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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 10 Recap

Li Yichun’s subordinates had trouble at the Emperor’s Hospital. In order to compensate Jin Jun, he specially organized a party and hospitality, and gave him a pot of fresh vegetables as a gift. Because the main food of the banquet is mainly raw, Jin Jun is difficult to adapt for a while, but he can only follow his girlfriend to “come into the countryside”.

Cai Songhe talked about An Zhihong’s injury during his meal. Fortunately, there is no problem at present. At most, he sometimes takes two painkillers. The relationship between Long Shuomin and Xu Shanbin is ambiguous. Cai Songhe sees that it is greasy. At first, Long Shuomin wanted to explain it clearly, but he became darker and darker. When he generously admitted that he had been in contact with Xu Shanbin, Cai Songhe Wait for someone to believe.

Li Yihan was so excited by his son Meng’s heart that he was going to have dinner with everyone. However, Jin Jun was only concerned about making phone congee with Li Yichun. When Li Yihan knocked on the door and entered the house, he was scared that he almost dropped the phone on the ground and could not help but blame loudly. Jin Junwei was so frightened that she was afraid that Li Yixun would become a stumbling block for the two to love each other. Fortunately, Li Yixun did not have much doubt, but asked about the uncle with long legs because he had a long-term hospitalized elderly because the situation was too special. It meets the funding standards, so I want to negotiate with the long-legged uncle for assistance.

Jin Junwei agreed to help find out the contact information, but An Zhuanyuan was still in conflict in the lounge. On the one hand, he wanted to work as a priest, but on the other hand, he was unwilling to let the hospital and his mother. At this time, Zheng Luosha called and Jin Jun hurriedly hung up a few words and hung up. Although he didn’t tell his mother about the decision, Zheng Luosha knew that Zhu Xiuzong was sitting next to her and suggested that she leave temporarily. Hide for a few days without giving An Zhuanyuan the opportunity to speak.

Cai Songhe knows that An Zhuanyuan likes children very much and is also persuading him to have a family as soon as possible, but An Zhuanyuan did not respond positively, only to inform him of his identity as a long-legged uncle, and hopes that Cai Song and confidentiality will help him continue Run charity. An Zhuanyuan listed the plan of the subsequent fund support in detail. Cai Songhe admired and puzzled him, but when he learned that An Zhuanyuan would resign at the end of the year to study abroad, he instantly fell into silence.

Early the next morning, Zhang Dongdong’s confession by his boyfriend spread throughout the general surgery room. Everyone was delighted and even made drinks with drinks to celebrate that the surgery finally broke the single curse. Seeing this situation, An Zhuanyuan was calm, but it was not a taste in her heart. Everyone was concerned about which professor Zhang Dongdong would choose for the operation this time. Unexpectedly, she chose An Zhuanyuan directly, as if she had not yet sprouted. Love’s last effort. Li Yimeng opened the door to see the place and broke the idea of ​​helping him, hoping that he could face his heart and communicate with Zhang Dongdong. An Zhuanyuan hesitated, but he did not know that everything was arranged by Li Yihan in advance. At the time, Li Yixun learned that the man who often sent Zhang Dongdong to get off work was actually a younger brother. He simply reminded Zhang Dongdong to continue to hide, and then sent flowers to “boyfriend” to attract An Zhuan’s attention, making him uneasy.

Because of shame, the patient of Qian Mingtai insisted on refusing enema, so that the potassium index was so high that he might face death at any time. Qian Mingtai was so angry that he turned and left, letting it go, he was at a loss, and quickly went to Jin Jun to find a way. However, Jin Jun said that he must persuade the patient to enema after exhausting any method, otherwise it is the doctor’s negligence.

An Zhihong and Long Shuomin returned to the office and saw Tu Caixue sat lonely. At first, he thought that he had failed in persuasion. He had never wanted Tu Caixue to kneel down to the patient and successfully gained patient sympathy. It’s just that this method is too humiliating. Tu Xuexue worried that An Zhihong would laugh at themselves, but everyone admired Tu Zhixue. Fortunately, with the unremitting efforts of Tucai Xue, the patient successfully retrieved a life. When he was discharged, he gave Tucai Xue a box of strawberries, and a card filled with words of thanks was placed in the strawberry, precisely because of these words, Let Tu Xue Xue feel that everything is worth it.

Jin Jun wanted to confess to Li Yixun that he and Li Yichun were in love, but when he heard that Li Yichun had been admitted to the doctorate, he felt uncomfortable for a moment, but he did not expect that he was a boyfriend and learned from Anzhi Hongkou. Jin Junwei took the initiative to call Li Yichun, seeming to pretend to be very serious, but in fact it was extremely contradictory, he asked Li Yichun to meet on the weekend, hoping to find the most compromised way.

Li Yuyu had a high fever. It happened that Li Yihan was called to the hospital for surgery. Cai Song and Lima came to help take care of it. When he went home after the operation, watching Cai Song and hugging his son to sleep, he felt very warm. When the two were eating supper, Cai Songhe talked about his recently reached wish, but Li Yixun said that his wish was to have dinner with Cai Songhe.

Qiu Minxia confessed to Yang Shuoheng on the way home, Yang Shuoheng froze in the car on the spot, feeling uneasy. The wife of the Minister of Education needed an operation, so he named Li Yixun as the chief surgeon. It happened that there were many patients recently, and Li Yixun was so busy that he was in charge of eight operations a month. On the eve of the divorce between Zhao Yinghui and Yang Taiyang, Yang Taiyang was taken to the hospital for a sudden cerebral hemorrhage because of severe arterial hemorrhage and people are still in a dangerous observation period. Zhao Yinghui thought about it and decided to withdraw her divorce request because she still loves Yang Shuoheng’s father.

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