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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 28 End Recap

Unintentionally closing his eyes and letting the ancestors mercy, Qingluan desperately talks with unintentional consciously, hoping that he will not help him be abused, but will try to survive and accompany him. Unintentionally opened his eyes suddenly, realizing that he couldn’t let the ancestor succeed, he tried his best to pull the ancestor’s soul out of Qingluan’s body and sealed it in his body, so that Qingluan could regain consciousness.

However, the status quo hadn’t been maintained for long, the ancestor of Changming broke through Wuxin’s body, Wuxin was controlled by an evil force, and even shot Qingluan. Wuxin watched the ancestor’s black energy rise, so she had to go back with the injured and unconscious Qing Luan. Monk Qingtian and Bai Liuli hid in the Great Pill Furnace together, the black energy surrounded by layers, shouting Wuxin to roll out.

As the black energy eroded, the wall of the pill furnace was gradually thinning, unintentionally trying to put his own blood on everyone, and rushed out together to fight to the death, but it was stopped by Bai Liuli. By now, Bai Liuli was about to sacrifice himself. He wanted to draw an immortal formation on himself. This formation would draw out all of Bai Liuli’s mana and attach it to Wuxin to rush out to deal with the ancestor. Unintentional can’t bear to sacrifice Bai Liuli’s life, but Bai Liuli’s heart is determined, and he regards this as a duel between himself and the ancestor of Chang Ming. If he can help Wuxin win, it is considered a good death.

In this way, Wuxin finally defeated the ancestor of Changming with Bai Liuli’s help. Qingluan also returned to normal. Shang Qingtian decided to set off to go home to visit his lover and children. He also planned to create a new school of his own, and unintentionally encouraged him to cheer. Everyone cherishes each other. Wuxin and Qingluan live like gods and goddesses. They draw eyebrows and paint together, they are poetic and sweet. As time passed by, Qingluan’s beauty couldn’t resist the erosion of time. Her hair gradually turned white and her face was wrinkled, but she still looked like a young and handsome.

Soon, Qing Luan’s life was about to come to an end. She lay in Wuxin’s arms, feeling that her life was too short. For Wuxin, it was just a flick of a finger. Wuxin gently pressed Qingluan’s forehead, feeling very sore in his heart, Qingluan murmured, in fact, Wuxin wants to get rid of the pain caused by eternal life, there is no need to seek death at all, just forget it. Wuxin burst into tears. He said that he didn’t want to forget Qingluan, but Qingluan insisted on making Wuxin forget himself. Only in this way could Wuxin be truly free. In this way, Qingluan died in Wuxin’s arms, and the world was so big that Wuxin was left floating alone, alone.

Unintentionally buried Qing Luan and went to find Shang Qingtian. At this moment, Shang Qingtian was already a gray-haired old man. Wuxin told him that he decided to follow Qingluan’s suggestion and started to fall asleep. After falling asleep, he would forget everything, so he came to see Shang Qingtian specially. Shang Qingtian sighed, maybe this is the best way. Unintentionally bid farewell to Shang Qingtian, and came to the place where Bai Liuli died.

Unexpectedly, he saw Bai Liuli’s soul. It turned out that he lost his body in the First World War, but he used the inner alchemy to train the soul that never left. It was a happy ending.

In this way, Wuxin began to fall asleep, and when he woke up again, he had forgotten all the past. Wuxin is like a child who has never seen the world. He happily went to the street to eat noodles. He saw a woman who looked exactly like Qingluan. The two looked at each other like a sweet smile. Wuxin also waved her hand at her. Although the sea of ​​people is huge, but fortunately, the fate remains unbroken, and I can still find you and be together.

(The end)

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