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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 20 Recap

Although Ye Xiaoxiao can use acupuncture and moxibustion to gradually remove the Huagong San from Boss Wang’s body, but to successfully deal with the second child, he at least needs to regain his five successful powers. But it is only 50%, but it takes a whole number of months, and now they are less than ten days at most, they will definitely be discovered by Fu Lao Er.

The only solution right now is to get back the hidden tokens and leave Liaodong, and wait for the people of the rudder to prove his identity before killing him back. Boss Wang has also promised that as long as he leaves Liaodong and his safety is guaranteed, he will tell the truth about Shenji Valley.

At this time, Fu Lao Er had already set up roadblocks at various checkpoints, and Zhao Bold and Zhao Wo also found out all the fortifications. Forcing them to rush will inevitably be a surprise. Just when Zhao Wo was monitoring the three-way escort, I suddenly saw the familiar shadow that I had missed for a long time, and could not help catching up with her carriage.

When Zhao Wo brought Mingyue home, Jane didn’t know what happened to drop the crystal of the ten kills. No one knew what the use of this crystal was, but a reminder from Boss Wang made Jane not sure about this crystal.

In order to prevent Mr. Wang from escaping, Lao Er not only blocked the important checkpoints, but also invited Elder Hu from the Beggar Gang to help increase the manpower, and at the same time sealed off the wild roads that could escape. The beggars and the king’s boss have always been enemies, and Fu Laoer also returned the territory robbed by the three-way escort from the beggars to achieve their current mutual help.

While receiving Ye Xiaoxiao’s acupuncture and moxibustion, Boss Wang suddenly talked about the ten killers chasing and killing Jane. It reminded him of what happened 15 years ago. Boss Wang once killed the second master of the ten killers, and was chased by the ten killers for this reason, and finally escaped to Liaodong to get rid of them.

A dark shadow flashed past, and Jane didn’t know that the opening of the roster in the room was clearly seen by Mingyue outside. The moment the crystal roster was opened, the names of many people from the rivers and lakes were reflected on the wall, including the names of the prodigal son Wu Yingdao and Baihe who had died on Puppet Island. Jane didn’t know that these rosters were related to puppet Li, although he still didn’t know the true meaning of the crystal rosters, but Mingyue had already given birth to a murderous mind.

The route to escape from Liaodong was blocked, and Jane didn’t know that he could only suggest the opposite, capture the thieves first, capture the king, sneak into the three-way escort, deal with the second child, and regain the escort. Although this is dangerous, they have no other better choice.

Boss Wang and Zhao Wo were still sitting in the dark, talking about each other’s concerns. At this moment, Boss Wang’s biggest wish is to have a happily match with Zhao Wo. It is very boring to live a lifetime without an opponent, and this sentence also came from the dead Zhan Sizhikou. Boss Wang’s greatest wish is to stay away from the right and wrong of the arena and spend a whole life with the woman he likes, but he does not know whether such a simple wish can be achieved.

Although sneaking into the three-way escort is an extremely dangerous thing, Jane doesn’t know that he has no other choice. His cold toxin has recurred more and more frequently, and it is even more painful to be in a cold place like Liaodong. But as the boss of the past, I hope that Jane can let go of everything and put Exhibition Seventeen in the most important position, so as not to regret it again in the future.

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