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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 8 Recap

Zhang Dongdong stopped An Zhengyuan and took the initiative to ask him to invite himself to dinner to express his love indirectly. An Zhengyuan was a little surprised, but he already understood what Zhang Dongdong thought and turned back to say that he had something on Sunday and planned to go to Yangping to see his mother. Refused Zhang Dongdong, which made her very disappointed. Several intern doctors began to discuss the fact that Du Zaixia was deceived. He hated the person who deceived Du Zaixia. At the same time, he was also worried about Du Zaixia’s situation.

The dean asked Jin Junwan to take over as the chief, but Jin Junwan was not willing to accept it. The dean repeatedly persuaded that Jin Junwan did not change his mind. At the time of the operation, Du Xia was unable to concentrate because of being deceived. After being reprimanded by Jin Jun, he slowly recovered. Dr. Ming Enyuan suddenly disappeared, and Liang Shuoheng let Qiu Minhe inform him as soon as she had news of her. This kind of indifferent attitude made Qiu Minhe very disappointed.

Li Yijun explained to the patient that he had liver cancer, and gave his own suggestions on the next step in the development of the disease and how to treat it. Hearing that the situation was not optimistic, the family members were grieved and Li Yijun had to comfort him. An Zhengyuan saw that the baby was recovering well, and became very happy. Even the baby’s stool was very happy. He described the situation to Jin Junwan and Cai Songhe. The two were eating bread. Angrily turned around and left, leaving him nothing to eat. Jin Junwan explained to the parents of the child that the child is in a state of health. All the valves in his heart are leaking. The situation is not optimistic, but he will try his best to repair it.

An Zhengyuan went to the bank to withdraw money. He specially prepared a gift for his mother’s 70th birthday. It was a passbook for her to travel, but her mother was more concerned about An Zhengyuan’s marriage, saying that Cai Song and that good girl didn’t like their own. Son, and match him with Cai Songhe. An Zhengyuan left something, the phone was forgotten in the office, and the mother picked it up. She heard that An Zhengyuan’s application for the priest’s recommendation had been approved. The mother was very sad. She rejected the other party’s request. When An Zhengyuan came back to pick up the phone, she told Son, he doesn’t need to live a long life, he just needs to stay beside him, even if he doesn’t meet, he doesn’t even need to make a phone call, just let him live a little bit ordinary. Mother left in tears, and An Zhengyuan fell into deep thinking.

Chairman Zhou fell in the bathroom, he did not want to affect the child, he went to the hospital alone, after a simple treatment, he talked with the dean about the candidate of the dean, the dean mentioned that no one would like to be the dean, Dean Zhou Let him appoint directly if he can’t. In the ward, a patient requested injection of analgesics. The nurse said that he had just called him, but he did not want to be spared. He had to ask the nurse to give him dulendine. Finally Zhang Dongdong told him that he is now a symptom of morphine injection poisoning. Reinjection of dulending may cause a coma, and the patient had to give up. Du Zaixia talked with the patient’s family, the two were in a bad mood, and the communication was not smooth. He dropped the phone, and then the patient’s daughter called to apologize to him, Du Zaixia’s mood improved, but unexpectedly He buried the root cause of the disaster and caused him to be complained.

Cai Songhe was dressed up and put on contact lenses deliberately, preparing to go to a junior’s wedding. Li Yijun came and asked if she was going to attend An Zhengyuan’s guests. Cai Songhe said that she must attend, but turned around and found Li Yijun’s hand Being scalded by boiling water, she hurriedly bandaged him seriously and wrapped it in a thick layer. Li Yijun said she wrapped herself like a frog prince.

Chairman Zhou and mother An Zhengyuan talked about their sons. The two seemed to be sympathetic to each other. The sons of Chairman Zhou were busy with their families and careers, and almost didn’t care about their parents. Even their mother was only seriously ill. twice. Although An Zhengyuan’s mother has many sons, they are all engaged in priesthood. Even An Zhengyuan has this plan, which makes her very worried. The five-person group of doctors had a dinner together. An Zhengyuan mentioned that his father had donated 2 million yuan to the kindergarten every month before his death. He has already received it. Everyone greatly appreciates the behavior of An Zhengyuan. Liang Shuoheng decided this meal The meal was invited by him, which was considered to be a contribution. After listening, everyone added food to support.

