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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 27 Recap

Unintentionally searched the Liu Mansion, but still did not find any trace of the black spirit of the ancestor, so he went to Father Liu’s room to continue searching. Father Liu, who was possessed by the Changming ancestor, stared at Wuxin maliciously. At this moment, Wuxin suddenly felt the Xuanhu in his body toss for a while. He staggered out of Father Liu, almost exhausted, so he eagerly reprimanded Xuanhu for not knowing. Prioritize.

At night, when Wuxin was asleep, Xuanhu took the opportunity to control his body and let Wuxin walk out of the house. The two were noisy and beaten, and Father Liu floated out like a ghost. He turned to look at Father Liu calmly and calmly. He smiled. In fact, he and Qingluan’s sister and brother had already noticed the strangeness of Father Liu, and only then deliberately pretended to be at odds, and always thought that this little carving technique really worked.

The ancestor Changming hated being tricked by others. He was so angry that he simply tortured Father Liu’s body. He inadvertently accused the ancestor of his actions without meaning and would involve the innocent. He was willing to sacrifice his body in exchange for Father Liu’s peace. However, the ancestor has seen through the trap of unintentional wanting to imprison him, and definitely refuses to be fooled easily. At this moment, Qingluan descended from the sky and threw down a large net covered with spells. However, this spell couldn’t suppress the ancestor with profound magic power. The ancestor quickly broke free and started a fierce fight with Wuxin and Qingluan’s sister and brother.

Qingluan wanted to call his father to wake up, but he was threatened with a dagger by his loosing father. Just as the ancestor was about to kill Qingluan, Father Liu used his last trace of intellect to insert the dagger into his chest to protect his daughter’s safety. Qing Luan cried and rushed towards his father. There was a little smile on Liu’s face. At the last moment of his life, he finally did the right thing. Now he has no regrets. I only hope that Qing Luan will live for himself in the future and fly high. .

While he was dying, Father Liu took Wuxin and Qingluan’s hand. He gave Wuxin his most precious daughter. Wuxin promised to treat Qingluan well for the rest of his life. Father Liu finally passed away without concern.

Father Liu used a dagger to seal the ancestor of Changming in his body, Wuxin added a Locking Immortal curse on his body. After the two went out to find the snow in the sky, Qingluan’s eyes gradually became sharp, and he didn’t recognize it. Xuanhu’s eyes. It turned out that when the ancestor wanted to hurt Qingluan, the blackbird was the first to rush out to fight, and after a fight, he stayed in Qingluan again. Wuxin saw that Xuanhu was not dead, and embraced him excitedly. After this time of getting along, Xuanhu also realized that Wuxin was not that bad, and gradually allowed him to be with his sister, making Wuxin very happy.

It’s just that things are not as simple as Wuxin thought. When Qingluan was inspecting his father’s coffin, he was even possessed by the ancestor of the eternal ancestors. Unintentionally felt the strangeness and went to rescue her immediately. Qingluan’s body was occupied by the ancestor’s soul, and her true consciousness was also dying. It was Xuan Hu who tried her best to rescue her sister’s thoughts. The two floated together in the realm of Yi. Xuan Hu gritted his teeth, thinking that innocent had failed her request.

Did not take good care of my sister. It didn’t take long for Wuxin to find Qingluan who was possessed by the ancestor of Changming. In order to let the ancestor let Qingluan go, he was willing to contribute his body and erase all memories. The ancestor started to use his hand to cast the spell. Unintentionally, he didn’t expect that he would finally get rid of the trouble of longevity, but he didn’t expect it in this way.

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