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Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Episode 48 Recap

Xue Qianshan came to Duro City and offered to let him go out to avoid it, fearing that it would be a bad result to be targeted by the Japanese. Duro City intends to go to a place without Japanese people. Xue Qianshan agrees with Duro City’s decision.

Shang Xirui has been taking care of him by Cheng Fengtai, and gave the seal of Shuiyunlou to Zhou Xiangyun. The contract was signed by him casually, and the money was also withdrawn. If Shuiyunlou was really smashed, he would not blame Zhou Xiangyun. Zhou Xiangyun persuaded Shang Xirui to go back quickly, and now the birds sent by Ning Jiulang were not willing to eat. Shang Xirui asked Zhou Xiangyun to cook the egg yolk for the little bird, and hoped that he would tell everyone that he was very good, and he could not take care of everyone for the time being. Everything was left to Zhou Xiangyun, Zhou Xiangyun bowed to Shang Xirui and left.

When Xue Qianshan returned home, the wives and concubines beat the Japanese woman Qiandai and accused Qiandai of being a porn spy and accompanied her godfather to sleep. Xue Qianshan angrily slapped his wife, and warned everyone to get out if they dared to make rumors again. Qiandai was proud of herself.

Shang Xirui was not there, and someone wanted to leave for trouble. When Zhou Xiangyun came back, he showed a seal, and asked the other party to issue a liquidated damages in accordance with the contract if he wanted to leave. Otherwise, he would go to court and sue him. Zhou Xiangyun thought that Shang Xirui said he would do it, so he must do it, so he must take good care of Shuiyunlou. But the other party snatched the seal and hit Zhou Xiangyun. Zhou Xiangyun was furious and picked up the stick to fight his brother. At this time, the talents suddenly realized that Shang Xirui had already taught the merchant stick to Zhou Xiangyun. Zhou Xiangyun recaptured the seal and also raised the banner of Shuiyun Tower. Everyone was convinced by Zhou Xiangyun, and Zhou Xiangyun announced that the show would start tomorrow.

Jiang Mengping secretly delivered food to Shang Xirui every day, but just today, Zhou Xiangyun went to the door, and Jiang Mengping left the meal to Zhou Xiangyun. Zhou Xiangyun went in and saw that Shang Xirui was sitting on the side of Cheng Fengtai with no expression, and was not even interested in his elbow. As soon as Shang Xirui heard that Cheng Meixin was not running hurriedly outside and found a cricket in the grass, Shang Xirui told Zhou Xiangyun that Cheng Fengtai had always wanted the cricket in the background, and he wanted to grab one for Cheng Fengtai to play with. Zhou Xiangyun reminded Shang Xirui that there would be no crickets in winter now.

Shang Xirui urged Zhou Xiangyun to go back quickly and asked him not to come here every day. In order to allow Cheng Fengtai to move, Shang Xirui simply lay on the ear of Cheng Fengtai to learn how to call crickets. Fan Xianger asked Shang Xirui where he went after looking at the coffin that day. Shang Xirui hadn’t remembered it for a long time, but later he came to realize that Cheng Fengtai must not be dead. The reason why there is a coffin is for bliss, because Fan Xianger was wearing a red dress that day.

Shang Xirui discovered that Cheng Fengtai had a fever, and Fan Xianger hurriedly came to the doctor, learning that Cheng Fengtai’s wound had deteriorated and worried that he might cut a leg. Fan Xianger was worried that he would die without a whole body, but Shang Xirui thought that as long as he could survive, there would be nothing left without a leg. The doctor told Fan Xianger that penicillin is now extinct, and it may be impossible to get a daily injection.

Sakata was furious when he learned that nine lives were lost, and even the body was not found. Some survivors returned to report the situation at that time. Although Cheng Fengtai was also seriously injured, Sakata still had some doubts to visit the door in person.

Sakata personally took his own doctor to check Cheng Fengtai, and also took a special blood test to learn that Cheng Fengtai’s injury was real, there is a possibility that his life could not be saved, and Sakata had some confidence. Later, Sakata also promised to treat Cheng Fengtai, but Shang Xirui was annoyed that Sakata hurt Cheng Fengtai and grabbed the scalpel and stabbed at Sakata, but ultimately only caused Sakata to suffer a skin trauma, and Shang Xirui was imprisoned.

As soon as he heard that Shang Xirui had been arrested, Xue Zhicheng ran and yelled at Sakata for the first time, thinking that Sakata should only be detained because of a skin trauma, and asked Sakata to release him. Sakata was dissatisfied with Xue Zhicheng who didn’t care about his brother’s life and death, but only cared about whether Shang Xirui had suffered. Xue Zhicheng didn’t care about that, but asked whether Sakata had used Shang Xirui’s sentence, and the prison environment was not suitable for Shang Xirui to stay. Xue Zhicheng reminded that Sakata will always be a member of the Kujo family. Sakata coldly let Xue Zhicheng get out.

The test results of Cheng Fengtai came out and learned that even if Cheng Fengtai’s wounds improved, he would fall into a lifelong disability, and there is no possibility of fraud from a medical point of view. Sakata believes that Cheng Fengtai can be given medicine for treatment.

Jiang Mengping gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes, which made Fan Xianger very happy, and Fan Lian could not help coming over to visit.

Shang Xirui woke up in the prison, and after seeing the time was almost screamed, he immediately yelled the head to come and let him go out, and he gave Cheng Fengtai the medicine. Shang Xirui shouted and begged to go out. The shout disturbed the old string in the cell next door. The call of Shangxian could not be heard at all. Lao Xian’er simply took out the erhu and played it. Shang Xirui immediately calmed down, and as the erhu’s musical instrument sang opera, the people in the cell listened with their ears upright. Lao Xian’er also spread the world after one song, and it was also regrettable to hear Shang Xirui’s opera before he died.

Everyone can’t believe that Shang Xirui will be imprisoned in the cell. Hearing that Shang Xirui was assassinated by Sakata, they all thought that he had misunderstood the Japanese.

Xue Zhicheng came to the cell to see Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui asked Xue Zhicheng to let him go out. His heart and soul were all Cheng Fengtai’s injuries. Xue Zhicheng blamed the prisoner for abusing Shang Xirui, and also promised to find a way to rescue Shang Xirui.

Foreign newspapers are accusing the Japanese of indiscriminately killing innocent people in China, and also detaining celebrities, especially the famous businessmen Xirui. Many people with heads and faces also call Bantian to ask for the release of Shang Xirui, which makes Bantian think that the Chinese still respect artists.

Sakada took Xue Zhicheng to interrogate why Shang Xirui had assassinated him. Shang Xirui truthfully stated that it was because Bantian asked Cheng Fengtai to deliver it, and Cheng Fengtai was almost killed. Sakata asked Shang Xirui and Xue Zhicheng at the time to take pictures in a kimono. Why did they feel ashamed? Shang Xirui said nothing.

Watching Cheng Fengtai unconscious, this made Fan Xianger very anxious, and the doctor was also suffering from no medication to treat Cheng Fengtai.

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