. So the three people took the opportunity to find Dai Haiyan to ask about Qingming Shanghe Tu.

Otherwise, Yao would like to come up with a beautiful man’s plan. Unexpectedly, he touched his nose, and finally made a wish. Dai Haiyan was very interested in the name of the wish and promised to have a good chat with them. Chatting, I wished to be complacent, thinking that this so-called hero caused Dai Haiyan’s goodwill, but I did not expect Dai Haiyan to slap his face because of his wish to make a big speech on Qingming Shanghe Tu.

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