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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 9 Recap

The patient’s father wanted to donate a liver for his daughter, but because he was older, he was not suitable for further surgery. The nurses explained to him, but because of the eagerness of saving the daughter, he quarreled with the nurses, and Li Yijun stopped after seeing it. , Took the patient’s father aside and patiently started the persuasion work. He said he could understand the patient’s father’s mood, but now that he is older and has fatty liver, it is really not suitable for transplant surgery unless his physical functions are very good. Well, there is a possibility of transplantation. The patient’s father thought about it after hearing it.

Li Yijun talked about his children’s affairs with colleagues, saying that people don’t understand children now. Colleagues invited him to have dinner together, but Li Yijun said that he had important things to do because Liang Shuoheng’s mother was hospitalized and the doctor’s quintet took turns nursing. When Li Yijun arrived, she just saw Cai Songhe hurried out in a hurry. She complained that if Li Yijun came late for half an hour, she had to be persuaded to become Liang’s daughter-in-law. When Li Yijun entered the house, she made Ms. Liang happy, saying that Liang Shuoheng had adopted him as his adopted child. The family house and TV had decided to give him anything. Ms. Liang was amused.

An Zhengyuan asked Mother Liang to go out for dinner, but Mother Liang asked Liang Shuoheng to invite everyone to eat. She had no appetite. During the dispute, An Zhengyuan’s mother brought beef bone soup to visit Mother Liang. The group had an excuse to eat together. The five of them went to eat barbecue together. Liang Shuoheng mentioned that Liang Mu had figured it out. She decided to divorce her father. Liang Shuoheng was in a good mood. She felt that Liang Mu had got rid of the haze of her father’s derailment, and she would be happy for a day.

Cai Song and Shunkou asked if he also had this relaxed feeling when he divorced. Liang Shuoheng said that he still had some apologies so far. Jin Junwan said that this is just to be remembered, but Liang Shuoheng did not agree with this view. He said it was sentimental. Jin Junwan was also concerned about Liang’s shares. He said that after Liang’s death in the future, the shares would fall into the hands of others. Liang Shuoheng said that he was not rare and would not want Liang’s penny. Li Yijun was in a hurry. Discouraged and told Liang Shuoheng to fight for his legacy, and give it to himself and the universe by then.

Mother An Zhengyuan and Mother Liang chatted while having dinner. Mother Liang asked why Chairman Zhou did not come together. Mother An Zhengyuan said that he wanted to answer his son’s phone. He had an appointment with his son for dinner, but due to the sudden situation of his grandson He was taken to the hospital, so he had to cancel the meal. He cared about the situation of his grandson and waited for news in the car. Fortunately, the grandson was fine, and after talking with his son, An Zhengyuan’s mother called and urged Chairman Zhou to come to dinner.

Zhang Dongdong is introducing the situation of liver transplantation to the intern doctor, mentioning the difficulty of this operation, saying that although Li Yijun is seemingly sloppy, but the surgical skills are very superb, I did not expect to be heard by Li Yijun, accusing her of praising herself or not. Criticizing yourself. Two intern doctors Yin Fu and Hong Dong observed the operation in different operating rooms, but the results were different. One was trembling with cold, and the other was fainting with heat.

Li Yijun asked the patient about the liver transplantation, and learned that the patient’s father had never appeared since the last time he arrived at the hospital. Li Yijun believed in his own experience that the patient’s father would never come again, and he could understand this behavior. He was really wrong. The patient’s father went to do fitness and recovered to donate liver to his daughter. He lost six kilograms a week. He asked Li Yijun to agree to his request. When he was young, he ignored the right The daughter’s management and care led to her daughter’s alcoholism, so she had today’s disease. He wanted to make up for his mistakes. Li Yijun was deeply moved and promised to help him fulfill his wish.

