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Bian Di Shu Xiang 遍地书香

Bian Di Shu Xiang (2020)
Other Title: 遍地书香 / Bian Di Shu Xiang

Genres: drama, Village, drama
Zhao Jianbo
Beijing TV, Youku Video, iQiyi, Tencent Video
Release Date: 
May 8, 2020
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Liu Shicheng, a cadre of the Municipal Cultural Center, went to Chunshugou Village as the first secretary and brought a cart full of books as a meeting gift to the villagers. The villagers complained a bit, but they were still very enthusiastic about him. Villager Li Mulin also gave him a puppy to help him eliminate his fear of dogs. The village committee women director Li Wenxiu actively assisted Liu Shicheng in his work, but was questioned by her mother-in-law. Li Wenxiu was forced to disclose the fact that she had divorced from her husband, which moved her mother-in-law. Liu Shicheng himself bought washing powder as a gift to the villagers who read books; set up reading hours on the village radio, so that reading became popular in the village.

Ma Qianli came to the village to develop tourism, but he did not expect that the capital chain was broken and the village was in trouble. Based on the village basket weaving skills, Liu Shicheng and the villagers improved the skills through reading and learning. Weaving baskets went out of the country, and the villagers embarked on the road to wealth. Two years later, the first secretary of Liu Shicheng left the village at the expiration of his term, but Chunshugou has become a well-known cultural village of Wenming Village, a wealthy village.

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