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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Peihua decided to burn both jade and stone with Liu’s father, and the ancestral hall burned into a raging fire. Qingluan couldn’t help breaking in to save his father, but Liu’s father said that he would coexist and die with the ancestral hall. At this time, the black bird attached to Qingluan’s body appeared and sternly ordered his father to leave the ancestral hall, so as not to hurt his sister. This saved the family’s life, but Lu Peihua was killed. Unintentionally seeing the scene of Xuan Hu, only then knew that Qing Luan had been keeping this to himself, and couldn’t help being very annoyed.

Unintentionally persuading Qingluan not to let the blackbird live in the body, but Qingluan refused, and Shang Qingtian stepped forward to explain that if Qingluan insisted on acting alone, he would be physically exhausted and worry about his life. However, Qingluan was thinking about playing with her brother and sister, and couldn’t bear to send her brother to death, so she could only temporarily rely on her without the heart.

The next morning, when Qingluan was dressing up, Xuanhu’s voice had been interfering with her. Qingluan smiled slightly and dressed up as his brother wanted. Qingluan and Wuxin go to the street together, Xuanhu always comes out to make trouble, deliberately teasing Wuxin, making Wuxin dumbfounded. On the surface, Qing Luan blamed his younger brother, but in fact, his body gradually couldn’t bear the two souls.

At night, Xuanhu came out completely, he used Qingluan’s body to rush into the street, used black magic to inhale human spirit, causing death, and then left with a sneer. Soon, I found out that Qingluan’s body was abnormal, and his mind became awkward, so he tracked secretly in the night and discovered that the blackbird was using Qingluan’s body to do evil and suck the spirit of others to continue Qingluan’s life.

Unintentionally preventing Xuanhu from killing innocent people indiscriminately, Xuanhu is not afraid, saying that if he unintentionally drives out himself, then he will kill his own murderer, and even his sister will lose his life. At this time, Qing Luan’s consciousness came out, and he severely taught his brother. Unintentionally thought of a way, it is better to draw the soul of Xuanhu and put it in an object, just like the ancestor of Changming, maybe it can have the best of both worlds. So Wuxin made a scarecrow, trying to draw the soul of Xuanhu to it, but it was useless. The excited Xuanhu and the speechless Wuxin beat and quarreled at each other, cursing each other as a dog.

At this time, Bai Liuli came over to tell Wuxin that the black energy in his body was gone. He seemed to have something on his mind when he saw Wuxin, and he was willing to listen and help. Bai Liuli couldn’t help laughing when she learned the cause of the incident, saying that this was just a trivial matter. Therefore, Wuxin forcibly brought Xuanhu into the formation prepared by Bai Liuli. Bai Liuli was doing the work, and was suddenly caught by Wuxin with a charm. Bai Liuli was shocked. Wuxin and Xuanhu laughed together. See through this Bai Liuli is actually possessed by the ancestor of the Changming.

Unintentionally cast a spell to force the soul of the ancestor of Changming out of Bai Liuli’s body, but still let the ancestor escape. Shang Qingtian took the veins for the comatose Bai Liuli, and found that because he was carrying two souls, his meridians were on the verge of bursting, and he only had two months to live at most. Xuanhu was taken aback, and realized that he would also harm her sister in this way. As a result, Xuanhu wanted to seize Baihe’s body, but at a critical moment, Qingluan regained consciousness to stop his brother’s cruel behavior and forbid him to use magic tricks to harm others.

Bai Liuli finally regained consciousness and told everyone about her experience. It turned out that Bai Liuli was about to become a demon pill, but when he was attacked by the ancestor of Changming, it fell short, and he was possessed by the ancestor, leading to his death soon.

Bai Liuli told Wuxin that the main purpose of the ancestor Changming’s visit this time was to take away Wuxin’s immortal body so that he could live a long time in the world. Sure enough, some people in the city were gradually killed by unknown forces. Wuxin and others realized that it was the ancestor of Changming. Xuanhu proposed to search in the city, and he would definitely be caught.

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