Li Yijun asked Cai Songhe to eat noodles together, the two talked about Cai Song and the hearing aids he bought for his father, but her father was too expensive and had to return it. Cai Songhe finally found various reasons to persuade his father to give up With this idea in mind, before taking a few bites of the noodles, An Zhiyong called and said that there was an emergency patient. Li Yijun hurriedly returned Cai Songhe to the hospital. The original patient had a cerebral artery malformation. Cai Songhe immediately arranged an operation. The children’s family cried in a hurry.

Li Yijun was going to watch baseball. Because he didn’t bring any money, he temporarily borrowed 10,000 yuan from An Zhengyuan. Several cigarettes and lighters were mocked by An Zhengyuan. An Zhengyuan went home and it was raining outside. He happened to see Zhang Dongdong being sent back by his boyfriend. An Zhengyuan felt a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t know how to relieve his heart. Li Yijun also saw this scene, he bought coffee for Zhang Dongdong, and asked her new boyfriend by the way, Zhang Dongdong flashed his words, it seems that he is not willing to interact with the new boyfriend, Li Yijun actually hopes that she can communicate with An Zhengyuan gets along.

Li Yijun was still waiting for Cai Songhe. He suddenly saw Yin Fu getting in his boyfriend’s car. The two had a quarrel because of Yin Fu’s mobile phone message. The boyfriend had to look at Yin Fu’s mobile phone, but Yin Fu was unwilling, After all, this is personal privacy, and the two have a dispute. At the same time, Li Yishun and Jin Jun had the same problem when they were dating. Someone sent a message to Li Yishun. Li Yishun explained to Jin Junwan and asked him to look at his mobile phone, but Jin Junwan didn’t want to go and called him. Will respect Li Yishun’s personal privacy. The two later mentioned that Li Yishun was going to take a Ph.D., and heard that she was going to the UK or the US, then the relationship between the two had to be reassessed. Jin Junwan was a little angry. The idea of ​​getting married, Li Yishun frankly said that when the two first started dating, she said that she had no plans to get married,

Zhang Dongdong introduced the procedure and principle of bile duct surgery to the patient’s mother. After seeing it, An Zhengyuan introduced it to the patient’s mother in detail. After seeing Zhang Dongdong’s heart, he sighed deeply and felt that he was not with Anzheng. Yuan exchange is a great regret.

A newly arrived patient is going to undergo coil embolization. The doctor instructed the intern to shave his head. In fact, he prepared the patient for the skin. Because the operation was performed from the thigh artery, the intern did not expect the patient to actually shave the patient. The bald head made everyone stunned. Cai Songhe explained to the patient’s family that they could apply for compensation because they didn’t explain it clearly, resulting in such a problem. However, the patient’s family believes that the child’s condition is more important. As long as the disease can be cured, it will not be investigated.

The five-member group discussed that Qian Mingtai was about to get married. Li Yijun said that Qian Mingtai obviously went to the woman’s money. The family’s ability to make money is very strong, but the knowledge of people is not very good, otherwise they will not find People like Qian Mingtai are son-in-law. In the actual diagnosis and treatment, Qian Mingtai’s character was not complacent. He sent the patients to other hospitals instead of seriously treating them, and he was soon finished, making An Zhengyuan very surprised. Because he still has five or six people left untreated.

An Zhiyong told Li Yijun about his sister Li Yishun. She once had a boyfriend in the army. The two had been together for five years and was going to talk about marriage. But the man’s mother called Li Yishunkov and the man was very good. Listening to my mother, this made Li Yishun very angry, and later broke up because of this matter. Li Yijun felt that he had not fulfilled his responsibilities as a brother, so he went to the army to visit Li Yishun. Li Yishun thought that Jin Jun was over, but did not expect to be his own brother. Li Yijun specially brought some of her favorite food and gave it to her. Some pocket money moved Li Yishun very much.

An Zhengyuan’s mother took Chairman Zhou to see the doctor’s five-person sing. This was also the first formal audience since the five of them formed a band, but this time the five people performed well, which made the two audiences shine. Cai Songhe deliberately came to the newly opened yoga hall of the mother of the child to congratulate, and then went to the dinner party invited by An Zhiyong. An Zhiyong wore very formal clothes. He was ready to express his heart to Cai Songhe.

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