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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 14 Recap

Before investigating the murder case in the inn, Jane didn’t even know she wanted to find out the identity of Ye Xiaoxiao. Obviously, it is not Ye Xiaoxiao who is in the inn right now. Jane didn’t know that the three of them entered the door grandiosely, asked bluntly, but got an answer that surprised them.

There used to be a senior who was nicknamed the Thousand Faces Man in the arena. He did not have his own identity, and could only continue to become others and live in this world. No matter what his voice, form, and personal strengths he learns quickly, no one can tell the truth from it. Before becoming Ye Xiaoxiao, he had many different identities, such as a man, a woman, an old man, and a young man. After the Lord’s death, he would become that person and live on his behalf.

The longest known is actually the people who were active in the arena sixty years ago, and the thousand-faced people may have existed for longer, which made Jian Wei and Zhao Wo involuntarily respectful. But at this moment, he is just Ye Xiaoxiao, this is the realm of a thousand-faced people deceiving themselves to deceive others.

This visit also made Jane not know the key to solving the case. Before that, Ye Xiaoxiao had picked up some veratrum at the door of Xiaofangfang, and he dried it because it was wet. As soon as the inspiration came out, Jane didn’t know all the causes and consequences, and directly led Zhao Wohui and Gongque to the small folk house, looking for traces that the murderer would leave after committing the crime.

The whole room couldn’t find the clothes they were wearing when they saw the small remedy for the first time, there were still unburnt cotton scraps in the brazier, and there was a trace of blood in the closet. Everything was the same as Jane had guessed. According to what Jane did not know, Zhao and I found Veratrum on the roof, and all the puzzles were solved. Jane didn’t know that the murderer pointed out in front of everyone was unexpected. This person was Ye Monk Shang Ande.

On the same day, An De took the opportunity to buy medicine, and after going out, sneaked into his room from the backyard, went around to the small side house, and killed him after an argument. After that, he changed into the small Fang Fang’s clothes, then hid the body in the closet, wiped off the blood with the small Fang Fang’s clothes, waiting for the arrival of Master Yin.

An De deliberately lures Young Master Yin to kill him, making him mistakenly believe that he is the murderer. After Young Master Yin ran away in a hurry, he endured the severe pain and changed his clothes, stabbed the corpse several times according to the position of his wound, and burned the blood-stained clothes in the brazier. This also explains why Xiaofangfang’s room had blood wiping marks, but there were blood drops on it. After death, Xiaofangfang was stabbed ten times.

After finishing everything, Ande took the hellebore prepared the day before from the roof and pretended to have just bought the medicine. The only mistake was that it had rained the night before, so the medicine was wet.

With such a scheme, you can unknowingly let Young Master Yin be responsible for his murder. But who knows that Young Master Yin did not pay for his life, which made An De had to do it himself. As for the living Bianque, it was not that he was killed when he was aware of the murderer’s mistakes, but he was the goal of Ande from beginning to end.

If you want to complete such a plan, you can’t do it without actually taking a few stabs for Xiao Fang Fang. This is why Am De asked Ye Xiaoxiao how to get injured but not fatal. The cuts on his body that are exactly the same as Xiao Bianque’s are the most. Good evidence. Jane didn’t know that he could find out the truth, and it made An De feel relieved.

A long time ago, An De would always see many children with the same symptoms as Young Master Yin. His medical skills could not save these children. As he discovered more and more cases of this kind, he went all the way to find out that it was Gongzi Yin who used the child as a medicine to treat the illness, and Huo Bianque was the one who helped them transport the children. The three of them were more than guilty, and An De also pleaded guilty.

Putting down the butcher knife and picked up the butcher knife, just because there is too much cruelty in this world, and it is too clear how right and wrong can be distinguished. The cruelest person in the world is like Young Master Yin, who does evil without knowing it, but thinks everything is right. Zhao, I hadn’t predicted that meeting An De again would end in such a bleak ending. The case was over, and when Ye Xiaoxiao left, she was kept by Jane. Jane didn’t know he wanted her help, because he wanted to kill someone.

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