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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 26 Recap

Xuanhu and Wuxin went to the streets to find black energy together, but he always looked for opportunities to tease Wuxin, causing Wuxin to be chased as a gangster. Wuxin could not wait to beat Xuanhu, but he was attached to Qingluan’s body, unintentional and unable to do it, his teeth tickled with anger. Finally, Xuanhu finally felt the breath of the ancestor Changming.

He was in the Liu House, but he was not attached to any human body. Wuxin couldn’t bear Xuanhu’s mischief. He told Xuanhu that true love is willing to pay for the other person, not for Qingluan to forbear Xuanhu and give up the life he really wants for Xuanhu. Xuanhu accused Wuxin of being an outsider and not worthy to talk about the relationship between their siblings. Unintentionally admit that I am an outsider, but I know what true love is.

At this time, Baihe heard a cat barking outside, and chased it out curiously. He didn’t expect to be possessed by the ancestor Changming. Unintentional heard the screams of Baihe, and hurried out to rescue, but unexpectedly fell into the plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain, Qingluan was attacked by the real ancestor of the ancestor. Wuxin hurried back and started a desperate struggle with the ancestor of Changming. But finally let him escape.

Wuxin once again warned Xuanhu to leave Qingluan’s body as soon as possible, but he did not expect Xuanhu to make an excessive request to be parasitic on Wuxin. At this time, Qingluan got rid of Xuanhu’s control and prohibited his younger brother from making unintentional ideas. Xuanhu was very disappointed with her sister, thinking that her sister no longer believed or preferred herself. Qingluan admitted that she didn’t trust her brother 100%, Xuanhu was very sad, and controlled her with magic.

Wuxin decides to agree to Xuanhu’s request for possessing a body, Qingluan finds his brother in Wuxin’s body after awakening, and is very angry. In the evening, when Wuxin was in the bath, Xuandu ran out to make trouble again, jokingly with Wuxin’s big chest, making Wuxin dumbfounded. Not only that, Xuanhu also deliberately made a lot of noise and sings in the middle of the night, just to prevent Wuxin from sleeping well, and Wuxin is depressed and painful. The next day, Wuxin wanted to go out to find Qingluan, but was blocked by the unreasonable Xuanhu. The two used the same body, and they quarreled so hard.

Qingluan went to visit her gloomy father. Seeing his father’s collapse, she couldn’t help but tearfully persuade her. Her father had always wanted to revitalize the Liu family, but she had painstakingly planned to get this result. Those who couldn’t keep it still let go. Well, if you continue to be attached, it will only be more painful. Father Liu burst into tears, and he didn’t realize he was wrong until today. On the other side, Wuxin was bothering to pick up stones for Qingluan, but he was always knocked over by Xuanhu, and he was so angry that he took the Xuanhu to his secret room. After trapping him, he prepared to go out with Qingluan. world.

Wuxin took advantage of Xuanhu’s trap, and quickly ran out to roast chestnuts for Qingluan, pitifully begging Qingluan’s forgiveness, Qingluan no longer blamed Wuxin. Inadvertently put Qingluan in her arms and encouraged her to give Xuanhu some confidence. If Qingluan was disappointed with Xuanhu, Xuanhu would definitely abandon herself. Qingluan was very touched. He didn’t expect Xuanhu to tease Wuxin so much, but Wuxin still speaks for him.

When parting, Wuxin and Qingluan kissed each other, and when Wuxin returned, Xuanhu hit him angrily. The two were quarreling. The black spirit of the ancestor Changming suddenly struck, Wuxin quickly cut his palms and repelled them with blood. After the black energy, he was about to continue chasing, but he was stopped by Xuanhu. The black energy fled all the way, and finally became attached to Father Liu.

Xuanhu realized that Wuxin seemed to have another arrangement, so Wuxin had to tell him that he planned to use Xuanhu as a bait and his body as a cage to trap the ancestor of Changming forever. Xuanhu was very angry, thinking that unintentionally wanting to imprison him and the ancestor of Changming was like pushing himself into the tiger’s mouth, and the two quickly started fighting.

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