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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 18 Recap

Zhan Seventeen left a sentence “Black Mist Ridge, see or leave” and left without saying goodbye, letting Jane lose his composure. Zhan Shiqi didn’t want Jane to die without knowing it, and was distressed about his unwillingness, so she could only get confused by taking Menghan medicine and go to Liaodong secretly for him. All the advice was futile, and Ye Xiaoxiao couldn’t stop it.

Boss Wang is a businessman, and it is impossible to reveal the secrets of Shenji Valley without benefit, and the only value of the seventeenth exhibition is to kill. She finally put down the butcher knife, and Jane didn’t know that she couldn’t just watch her die, and she didn’t want her to find the killer back.

In Zhao Wohan’s heart, nothing is more important than the life that Jane didn’t know, even if he received two punches, he would never let go. His persistent opposition made Jane somehow uttered the words to break the relationship, and his words hurt others, causing the two to part ways.

The fate of the two pennies made Zhao Wo, who do not know each other’s identity, still drink with Zhan Si together, as if old friends for many years have met and hated each other. Before leaving, Zhan Si self-reported his identity, which was meant to be a fate for future encounters, but it became an opportunity for the two to die endlessly. Even if Jane didn’t know what to say, Zhao Wo still couldn’t let Zhan Si pursue and kill him.

The two confronted each other in the woods, claiming to be a deadly sword, Zhan Si, I was very surprised that Zhao Wo could even escape the first shot under his own hands, but it was even more surprising that he was still behind. It has been a long time since Zhan Si had a happy duel with others. Although Zhao Wo was seriously injured, Zhan Si was also injured.

Soon, the dark clouds covered the bright moon, so that Zhao Wo, who was seriously injured, suddenly understood the essence of Li’s sword technique. Fast is slow, slow is fast, Zhao Wo, who had disliked the slowness of the sword technique, was too short of sight, and ended Zhan Si’s life with a single blow. Zhan Si died well, but it was too late for Zhao Wo to ask why she didn’t know why she wanted to kill Jane.

Zhao Wo, who was in a comatose state, was also rescued by Jane into the carriage. His injury was naturally not a problem under Ye Xiaoxiao’s. The two brothers are still making a fuss, and the word apology is too unfamiliar. It would be better to deliberately use the prank of Jane not knowing Zhao Wo to stitch, which can alleviate the “resentment” between the brothers.

Boss Wang has many enemies, and everyone he sees is also cautious. He was seriously injured and his face was full of stab wounds. When Zhan Shi met Boss Wang, the doctor was stitching his wounds. If you want to learn the news from the boss, you must pay a price. The one-sided fate of Hanyue Villa is a coincidence, and it is also the person who let the boss know his seventeen skills. The two met, at the price of showing three things to help each other, in exchange for the secret of Shenji Valley. The first thing Wang Boss asked for was the rescue of a young man from a ruined temple outside the city.

As soon as Zhan Shiqi left, only the doctor was in the room except for the old man’s bowels. At this time, the onset of the drug let him know that the doctor had added something to the anesthetic he used. Fu Lao Er wants to take over the head of the three-way escort, but he hopes to take over the three-way escort in a fair way. Naturally, the narcotics are only mixed with drugs that make people unable to use their own internal forces. Even if he died, the boss would not give the token with his hands, but Fu Lao Er was not impatient at all, he was patient.

When Jane didn’t know that the three of them rushed to the city, they saw that the people in the three-way escort were checking all the people who went out of the city, but they didn’t care about those who entered the city. This situation is naturally unreasonable, and everything can only be spied after they enter the city.

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