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Ru: Taiwan Express

Ru: Taiwan Express (2020)
Other Title: Ru: Taiwan Express, Ru: Taiwan Ekusupuresu, 路(ルウ)~台湾エクスプレス~

Genres: drama
 Zennosuke Matsuura
Shuichi Yoshida (novel), Kumiko Tabuchi
Release Date: 
May 16 – 30, 2020
Related Show:
Based on novel “Ru” by Shuichi Yoshida


  • Haru
  • Arata Iura
  • Yasufumi Terawaki
  • Choei Takahashi
  • Masuyo Iwamoto

In 1999, a general trading company in Tokyo celebrates because Shinkansen of Japan wins priority negotiating rights for the Taiwan High Speed Rail. Haruka Tada (Haru) has been working at the general trading company for 4 years and she is sent to Taiwan for work. When Haruka Tada was a university student, she visited Taiwan for the first time during the summer.

During that time, she happened to meet young Taiwanese man Eric and he showed her Taiwan for a day. She lost contact with him after that and she could not find him again. She then sealed away her thoughts about him in her mind. 6 years later, Haruka Tada arrives in Taiwan again.

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