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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 19 Recap

In the dilapidated and dilapidated temple, a white shadow stood here. Hearing an unusual movement behind her, she stunned all those who were chasing the youth under her umbrella within a few reflexive moves. The current Zhan Seventeen is no longer alone, and she doesn’t want to be a killer again. She doesn’t want to get blood on her hands if it is unnecessary. On the other hand, the young man didn’t seem to be afraid at all, and wanted to kill to get rid of his troubles.

At the same time, Jian did not know that he also brought Zhao Woyan and Ye Xiaoxiao to the three-way escort. To be cautious, they came to visit in the name of the three disciples of Bai Daxia from Yanshan. The boss Wang in front of him was restrained everywhere by Fu’s second child. Every time he said a word, he had to wait for the other party to secretly remind him from behind. It was natural that Jane couldn’t get the answer he wanted from the boss. Although the two deceived that they had never seen Zhan Seventeen, this deception had already been seen through by Jane.

In order to prevent the boy from escaping, Zhan Shiqi could only tie his hands and feet and wait for the boss to fulfill his promise. The teenager admits that he has the token of the three-way escort in his hand, so that everyone in the escort can listen to orders. Only with this token can he become the owner of the escort. In the words, the boy didn’t seem to be afraid of the danger in front of him. On the contrary, when Zhan Shiqi dreamed that Jane didn’t know and fell into it, he untied his hands and feet and fled by himself.

The young man ran in the woods, obviously unable to see anyone in front of him, but he seemed to have sensed the danger ahead, but Zhan Seventeen, who rushed to chase him, didn’t find anyone who had come to chase him in the depths of the woods. As soon as the young man took Zhan Shiqi’s hand and left, several big men appeared in the forest.

This time he recovered the boy, Zhan Shiqi tied him tighter, and exchanged a roasted chicken for a truth from the other party. The young man seemed to be very tired of living in Liaodong and wanted to live freely in the world. However, the burden on his body did not allow him to be so headstrong. Zhan Shiqi also learned from him that Boss Wang has been stubborn and unpopular these years, and this has allowed Fu Lao Er, who is even more convincing, to find a chance to rebel.

In order to chase down the young man, Fu Lao Er specially dispatched the four evil spirits of the Snow Mountain this time, which made the young man a little surprised, and they also betrayed the boss. While Zhan Shiqi was fighting with others, Zhao Boldness suddenly rushed to help her. However, two fists were hard to beat four hands. Seeing that Zhan Seventeen was about to be injured by the last shame, he suddenly fell straight down without warning. Zhan Seventeen only saw it clearly, and Jian didn’t know the three of them standing not far away.

The two lovers hugged each other in full view. They had thought that they might not meet each other in this life. Tears flowed from the eyes of the two of them, and Jane did not know that she would no longer let Zhan Shiqi act alone, let alone abandon her and just live for herself. Although they have known each other not long ago, they have long been willing to give their lives for each other.

In the middle of the night, the candlelight flickered, and everyone was sitting around a table discussing what happened today. In fact, when meeting Boss Wang during the day, Jane had doubts in his mind. Although he was controlled by Fu Er, his expression did not show the slightest helplessness or anger. Until now, when he saw the young man, Jane didn’t know it. s reason. The young man’s eyes are domineering and aggressive, and his hands have thick calluses. This is the best proof that the old man has practiced iron palms.

The young man did not try to quibble and conceal, but generously admitted his identity. It is not a coincidence that Zhao Bold boldly today, but as the confidant of the boss, he deliberately waited here to save him. Boss Wang has been in the world for decades, and now he should have looked like a forty-six-seven old man. Only because of the rejuvenating master’s medical skills can his appearance be restored to his youthful state.

In order to change the face of Wang Boss, he performed five operations during the period. He had no precautions in his heart. He did not expect that in the last operation, the rejuvenating hand was actually bought by Fu’s second child, put Huagongsan in the anesthetic, and finally died. In the hands of Fu Lao Er. Boss Wang is also temporarily lost because of this martial arts, so he can end up where he is now.

The death of the Sacred Hand of Rejuvenation leaves only himself and Fu Lao Er who know what Boss Wang looks like now. Fortunately, Boss Wang had prepared early to hide the token of the Escort, and Fu Lao Er had no right to order the forces of Liaodong to divide the rudder. It was also Zhao Bold bold who released the imprisoned Boss Wang.

Although they saw the real boss, Jane didn’t know that if he wanted to learn the truth about Shenji Valley from his mouth, he had to help the other party regain the escort and get rid of the evil of Fu’s second child. But I don’t know that when the boss of Wang didn’t know how to make the dead man he raised himself believe in his identity, in fact, she had already betrayed and took orders from Fu’s second child.

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