Qiu Min and the continuous duty were so tired that she kept complaining, saying that the occupation of the doctor was wrong at the beginning, but when she heard Liang Shuoheng’s call, she immediately changed like a person and was full of motivation. Li Yijun couldn’t wash his face because his hands were so tightly wrapped that An Zhengyuan helped wash his face, but An Zhengyuan was unwilling to find an excuse to leave. Li Yijun could only come to Cai Song and help.

Du Zaixia was complained about inadvertently saying the wrong thing when communicating with the patient’s family. The dean summoned several doctors to study how to deal with it. Everyone felt that this matter was a bit tricky. The patient’s daughter was a lawyer, and it was easy to find the loopholes in it . Li Yijun heard that Zhang Dongdong’s confession was rejected, accusing An Zhengyuan of not being enthusiastic enough, and not yet half passionate about the universe. Zhang Dongdong heard that An Zhengyuan did not go to Yang Ping to see his mother on Sunday, and immediately knew that An Zhengyuan refused himself. Want to withdraw from the pursuit of An Zhengyuan.

Dr. Ming Enyuan was delayed because of illness. Everyone was very enthusiastic about her, and Qiu Minhe felt helpless. She had to continue to work for her. The dean summoned Jin Junwan and Qian Mingtai to study Du Zaixia’s handling opinions. The other party asked him to be punished and proposed a salary reduction of three months. Everyone was quite satisfied with this result. Qiu Minhe went to the maternity ward to check, the maternal proposed to cancel the video connection, otherwise she could not sleep well, let her check her more times, Qiu Min and helplessly agreed to come down.

Jin Junwan and Li Yishun had a rare two-person world together, but in the middle of the night they received a phone call from Du Zaixia, who was originally responsible for Qian Mingtai, but because he couldn’t get through his phone, Jin Junwan had to kiss Li Yijun goodbye After running to the hospital and checking the situation, he praised Du Zaixia for his good control. Qiu Minhe introduced his classmates to Zhang Dongdong. Zhang Dongdong had to agree to see him, but she kept thinking of An Zhengyuan in her heart. The complex conflicts can only be felt by herself. Li Yijun performed surgery on the child, but because of too many heart valve leaks, the operation has not been smooth.

Qiu Min was exhausted and wanted to resign. At this time, the nurse asked her to check the maternity situation, but unexpectedly found that the maternal bleeding occurred, and Qiu Minhe was so scared that she had to call Liang Shuoheng for help. Liang Shuoheng commanded Qiu Minhe to take the child out on the way. Qiu Minhe was forced to help him to perform surgery. Fortunately, Liang Shuoheng arrived in time and the mother and son were safe.

Afterwards, Qiu Minhe apologized to Liang Shuoheng, but also put forward his thoughts on Liang Shuoheng in the past few days, and said that he had been scolded in his heart. Liang Shuoheng claimed that he knew the rules between trainees, but he did not know how to intervene. , So I also apologized to Qiu Minhe. Liang Shuoheng said that he prefers a responsible doctor, and Qiu Min and today performed very well. The reason why he hurriedly came because he was afraid that the maternal would not be treated and cause Qiu Minhe to leave. He hoped that Qiu Minhe would stay A good doctor.

Jin Junwan’s treated child couldn’t survive. In order not to let similar things happen again, he tearfully asked the patient’s family to donate the child’s heart for hospital research. Li Yijun announced to the patient that hepatocellular carcinoma had not metastasized, and the family members of the patients were very happy, and thanked Li Yijun and the surrounding patients. At the same time, the rescued mother was also grateful for Qiu Minhe because of the safety of her mother and child, which made her feel particularly presenceful. An Zhengyuan saw Zhang Dongdong going to date with others, and there was a trace of loss in her heart, but she returned to normal as she pleased.

The family of the child finally agreed to donate the heart, but the kind of sadness and reluctance of the mother made Jin Junwan feel very entangled. Liang Shuoheng’s mother was suddenly ill, but he was panicked because of the sudden situation.

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