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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 11 Recap

Head nurse Song Xiubin brought her daughter Xu Mei to the hospital for a physical examination. Cai Songhe discovered that Xu Mei’s vision problems were caused by the compression of her brain tumor. Since Syrian was not very young, she was more afraid of the current situation. Cai Song and Comfort explained that brain tumors do not necessarily require craniotomy. They only need to insert an endoscope from the nasal cavity to dig out the tumor, so she does not have to worry about it. It happened that at this time, Cai Songhe learned of Yang Taiyang’s critical condition, she hurried to comfort Yang Shuoheng, and attended the memorial service with everyone the next day.

Although Yang Shuoheng hated his father’s indifference, he was his own relative after all. Zheng Rosa and Zhu Xiuzong came to the memorial service, during which they were deeply moved and remembered similar scenes that they had experienced before. Friends are all concerned about the inheritance rights of Yang Shuoheng and his mother. When they learned that Xiao San Jin Taiyan was also at the scene, everyone was upset, and Yang Shuoheng did not want to resent his anger on innocent children.

There is still some time before resigning at the end of the year, but An Zhuan aid explained the situation to the dean in advance, because the current pediatrics professors are scarce, and the dean has repeatedly retained. However, An Zhuan aid has already made up his mind that he will do related work well before leaving. After An Zhuoyuan left, the Dean informed Zhu Xiuzong that even though Zheng Luosha had expected it to be today, the result was still difficult to accept. Zheng Rosa was accompanied by Zhu Xiuzong to the hospital and was preparing to have a good conversation with his son. Unexpectedly, An Zhuanyuan and Zhang Dongdong were very happy to talk outside. The picture in front made Zheng Rosa instantly full of hope, and she immediately made up her mind, and left Zhu Xiuzong without a word.

Cai Songhe encountered a male patient at the time of the consultation. This patient had severe cerebral hemorrhage and required emergency surgery. Because many sequelae may be caused during the operation, Cai Songhe had to explain the situation to his family. The wife of the patient was very affectionate and only hoped that her husband would live well. Jin Junwei and Li Yichun are making phone porridge. Li Yixun wants to eavesdrop to no avail, still not knowing who his friend is in love with. However, it didn’t take long for Jin Jun to hang up the phone, Li Yichun suddenly told his brother to come to Seoul to see his nephew, and also told Li Yilong to buy long-legged crabs in advance. Li Yihan was troubled where to buy long-legged crabs, but he did not expect Jin Jun to bring a box of long-legged crabs to his door.

Li Yihan was surprised by Jin Jun’s unsolicited visits, and he didn’t even understand why he was so enthusiastic, but the hospital had something to do temporarily and had to leave after too much thinking. Seeing Li Yilong finally going out, Jin Jun’s completely relaxed state before the tension, he and Li Yichun loved each other in the kitchen, hugged each other, did not expect Li Yihan suddenly returned, terrified him immediately lying on the floor and wiped the floor. After Li Yushu fell asleep, Li Yichun and Jin Junwei sat in the living room and chatted about their future lives. Since Li Yichun was going to the UK to study for a doctorate, although the two of them continued to communicate on the surface, they knew that they would face many difficulties in the future.

An Zhihong made an appointment with Cai Song and had dinner, but found that she and Li Yihan were too ambiguous, even if you can see many clues in daily words and deeds. Cai Songhe’s department held a dinner party, and Li Yixun was also invited to participate. He and everyone were drawn when they played the truthful adventure. When asked whether they had feelings for Cai Song and beyond the friend, Li Yixu did not To answer directly, but to drink a glass of wine in a sip, wait until the second time was drawn, An Zhihong blocked the wine for him, and asked the question of the talent. Just as everyone was attentively waiting for the answer, Li Yihan admitted unabashedly that he liked Cai Songhe, which instantly embarrassed the atmosphere.

Cai Songhe and Li Yixu, who were planning to send unconscious personnel home, were called to KTV by Anzhuan on the way. Originally, Cai Songhe wanted to turn off the song song, but Li Yixun took the initiative to start a song expressing love. In this song, Cai Song and his heart are up and down, Li Yixun recalls the past, and Jin Junwei considers his and Li Yichun’s future, holding the ring he bought earlier in his hand. An Zhihong sat alone in the dormitory bed, remembering the scene when he first saw Cai Songhe, he was inevitably sad.

Cui Yun needed a heart transplant. Fortunately, Jin Jun’s department sent a seriously ill baby girl. After the rescue, he declared invalid and died, and was willing to become a donor. Cui Yun’s parents cried when they learned that. The patient responsible for Li Yixun, Li Changxue, has liver cancer. Currently, only a liver change can save lives. Li Chang’s family members pushed back three times and asked the patient’s wife to donate, but Li Yixun observed that his wife’s condition was very bad. After everyone left, Li Changxue’s wife asked Li Yixun to lie that her matching type was not suitable because she considered the child to be young. The husband died, and his health problems again, then the child will be left unattended.

Although Zhang Dongdong took the lead for the first time, the process was very smooth. Zheng Rosa found Zhang Dongdong and hoped that she could persuade An Zhuanyuan to give up the job of priest, because Zheng Luosha saw that An Zhuanyuan actually liked Zhang Dongdong. Cai Songhe wanted to avoid the current emotional entanglement, so he was prepared to go to work at Sokcho Branch, and his friends felt very sorry.

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