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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 22 Recap

At the beginning, the murderer who killed Li Erye was light in figure, and the speed of his sword could make the other party have no response to blood on the spot. His martial arts was so high that in the arena, apart from Baicaozhe, there was only Wang Hua. The sword maker, the tiger’s mouth and four fingertips gave birth to soft and thick cocoons, but the corpse stored in the Yanshan faction did not. Instead, the left thumb had obvious traces of pulling fingers, indicating that he himself was a bow and arrow person.

Jian didn’t know that although she had never seen Baicaozhe, the difference in the cocoon on his hand was enough to prove that the corpse was not Baicaozhe, but the god bow Yama. It was rumored in Luojiazhai that the master was taken away by the white fox, but he was actually taken away and killed by Baicaozhe. After pretending to be himself, he reappeared in front of everyone with a new identity.

The people who were in Hanyue Villa at the beginning, but now happen to be there, except for Jane who didn’t know his party, they had to play Hu Bayue. Although Boss Wang is dead, Hu Bayue, or Baicaozhe, is Jian’s last hope. There was so much noisy people at the moment, and the two went to the top of the cliff alone, and the truth that Jane had always wanted was finally approaching.

Back then, Jian Jinhuan, the Li family brothers, Qiaoshoutang, Wang Boss, and Baicaozhe gathered together because of the rivers and lakes, and became brothers, carrying a dream of heroes, punishing rape and eliminating evil everywhere, and even sects such as the Ten Killers did not dare Enemy them head-on. The scenery in front of them is infinite, and they suddenly have the dream of establishing an ideal world, but they did not expect that a fast sword murderer suddenly appeared eight years ago, allowing them to fully see that they have never been a hero.

Hearing that Wang Hua slaughtered the rivers and lakes, Jian Zhenhuan sent out hero posts, summoning all the heroes to gather in Shenjigu and Wang Hua to fight to the death. They originally planned to fight each other with their lives, even if they died heroically, they would do the same for the rivers and lakes. But when they really faced Wang Hua, they were stunned by the other party, drawing out their inner fears, and only Jian Jinhuan died with the same end.

The Baicaozhe people were supposed to hide in the dark to contain Wang’s paintings, but they flinched out of fear to survive to this day, allowing them to fully see that they are nothing more than martial arts and powerful people who are afraid of life and death.

Baicaozhe insisted that Wang Hua was dead, and after clarifying the whole story, he swung his sword to kill himself and fell off the cliff. Some secrets hoped to be sealed in the world with his death. Because Jane didn’t know the obsession with the truth, the people involved died one after another, which was a big blow to him.

Everyone returned to the Yanshan faction with Jane in a coma. They thought that his death was not far away, but Sima Dang came here specially for his last words, but the palace bird who was waiting in Heiwuling hadn’t waited for Jian for a long time. Bringing the Black Mist Empress Yanshan to send him to get rid of the poison. Ye Xiaoxiao was also struggling to persuade Heiwu Empress to help, but finally returned without success.

When everyone knocked on the door of Empress Heiwu, what he saw at a glance turned out to be a big man in black with a twisted manner. According to the records of the Recording Academy, Heiwuhou specializes in raising corpses and practicing Gu, delving into evil ways, and talking yin and yang, so he is nicknamed Heiwu Empress. He is selfish and hateful, likes to make things difficult for patients, and has a strange temperament.

Right now, there are people asking for help. Everyone is ignoring other things and begging for mercy, hoping that the Black Mist Empress will save her, even if she kills and runs naked, the palace sparrow will not hesitate to offer the secret medical skills of her ancestors. But Heiwu Niangniang was not moved by it. What he hopes most is to be recognized by others, and he hopes not to be rejected as a different kind, and the only person present to satisfy his wishes is Sima Dang.

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