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Rugal 루갈 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Qifan said to Han Taixiong that he did not expect Xue Minjun to help him. Han Taixiong replied that from the moment Xue Minjun decided to be undercover, he had made up his mind. Jiang Qifan asked Cui Yiyuan why he called. Han Taixiong explained that Jiang Qifan speculated that Cui Yiyuan and Cui Long would be enemies and would join Huang Dejiu to become enemies with them. Han Thai bear Jiang Qifan was a little surprised to see that Song Mina and Li Guangzhe were washing clothes. Han Thai bear said that even if the tears were exposed, they would have to decide the way and timing according to their way, and Song Mina said that Cui Genzhe agreed. Thirty minutes ago, Cui Genzhe met with Quan Jijun. Quan Jijun said that if he is silent now, he will become a liar. 15 minutes ago, Li Guangzhe and others saw the film, and Quan Jijun exposed them with tears and rescued them.

Chief Wu saw Xue Minjun in the laboratory and wanted to help Xue Minjun relieve his pain, so Huang Dejiu killed Xue Minjun. Dean Gu also helped persuade Huang Dejiu to kill Xue Minjun. Chief Gu killed him and then threatened Chief Wu to let Chief Wu rescue Xue Minjun. Jiang Qifan recorded a video saying that he was not a murderer, did not kill his wife, and did not hurt his eyes. He would find the murderer who killed his wife. Since the tears were announced, there has been a new nickname for “Argos Hunter”. Han Thai Bear learned that people were attacked at the intersection of Sancha on the clear day and immediately rushed to the rescue. The picture of Han Thai bears saving people was posted on the Internet, which caused a heated discussion, and the people supported tears. Jiang Qifan Song Mina rescued people according to her own methods. Although online public opinion did not believe in the power of tears, she stood on the side of tears and asked them to protect them.

Cui Genzhe reported to his superior that the cause of V’s death was related to Huang Dejiu. However, the superior asked Cui Genzhe to stop exposing tears. Cui Genzhe disagreed. The tears were for the sad sacrifice of the national police and the country’s urgent decision. Li Guangzhe personally sent the girl home, and the girl said she would not forget Li Guangzhe. Mrs. Zhang was afraid of Cui Long, so she hired a private security guard. Cui Yiyuan said she could understand. Mrs. Zhang still didn’t believe that Feng Manzhe was killed by Cui Long. Cui Yiyuan persuaded Mrs. Zhang not to indulge in a sad atmosphere. When Mrs. Zhang learned that Cui Yiyuan had designated Feng Manzhe’s death as an accidental death, she said that she had taken over Feng Manzhe’s business. Cui Yiyuan disagreed. Cui Genzhe took a picture of Xue Minjun and remembered the scene where Cui Genzhe met Xue Minjun at the Bang Bang playground six years ago.

Huang Dejiu went to the police station. Huang Dejiu lied that he was tortured by Argos hunters and needed to seek police protection. Jiang Qifan Hantai Xiong learned that Bradley often received messages about Huang Dejiu’s position, and Jiang Qifan Hantai Xiong guessed that Huang Dejiu was being pursued by Cui Long. Jiang Qifan knew that Huang Dejiu was in the police, and surrendered several guilt, so he went to the police station with Han Taixiong to see Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu recalled that Feng Manzhe found a woman who looked like Jiang Qifan’s wife. He planned to use the woman. Jiang Qifan saw Huang Dejiu, and Huang Dejiu said Jin Ruzhen’s name. Han Taixiong also wanted to see Huang Dejiu, but did not want the police to violate the rules. Yang Interpol secretly gave Han Taixiong the key.

Han Thai bear opens the prison gate and turns off the camera. Jiang Qifan hit Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu said that Jin Ruzhen was still alive. Jiang Qifan picked up the photo and was very excited to see a woman who looked like his wife. Han Thai bear asked Jiang Qifan not to believe Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu took the matter with Han Taixiong’s sister. Jiang Qifan used photos to search for information with artificial eyes. Under the temptation of Huang Dejiu, Jiang Qifan decided to go to Jin Ruzhen. Song Mina sensed that Jiang Qifan was emotional. Han Taixiong said that Huang Dejiu said that Jin Ruzhen was still alive. Song Mina did n’t believe it. Han Taixiong kept Song Mina secret. He went to Jiang Qifan and Song Mina agreed. Jiang Qifan was very angry when he saw the image of Jesse. Jiang Qifan broke the image in one sigh of relief. Han Thai bear brought Jiang Qifan out of here. Jiang Qifan told Han Tai bear that Jin Ruzhen was determined to be dead at the time, and Han Thai bear proposed to tell Cui Genzhe the matter. Jiang Qifan did not want to cause trouble for Cui Genzhe, he wanted to find out whether Jin Ruzhen was still alive.

Li Guangzhe learned that Jiang Qifan was investigating Jin Ruzhen, fearing that Jiang Qifan would be injured. Jiang Qifan investigated Jin Ruzhen’s death report and found no problems, and planned to investigate from other aspects. Han Taixiong Jiang Qifan caught Min Dahao. Jiang Qifan asked if Min Dahao killed Jin Ruzhen personally. Min Dahao said that he did not kill Jin Ruzhen. Before he entered the house, an associate was already in the house. Jiang Qifan didn’t know who the man was, and all the questions returned to Huang Dejiu. Song Mina went to the police station to ask Yang Criminal Police about Jin Ruzhen’s case. Li Guangzhe saw Huang Dejiu in the prison, and the two left without a few words. Li Guangzhe and Song Mina left the police station together. Because Li Guangzhe was afraid of Huang Dejiu, he just wanted to stay away from Huang Dejiu.

Jiang Qifan used artificial eyes to investigate the murder weapon that killed Jin Ruzhen, when Han Taixiong came. Han Taixiong said that it was a way to stop here. Their battle territory was arbitrarily manipulated by Huang Dejiu. Jiang Qifan planned to determine one more thing. If it didn’t work, he would confront Huang Dejiu head-on. Jiang Qifan negotiated with Huang Dejiu. Jiang Qifan knew that Jin Ruzhen was killed by Huang Dejiu. Min Dahao ’s camera for killing Jin Ruzhen was faked by Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu took a video of the woman to Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan thought that the woman was Jin Ruzhen. After opening the prison door, he forced Huang Dejiu to ask about Jin Ruzhen’s whereabouts. Huang Dejiu did not answer.

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