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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 16 Recap

Zhao Dabang, the third head of Luojiazhai, was aggressive and aggressive, but he immediately became a good drinking brother after hearing the name of Wangwushan Zhao. It turns out that when Zhao I was still the king of the mountain at Wangwushan, Zhao Dabang was an inconspicuous little boy under his hand. Later, he became a third-in-command at Luojiazhai.

It just so happened that their leader was surrounded by a white shadow on a dark and windy night. Before this big boss called the Shen Gong Yan Luo, he hunted all the birds and beasts, and now there is such a weird thing, it is rumored that he was taken away by the monster in revenge. Although Zhao Dabang didn’t see the scene with his own eyes, after a long search, he only found shoes belonging to the big boss in the mountains. Everyone thought he was eaten alive by the goblin.

The reason why Zhao Dabang arrested the people around him was only because the stockade was recently electing a new king. This was why he forcibly arrested the people to give him some benefits and became a brother, and voted for him in the election. This kind of trivial matter is naturally difficult for Jane to not know, but with a little trick, he helped Zhao Dabang succeed in winning the position of King. To express his gratitude, he also personally escorted everyone to Yanzhou.

The Ten Killing Sect has never stopped dying for its own goals, and now, having lost two powerful people, the Sect Master has to send four to complete the task. This really affected Mingyue’s heart, but after all, the sect master would not do what she wanted. On the way to Yanzhou, Zhan Si had already passed the book to the local lurking Ming Jiu by the flying pigeon, in an attempt to delay Jane’s ignorance.

Entering Yanzhou, Zhan 17 is like a little girl who just left her boudoir, constantly buying all kinds of beautiful clothes and eating the food she likes to eat. Now her mood is very different from before, which makes her more. Many smiles. After a meal was used up, I saw a man in white clothes, without using his hands and feet, he easily subdued the two bandits with just a roar, which led to the name of the Yanshan School.

The white heroes of the Yanshan school did not see the end, and everything in the school was managed by four apprentices. The talented man in white is the three apprentices of Bai Daxia, Bai Ma. The two apprentices were called Baihu, superb wisdom, personable, and regarded money as dung. Originally a rich son with the surname Yin, he did not like his own rich and unkind face. He devoted himself to Bai Daxia’s door and died in Dujuan Bay. His younger brother. The four apprentice Pasque Weng, who is two years older than Bai Daxia, is good at making swords as fast as lightning.

The big apprentice Bai He is beautiful and talented, and his martial arts is outstanding, but because of his eccentric personality, no one dares to violate his life and is ridiculed by everyone as a devil. Right now, Bai He was in retreat and did not see anyone. Bai He was in charge of the sect, and she was the name nine of the Ten Killing Sect hidden in the Yanshan Sect.

Jian didn’t know that when the four of them had just found the gate of Yanshan School, several of them came to challenge Bai Daxia and were shot out of the gate. Yanshan faction will not see outsiders, and is not allowed to sign up. It is the order given by Baihe. At this time, the homing pigeon flying in the sky attracted Zhan Shiqi’s attention, because it was the thing of the ten killers.

Obviously unable to see Heroes Bai, Jian didn’t know that the four of them could only find a way to sneak into the mansion while the night black wind was high. Along the way, Zhao Wo still felt deeply ignored by Jane. At this time, I had to show my ability, but I didn’t want to be bitten by the wolf dog in the door. Later, with meat buns stuffed with Mongolian sweat medicine, he was able to infiltrate the mansion successfully.

Mu Xuege, Jane didn’t know that he had seen it in Jian Jinghuan’s handwritten notes. It was the place where Bai Daxia practiced retreat. Just as Ye Xiaoxiao tried to open the door bolt from the crack of the door, they didn’t know that they had been caught by others.

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