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Rugal 루갈 Episode 11 Recap

Jiang Qifan put on the police uniform to meet Huang Dejiu. Terrorist attack on a bus. After seeing Huang Dejiu, Jiang Qifan wanted to use his artificial eyes to examine Huang Dejiu’s personal data, but he didn’t want the entire room to be covered with Huang Dejiu’s disturbing radio waves. Jiang Qifan remembered that he had been doing training for the disturbing radio waves. Huang Dejiu stimulated Jiang Qifan, who was not fooled. Song Meina, Han Taixiong, and Li Guangzhe learned that Jiang Qifan went to Huang Dejiu and worried about Jiang Qifan’s life safety. Han Taixiong recalled the picture of Huang Dejiu’s challenge to Jiang Qifan before. Jiang Qifan said he was sorry for everything and could not support it. Han Taixiong knew that Huang Dejiu had other goals besides designing Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan planned to see Huang Dejiu alone. In this way, Huang Dejiu’s goal was still in tears, and then Han Taixiong stopped him.

Cui Genzhe told Han Taixiong Song Mina Li Guangzhe that Huang Dejiu’s film was not made public to the public last night. Although they saw the film, the police’s internal network was cracked before the end of Dean Gu’s film. The other party only let the police see Huang De In the movie of Jiu, the general public only heard the words of Dean Gu, and the purpose was only to let public opinion rebuke Jiang Qifan and the police. Han Taixiong thought that this was a warning. Cui Genzhe said that Huang Dejiu’s target was on Jiang Qifan and the bus. The police heard the news and was also waiting for the opportunity. Cui Yiyuan called Jiang Qifan and was answered by Song Mina. Song Mina warned Cui Yiyuan that they would meet later and no more calls.

When the police chief Jiang Taifang wrote the report, another policeman showed Jiang Taifang a photo of the terrorist attack on the bus, and asked Jiang Taifang to increase security manpower and reduce public trips. Not long after Jiang Taifang said it intact, he died of poisoning. The police called Cui Genzhe. Cui Genzhe arrived at the scene to check Jiang Taifang’s body. The police suspected that Jiang Taifang was killed, so he asked the police not to leave. The police did not listen. Cui Genzhe asked the policeman why Feng Manzhe was released, but the police asked Cui Genzhe to ask Youran police station and put all the blame on Jiang Qifan. Cui Genzhe felt that the police had mixed with Huang Dejiu for a long time, and his thoughts were assimilated by Huang Dejiu. When Cui Genzhe police disputed, they learned that another group of policemen came to the head of the department. Cui Genzhe warned the police not to provoke tears. The police said that once the group was dissolved, the tears would become fugitives. Stop talking about dissolving tears, his destiny is up to him.

Cui Genzhe called Han Thai Bear, and they will become abandoned children, and they will proceed according to their methods. Han Thai Bear said yes. Huang Dejiu invited Jiang Qifan to dinner. Jiang Qifan inspected the food in front of him and confirmed that the artificial eye had returned to normal, and then fought against Huang Dejiu’s men. Huang Dejiu saw Jiang Qifan beat down his three men and invited Jiang Qifan to be his man. Jiang Qifan did not agree. Huang Dejiu took Jiang Qifan’s family to threaten Jiang Qifan. Han Thai bear alone to solve the police outside, Li Guangzhe Song Mena aftermath. Cui Yiyuan organized a meeting to convince everyone to get rid of Huang Dejiu. Cui Long suspected that Feng Manzhe secretly investigated him. In order to survive, Feng Manzhe planned to kill one of Cui Long and Mrs. Zhang. Cui Long knew that Feng Manzhe was a traitor and killed Feng Manzhe with two shots. Cui Long intimidated Mrs. Cui Yiyuan’s wife Zhang. If you want to survive, you must listen to him. Cui Yiyuan found out that Cui Long’s guard was outside the door, and asked Mrs. Zhang to leave the body of guard Feng Manzhe. She secretly called Jiang Qifan, Song Mina answered the phone, and Cui Yiyuan asked Song Mina to protect her.

Huang Dejiu killed Jiang Qifan himself. After a few shots, Jiang Qifan was not injured. Huang Dejiu asked Jiang Qifan to fight with his men. Jiang Qifan was caught by several men. When Huang Dejiu shot Jiang Qifan, he did not expect to be stopped by one of them (Xue Minjun). Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe Song Mina came to Gao Delong’s house and saw each other fighting inside. Xue Minjun shot Huang Dejiu and didn’t expect there was no bullet in the gun. Jiang Qifan Xue Minjun took advantage of Huang Dejiu’s inattention to escape, and Huang Dejiu sent his hand to chase down. Jiang Qifan Xue Minjun split his head and ran away. After Jiang Qifan got away, he contacted Cui Genzhe. Cui Genzhe learned that Xue Minjun assisted Jiang Qifan to escape and told Jiang Qifan that Xue Minjun had regained consciousness. Jiang Qifan went to rescue Xue Minjun after hearing it. Mrs. Zhang found that Cui Long’s people were knocked down by Han Taixiong and others and ran away quickly.

Han Taixiong saw Feng Manzhe’s body, guessing that Cui Long killed him, and Song Mina found Cui Yiyuan. Huang Dejiu caught Xue Minjun and found that he could not find Xue Minjun’s information, so he was very curious. Xue Minjun said that Wu Kechang helped him regain consciousness, and Huang Dejiu hit Xue Minjun in the arm. Cui Yiyuan saw Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe and thanked each other. Li Guangzhe and others wanted to take away Feng Manzhe’s body. Cui Yiyuan asked Li Guangzhe and others to treat Feng Manzhe’s death as an accidental death. When Huang Dejiu didn’t know how to deal with Xue Minjun, he received a call from Cui Yiyuan and learned that Cui Long had killed Feng Manzhe. Cui Yiyuan asked Huang Dejiu to go to her immediately, and Huang Dejiu agreed. The police told Huang Dejiu not to continue killing. He didn’t want to lose two dogs in a day. Huang Dejiu killed the police. At the same time, Han Thai bears and others rescued the public, subduing the enemy.

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