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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 7 Recap

Rich Rongjun of Lushang Palace came to the river and recalled that the two had come here before. This is the last place of the rebels. Feeling passed? Fu Rongjun said that he was sometimes curious, what the body was. Lu Shanggong asked him if he could not let Li Lin pretend to be suicide, but that was the only way to do it. Fu Rongjun said he knew he had to do that. Generally speaking of this kind of thing, one of the two will wipe out the other, and he will laugh when he finishes speaking.

Fu Rongjun told Lu Shanggong that he had something to hide from her. The body was not Li Lin’s, and Li Lin was still alive. Lu Shang Palace listened and looked at him in surprise. Li Lin washes the photos, Zheng Taiyi and them appear in him, he has been monitoring Li Gong. Li Gun arranged the matter very tightly, and Qi Ruili heard that Congress would be tomorrow, let the secretary refuse, and did not plan to wear formal dress at other meetings.

Zheng Taiyi and Salary received a call from the team leader while walking. There was a murder case. The two hurried to the past. Zheng Taiyi went to ask the deceased’s roommate. The salary inspection site was found, and the suspect was finally identified as the boyfriend of the deceased. Zheng Taiyi came to Ming Yali and saw Ming Yali who had her hair cut and thought it was Ming Chengya who was taken aback. Zheng Taiyi asked Ming Yali if there is another world, there is someone who looks exactly like her, how would she feel if she saw that person? Ming Yali said that of course she was going to kill her, and the twins were going to die. This is the law of the universe.

Li Gang rode out of the horse, preparing to go to another world, one of the people who took care of the horse kept staring at the back of his departure. He came to Zhulin Cao Ying but was waiting for him in front. Cao Ying said that the woman was not Zheng Taiyi, Luna, he was deceived. Li Gang explained to him that Cao Ying didn’t believe it, and firmly believed that Zheng Taiyi was Luna, and he would not be allowed to leave unless he knocked him down or took him with him. Li Gong decided to take him with him, because he had intended to take Cao Ying with him to confirm it himself.

Li Lin saw his subordinates, the time suddenly stopped, so he knew that Li Gong was out of the palace again, and then he let his people replace the people in this world. When Zheng Taiyi came home, Li Gun stood there waiting for her, and she ran to hug him at once. Back home, seeing Cao Ying thought it was Cao Yinxie, Cao Ying finally believed that she was Zheng Taiyi.

After a while, Cao Xixie came and saw Cao Ying directly dizzy. When he woke up, he couldn’t believe that he saw someone like him. Zheng Taiyi explained to him the parallel world, and he fainted again. Let Cao Yinxie not go out, Zheng Taiyi took Li Gong away, Cao Ying and Cao Yinxie argued for a while, Cao Ying looked down on Cao Yinxie very much.

Li Gong and two went out to drink. Zheng Taiyi gave the mobile phone Li Gang bought for him and called Zheng Taiyi face to face to tell her how much she missed her. Zheng Taiyi also responded to him. Later, Zheng Taiyi took Li Gong to the place where the gun was shot and won him a doll. Walking on the road, the two chatted, and Zheng Taiyi said that she was waiting for Li Gong as a criminal policeman. Hearing this, Li Gong asked what happened.

Zheng Taiyi said that he has K Stadium over there, Li Gong asked her how to know, Zheng Taiyi said solemnly bad. Later, Zheng Taiyi took Li Gong to listen to the recording and confirmed that it was from another world. Zheng Taiyi decided to investigate, because the truth may be known only to her and the murderer, she could not let the truth be covered up, and then let Li Gong tell her the situation.

Li Gang gave Zheng Taiyi’s autopsy report to Li Lin. The two people guessed that Li Lin was in this world. Zheng Taiyi decided to investigate. Zheng Taiyi found Li Shengzai, a person with the same blood type fingerprint as Li Lin. Cao Ying persuaded Li Gun to go back. Li Lin told him that Li Lin might be here. Suddenly the time stopped. Li Gun figured out the rules, and then decided to go back first to determine whether Li Lin was in the past or over, and proved to Cao Ying that time was real stopped.

Cao Ying went back and got the information that Luna Ye was arrested and put into prison, and Qi Ruilian also knew. When Gu Ruili went out and received a courier, which contained a newspaper from the Republic of Korea, she threw it on the table as a joke. Gu Ruili found Zheng Taiyi in this world.

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