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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 23 Recap

Sima Dang, as a member of the hospital, has always been principled in doing things, and never records some false information. Heiwu Niangniang was forced by a life that Jane did not know, and it was impossible for Sima Dang to change his record in the hospital. Zhao Wo was still in a hurry, swiping a sword against Empress Heiwu’s neck, but when the opponent gently touched her wrist, she was also poisoned. Sima couldn’t be compromised, and Empress Heiwu could not change her mind, everyone had to give up temporarily.

Just before he was in the room, Zhan Shiqi felt a strong murderous aura aimed at Empress Heiwu. The Yanshan faction still has spies lurking in the Ten Kills. Although it is aimed at the Black Mist Empress, I am afraid that it is because I don’t know what to do with Jane, so I chose this roundabout way.

The facts were as expected by Zhan Seventeen. The Black Mist Empress was quickly assassinated. Fortunately, Zhao Wo appeared in time to save his life. The Black Mist Empress, who had just recovered from the panic, thought that this was because everyone deliberately performed such a heroic rescue of the beauty in order to make him grateful.

The assassin is in a dark place, if you don’t find him out, it is very likely that everyone present will not escape death. The murderer always takes the initiative in the dark, and the detective is always at a disadvantage in the bright place. The only way to hide his cards is when the enemy mistakenly believes that the target is exhausted. This is the best time to fight back. This is the content of Jian Zhenhuan’s handbook. , Jane does not know that he has always remembered.

At the same time, the palace bird was in the room silently writing out all the information about the patients she had cured of the ten killers, and used this to exchange with Sima, just to save Jane’s life. Once this matter is exposed, the Palace Sparrow will face the endless pursuit of ten kills, and her dream will also be shattered. Sima Dang was moved by the palace bird’s true feelings, and he directly burned the roster and agreed to modify the record for the Heiwu Empress.

Recording false information is more uncomfortable for Sima Dang than death, but he is willing to give up this insistence for Jane not knowing and the palace sparrow, which reminds Heiwu Empress of the moments when she was with Ye Xiaoxiao. Ye Xiaoxiao’s death was the direct cause of Heiwu’s change in temperament. Now looking at Sima Dang and Palace Sparrow before him, he once again realized the true feelings, and he was moved and was willing to unconditionally get rid of the poison for Jane.

The black mist dropped another kind of Gu worm into Jane’s body, which could swallow the Heartburn Gu. After it starved to death, it would be eliminated from the body with urine. The gu worm has been resolved, and the rest is to get rid of the cold toxin, but you have to wait until the next day at noon, when the yang energy is at its fullest, and then the collective movement is to get rid of the cold toxin. The chance of success is even greater.

Things seem to be moving in the best direction. Zhao Wo also finally mustered up the courage and Mingyue to confess, thinking about how to be respectful when meeting his father-in-law for the first time. Zhao Wo also has a family-renowned jade bracelet. His mother once explained that this bracelet can only be given once in a lifetime, and it cannot be removed once it is worn. Mingyue agreed to Zhao Wohan’s love, looked at the jade bracelet she was wearing, thinking about her identity, and shed tears.

After a few cups of hangover, Mingyue couldn’t help kissing Zhao Wohan. Under her initiative, the two couldn’t help but do things like clouds and rain. Afterwards, while Zhao Wo was still drunk and unconscious, Mingyue couldn’t help but tell him what was wrong. How Mingyue hopes that Zhao Wo can hear her voice with my own ears, and can tell each other what I want, but unfortunately, the identity of the two makes them irrelevant.

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