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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 17 Recap

Anyone who breaks into the Yanshan faction does not keep a hand, it is difficult to keep their lives, but Jian Jinhuan’s Yu Jue made Bai He choose to be sincere. She took everyone the next day and opened the door of Mu Xuege. In the innermost part of the room, there was a coffin, and it was the hero Bai who lay inside.

Ten days ago, when the four apprentices returned from work, they saw a white shadow flying by in the mansion and heading straight to Mu Xue Pavilion. The man seemed to know the whereabouts of Hero Bai. When the four apprentices arrived at Mu Xue Pavilion, the master had already died, but there were no injuries on his body. In order not to cause turmoil in the arena, they decided to conceal the truth of the death of the master.

After checking by Jian Wei and Ye Xiaoxiao, the reason why Baicaozhe died without injury was because someone had hit his Yamen’s Achilles heel from behind, and the acupuncture path was blocked by hair, which would be difficult for ordinary people to detect. If it was all speculation before, then after checking Baicaozhe’s hands, Jane could conclude without knowing that the murderer was the one who killed Li Erye.

At the same time, the white crane outside the door and Zhan Shiqi Weapon met, but with a few tricks, her sword landed on Ji Zhan Shishi’s neck. In the past, he was a killer, but he didn’t care about his life, but now, Zhan Shiqi has no knowledge of Jian, so he can no longer practice such a swordsmanship that hurts both sides. This is Baihe specially designed to point her.

Baihe is suffering from a heart disease, so she can confess to Jane without hesitation that she is the identity of Ming Jiu. That year, when I first met with Jian Jinhuan, the two eyes he looked at made the young Baihe unforgettable for a lifetime, and it was these two eyes that made Jian Jinhuan see her identity. When the two deal with each other, Baihe does not do evil, and Jian Jinhuan does not reveal his identity. The jade jue belonging to Jian Zhenhuan was carved by Baihe with all his efforts.

At the moment, all the insiders are dead, and only the boss of Liaodong Wang is Jian’s only hope, and Zhan Si can certainly guess his whereabouts. Baihe didn’t know the reason why Shishamen chased Jane, but he knew what kind of powerful character Zhan Si was. It was her painstaking persuasion that Jane didn’t know that she would promise to visit Heiwuling first, and then transfer to Liaodong.

Everyone returned to Luojiazhai once again, and after packing up here, they set off for Heiwuling, but even so, Jane didn’t know if he felt regretful. Boss Wang was the last person to personally experience the tragedy in Shenji Valley, and now some people deliberately kill people, which made Jane feel anxious and accelerated the outbreak of cold poison. However, Jane did not know that he had only three months of life. If he died on the way to Liaodong, then everything would be meaningless.

Everyone’s persuasion once again made him give up his trip to Liaodong, and giving up meant relaxation, and even the cold poison seemed to be suppressed. But he was not reconciled. Whenever he was about to approach the truth, this feeling of abrupt cessation made Jane feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

Zhan Shiqi was guarding Jian Shizun and fiddled with the fire in front of her. She had felt a sense of powerlessness before, but this feeling disappeared without a trace when she met Jian Shizun. The beauty is like a drug that makes Jane feel sleepy unconsciously, leaning against the tree trunk unconsciously to fall asleep. Two people watched the sunrise beautifully, but unfortunately, the sunrise is approaching tomorrow, but there is no chance to enjoy it at Zhan17. She reluctantly kissed Xiang Jian’s lips, tears in her eyes, and when Jane woke up, she had already disappeared.

Early in the morning, Zhao Wo was still practicing the sword technique, but unfortunately, I have not been able to comprehend the essence of the slow sword. The tree-full of red ropes were hung with copper pieces, and Zhao Wohan, whose eyes were covered by black cloth, avoided the “attack” of the copper pieces by hearing the sound, until Zhao Dabang happily informed him that he was ready to go.

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