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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 21 Recap

In the ruined temple where Mr. Wang was rescued by Zhan Shiqi, the organ was under the incense case three steps to the left facing the Buddha. As Jane pressed the mechanism, a gap was opened on the ground at the ruined temple, revealing a box with a token inside and a withered hand inside.

The twelve dead men were waiting at this moment, and Jane didn’t know he was under siege, so she could only make Zhan Shiqi escape first with a plan, and inform everyone of his arrest, in order to make a plan. However, Jane did not know that he was brought back to the three-way escort by the twelve dead men with the token, and Hu Bayue, elder of the Beggar Gang, was interrogated on his behalf.

The two people who had a relationship in Hanyue Villa were considered to be close friends. It was thanks to Hu Bayue’s cold palm that Jane didn’t know how to live until now, but he didn’t expect that it would be like this when they meet again. Fortunately, even if Hu Bayue did not intercede, Fu Lao Er would not kill Jane.

Jian did not know that he wanted to sneak into the three-way escort, but Fu’s plan to capture the thief first was seen through by Fu Lao Er. The spies he had arranged in the group had long been inserted, waiting for them to throw themselves into the net. Waiting for the boss and others to disguise and get ready to mix into the three-way escort is the moment to miss and get caught, and the spy among them is naturally Wang Daudao.

Everyone was escorted to Fu Lao Er. After listening to his rhetoric, Wang Boss suddenly showed his long-recovered skills, and easily got rid of the shackles of the twelve dead men. This is exactly what Jian did not know. . Ever since Zhang boldly blurted out and wanted to ask where the tokens were, Jian had already doubted him. Zhao Wu and Zhang boldly went to inquire about the situation before, in fact, they were monitoring his every move.

Boss Wang’s skill had already recovered 50% when Ye Xiaoxiao gave him the first injection. It was Jane who did not know that they deliberately let them conceal the truth. The purpose was to confuse the audience and make Fu Lao Er think that everything was wrong. Under his control. In order to implement such a plan, Jane didn’t know that being arrested was also the most critical link, and it seemed reasonable and reasonable for the boss and others to fail and be captured for saving people. Right now is the best time to get close to Fu Lao Er and kill him by surprise.

Through this incident, Boss Wang understood more that his own stubbornness in the past had long since lost his heart. Facing the betrayal of everyone this time, he chose to forgive generously instead. Fu Lao Er is good at winning people’s hearts, but it is a pity that his ambition will eventually ruin the three-way escort, and Wang Boss has to deal with him.

Fu Lao Er was unsatisfied, and tried his last strength to kill Jane. Fortunately, Zhan Seventeen responded quickly, and Zhao and I had to save my life before they could not succeed. After the incident, Jane finally showed a relaxed smile, hoping to get the truth that she had been pursuing from Mr. Wang. However, after several calls, Mr. Wang did not react at all.

It turned out that during the previous fight, the murderer took advantage of the white light created by Fu Lao Er with the sun, moon and stars, and dangled everyone’s eyes, and he sealed the throat with a sword with a swift figure. Seeing that the truth was right in front of him, but suddenly stopped. Such a sense of powerlessness made Jane close to collapse in an instant. He roared and yelled, but it was useless after all.

The praying mantis is hunting the cicadas, and the oriole is behind. Jane should have guessed that the murderer was eyeing Boss Wang, but unfortunately he was deceived by Boss Wang’s restoration of his skills. A momentary carelessness gave the murderer a chance. The sword on Boss Wang’s neck was exactly the same as that of Li Erye who had been killed before. Thinking back to the death of Baicaozhe, Jane immediately figured out the key. The murderer who has been preventing him from finding out the truth and killing people is now in this lobby.

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