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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 24 End Recap

Everyone was waiting for the dawn to come with their own minds. In the dark night sky, a red firework rushed to the sky, and it soon died out. Mingyue also took away the crystal from Zhao Woya’s neck. She knew that Jane didn’t know that she would have no life tomorrow. There must be only hatred between Zhao Woya and her. This is her fate, Mingyue can only exchange for the ten killers to let Zhao Wo return by exterminating the mouth.

When the sun was shining the next day, Jane didn’t know he was soaked in the potion that Black Mist had already prepared, and gathered everyone’s energy to get rid of the cold toxin. Once it started, it couldn’t be stopped. Nearing the end, when everyone was about to exhaust, Xiao Wang finally revealed his true colors and came to assassinate Jane.

Xiao Wang failed with a single sword, but was injured by the white fox that suddenly appeared from the roof. Last night’s fireworks were used by the white fox to contact Baihe. It was Jane who didn’t know how to let Zhan Shiqi put it off, so that the white fox could rush back in time to save them in distress.

Xiao Wang, who failed in the action, is like a madman. He has long made the white fox’s thunderbolt into explosives and tied it to his body, wanting to die with everyone. At this time, just as the cold toxin was successfully eliminated, everyone threw Xiao Wang into the bucket and just fled the house. With an explosion, blood scattered behind him, and the crisis was finally resolved again.

Zhao Wohan, who was awakened by the explosion, rubbed his eyebrows to try to dispel the head discomfort. In the dense forest, the Mingyue who was about to escape was blocked first. All Dao killers are ruthless, but Zhao, I also know that Mingyue’s true feelings are not half false, and Zhao I can also hear her confession and pain in her ear last night. Even though Mingyue pretends to be unfeeling, a spring night is enough to prove how pale she is at this moment.

Mingyue is the second name of the Ten Killing Sect, and the future Sect Master. After all, she and Zhao Wo will not be able to return by different routes. The knife returned by Zhao Wo rested on Mingyue’s neck, but I couldn’t do anything. He let Mingyue go, which was tantamount to letting go of all the members of the Ten Kill Clan. The two loved ones passed by, turning their backs away. The bracelet was still on Mingyue’s wrist. Even if Zhao Wo asked for it, she did not intend to return it.

The crystal that Mingyue took away was the roster of the members of the ministry fifteen years ago, and they are already old now. If this roster is now made public, it will inevitably cause a bloodbath. Jane does not know that Zhao Wohan will be blamed, and he does not intend to remember these names. As for the fate of others, they should choose by themselves.

The banquet in the world is endless, and everyone parted ways again, looking forward to the next moment of goodbye. Palace Sparrow chased Sima Dang and left together. Perhaps in the near future, they will also have their own stories. The real Ye Xiaoxiao may have died, but now Ye Xiaoxiao still wants to talk to Heiwu, everyone is unique in this world. Jian didn’t know, Zhan Seventeen, and Zhao Wohan, so naturally they went to Shenji Valley first, and then to Wangwu Mountain. After so many bloody storms, going home might be the best way to relax. As everyone knows, the real secret is still waiting for them in the future.

Back then, Jian Jinhuan fought hard to break Wang Hua’s mask, and the four of Baicaozhe saw his appearance. It was Jane who was soaked in blood, so Li Erye was trying to figure out Jian’s appearance. I was shocked and terrified. It was also surprising that Baicaozhe, who was Hu Bayue at the time, found that Wang Hua’s martial arts was useless and lost his memory. He mistakenly thought that he was Jian Zhenhuan’s son, Jian Jinghuan, who had been in Dongying. He wanted to kill someone but was rescued by Zhan Shiqi.

But later, Baicaozhe suddenly discovered that Wang Hua, whom Jian did not know, was upright and brave, as if it was the second Jian Jinhuan, which made him start to be confused. If you kill Jane now, you don’t know whether you killed Wang Hua from that year or the descendant of Jian Jinhuan. Therefore, he decided to kill all the people who knew the truth, including himself. This was the price he paid for his fleeing in the first place. He also used the lives of several people to keep the secret and let Wang Hua be forgotten in this world.

In the darkness where he could not see his fingers, the man in black who came back to his life was not able to do business and was brutally killed. After searching for so long, he finally found Wang Hua, whom Jian did not know, and was even more surprised that his Dementor had lost its effectiveness. Some things, some people, will not be able to escape after all, and the truth will surely come to light someday in the future.

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