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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 6 Recap

At the moment when Gu Ruili got out of the car, Zheng Taiyi asked if Li Gong came to see her. Li Gong denied that he was here to pick Zheng Taiyi. Zheng Taiyi understands that she cannot be found, but she will try not to be as strange as possible. Gu Ruili had walked to the two of them, and extended her hand generously. Zheng Taiyi claimed to be her fan and would soon leave. Li Gong suddenly laughed, and then left Zheng Taiyi. On the helicopter, Zheng Taiyi looked at the moon outside the window deliberately and wanted to say something. After looking at Cao Ying and Secretary Mao on the side, there was no narrative. Li Gong took Zheng Taiyi’s hand and wrote it on her hand. Zheng Taiyi then asked if there would be a legend of rabbits on the moon. This move shocked Cao Ying and Secretary Mao. Gu Ruili returned home angrily, thinking that Li Gong was more depressed about Zheng Taiyi’s smile.

Li Gong came to the kitchen with Zheng Taiyi and made the steak himself. Zheng Taiyi was alone today, and suddenly thought that Li Gong was also lonely in her world before, feeling very dazed. Li Gong suddenly asked Zheng Taiyi to come to him and touched her with her head as a comfort. Li Gong said that Grandma Lu taught him how to cook, and the only thing he didn’t need to test for was his own cooking. Zheng Taiyi understood that she specifically checked Li Lin online. Li Gong said that he grew up in the uncle’s worries and Grandma Lu’s tears, which is why Grandma Lu is not close to Zheng Taiyi, I hope Zheng Taiyi will not be sad. Zheng Taiyi nodded, Li Gong was a little dissatisfied, don’t you want to hug him when you hear such a story? Zheng Taiyi pouted, asking him to show himself his credentials, she should go. Li Gong looked at Zheng Taiyi seriously. He would not let her go. He wanted Zheng Taiyi to live here.

Jiang Xin planted in the duty room of the police station. Zhang Michael took him a quilt and ordered him lavender aromatherapy. Jiang Xianzhi looked at the slippers on his feet and fell into contemplation. When he was besieged by a school bully, Zheng Taiyi rescued him alone. After coming out of the police station, Zheng Taiyi asked him to put on the slippers of the Taekwondo gym and let him start practicing again Since then, the words of these slippers have also changed from Taekwondo to the police station. Gu Ruili convened the National Security Council and canceled all the trips tomorrow. Cao Ying thought that Zheng Taiyi’s mysterious life was troubled, but he still contacted the police to check her fingerprints.

Li Gong made a steak stone pot rice to Zheng Taiyi, and took out her ID. Li Gang has been carrying this with her since she came here, but he was afraid that Zheng Taiyi would leave after reading it, but did not take it out, but Zheng Taiyi went further than her world. Zheng Taiyi confirmed that this was her certificate, but it made no sense at all, how could it appear here twenty-five years ago. Li Gun said that this was left by a person, and he was sure that that person would still appear in front of him, because that person was the beginning or end of everything.

From now on Li Gong will prove these problems alone, and hope that Zheng Taiyi will not say goodbye alone. Cao Ying received the news that Gu Ruilian held the National Security Council and hurriedly came to find Li Gong. Li Gong looked at Zheng Taiyi in a lost state, and it seemed that she would be sent away immediately. The news that Gu Ruili convened the National Security Council due to Japan ’s unusual behavior spread immediately throughout the country. At this time, Japanese warships were approaching the Korean Empire. Li Gong asked Grandma Lu to take Zheng Taiyi’s things, but Grandma Lu found that Zheng Taiyi’s certificate was missing.

Gu Ruilian wanted to start a war, and immediately contacted Li Gang. Grandma Lu told Li Gong that Zheng Taiyi’s credentials were missing, but Li Gong was very calm. He felt that what was happening was happening, and that it had happened 25 years ago. Both Cao Ying and Li Gon put on military uniforms, and Li Gun gave Zheng Taiyi his credentials. He would win the battle and return gloriously, hoping that Zheng Taiyi would wait for her to return. Zheng Taiyi said goodbye seriously, goodbye, Li Gong. Zheng Taiyi returned to the Republic of Korea, originally wanted to give Zheng Daoren a peace, but found that he didn’t even find himself gone, Zheng Taiyi was depressed. In the following days, Zheng Taiyi was still arresting prisoners every day. As for Li Gong, he said that he would return soon, but he did not return. Zheng Taiyi did not hold the phone all day as he waited for someone, but waited silently on this slightly rounded earth.

In another world, Li Gang boarded the Li Shunchen ship, and the war was on the verge. Li Gun decided to go to war, and Japan had to stop. When Zheng Taiyi left, he bought a pack of acacia flowers in Li Gong’s world and sowed seeds in that place where there was no time. Gu Ruili announced that she would terminate the supply of rare earths to Japan before her apology, and her approval rate soared directly. In the case of Li Shangdao, Zheng Taiyi heard a recording of a news report, but the content could not be searched out, so he decided to arrest Li Shangdao ’s wife. Zheng Taiyi watched the silent memories of Li Gang ’s currency and Li Gang ’s kisses. She asked Li Gun to take off her clothes to take a look at the injury on his shoulder, but Li Gang reversed her. Zheng Taiyi awakened from the memory and played the recording again, where he heard Li Zongren’s name. Zheng Taiyi suddenly remembered that Li Zongren was the second best in the Korean Empire and the cousin of Li Gang.

Zheng Taiyi’s hair circle was accidentally thrown in the palace, and went back and forth back to Li Gang. Li Gong put the hair ring on his hand, he asked Grandma Lu why he guarded himself against Wanbo Sidi, Grandma Lu said it was taken for granted. Cao Ying learned that Zheng Taiyi ’s fingerprints did not match, nor did Luna, but when Cao Ying took photos of different people and asked the criminals who knew Luna, the other party pointed to Zheng Taiyi ’s picture and said she was Luna. Cao Ying collapsed. Cao Ying inadvertently found that the trace of Li Gang’s wrist was stifled by the hair ring.

Li Gong quickly explained that this was a trace of someone entering his heart. Li Zongren entered the palace and handed over the autopsy report on Li Lin ’s true cause of death. He was not shot by the guards, but had a fractured cervical spine. More strangely, Li Lin was a strong warrior. The body looked like it had congenital poliomyelitis, not only the appearance, but also the fingerprint and blood type. Li Zongren felt very confused, so he concealed. Li Zongren was always curious about what the body was, and asked Li Gun to prove it and tell him.

Li Lin came to Ming Nali’s cafe and said that she would come often. In the pouring rain, the cracks on Li Lin’s face were looming, scaring the passing children. Li Gun also realized that he was in danger. Li Lin was still alive and got the key to the door to another world. The other half of Wanbo Xidi is in Li Gang’s hands, and he is certain that Li Lin will find the other half of Wanbo Xidi here. Zheng Taiyi’s car was parked outside the door, and she saw Li Gong’s shadow from the window. Zheng Taiyi got off the bus and rushed into Li Gang’s arms, but Li Gang’s heart was complicated. Zheng Taiyi was not dangerous to him. He was the real threat to Zheng Taiyi.

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