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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 15 Recap

That year, when Zhan 17 was only Zhan 28, she received the task of clearing traitors from Zhan Si. The goal was the seventeenth exhibition. She named herself Liu Sexin and married a scholar. The small bamboo house in the mountain has a kind of smoke and fire, and the tea there is delicious. When Zhan Seventeen killed Liu Sexin, her husband’s eyes were full of compassion, and everything was unforgettable for a lifetime.

Zhan Shiqi also wanted to have her own name. She was taken care of by others and protected by men like a woman. As a killer who knows nothing about tomorrow’s affairs today, Zhan Seventeen has never expected to be together with Jane. She wants to protect Jane’s heart that she doesn’t know, and it has nothing to do with whether the other person likes herself.

The pipe is Zhan Twelve’s weapon, and now it is poking straight into Zhan Shi’s belly, and with only a casual wave, she falls from the second floor and is falling in front of Jane. Faced with Zhan Twelve’s killing intent and Zhan Shi’s serious injury, Jane didn’t know it but didn’t move at all. He didn’t know how to martial arts before, but before the opponent took action, he flew several knives and inserted Zhan Twelve’s. In each acupoint.

Not waiting for Zhan Twelve to be surprised that he could martial arts, then another Jian did not know that came behind him. Only when Jane really didn’t know, would she see Zhan Shiqi seriously injured, and immediately ran to care about the other party’s safety. Zhan Twelve realized that he was in the middle of the game, and Jane, who was not surprised just now, did not know that Ye Xiaoxiao was posing.

The current Zhan Twelve acupuncture points are damaged, and the medicine and stone will be ineffective within five steps. Every assassin can’t escape the fate of killing and being killed. Even if Zhan Twelve died, he would die on the way to chase and kill Jane. In the end, she naturally failed to find out the reason why she didn’t know how to kill Jane.

Zhan Twelve fell to the ground and died. Just as Ye Xiaoxiao sighed that there was no life left, Zhao Wo, who rushed back, threw Zhan Shiv on the ground, but didn’t want to. Zhan Shiv was cunning by nature and accidentally let him escape. Just after chasing An De, who took the initiative to surrender to the Yamen, he took the house sparrow who had returned from his lifelong medicine from his hand, and was seeing Zhan Fifteen running away on the roof. Countless silver needles were sacrificed, and the last living mouth was completely breathless.

After the palace bird stitched together day and night, Zhan Shiqi was finally pulled back from Guimenguan. Jane’s ignorant heart is very clear, and she is very envious of Zhan Seventeen, but her love will not receive any response after all. Palace Sparrow is willing to conceal this love deeply, only hope that Jane can remember her as a friend, that is enough.

Helping to get rid of Zhan Twelve, Jane didn’t know how to find out the truth about Ye Xiaoxiao’s death in exchange for it. But before that, he still needs to collect more clues. To find out the cause of Ye Xiaoxiao’s death in the past, he must go to Heiwuling. Before the case was cleared, Jian didn’t know that he would go to Yanzhou first, and now Ye Xiaoxiao had decided with him.

When Jane returns to the room without knowing it, she has long since seen Zhan Seventeen, and she wants to leave without saying goodbye to her last time. Only this time, Jane didn’t know if she wanted to go to the world with Zhan Shiqi to hide her mind, and would never let her go so easily. The minds between them don’t need to be broken long ago, it is enough to understand each other.

On the way to Yanzhou, a group of four could only go there on foot because Zhan 17 accidentally lost the horse. Tired of traveling, when I met a tea shop in the middle of the road, Jane didn’t know and Zhao Wo drank tea without being precautionary, and fell into a drowsy sleep. When they wake up, they are already in the cottage.

Ye Xiaoxiao and Zhan Shishinai pretended to be in a coma, and caught the copycat in time, and used medicine to awaken the two of them. Many surrounding people were also arrested here, which is an extremely unusual behavior for a cottage. Just when Zhao Wo was still unable to pry out the secret since I was young, the real master of the cottage also followed.

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