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Ancient Detective 俠探簡不知 Episode 13 Recap

Not knowing that Jane used the evidence left by a small remedy as a bait, he successfully lured Master Yin into a snare. Gong Que deliberately claimed that he had knocked on his door at the time of the case, so that Master Yin was further fooled. When Young Master Yin followed the palace bird’s words to find a reason for himself, he was already unable to argue. Looking back at the time of the incident, Young Master Yin had not even glanced at the small remedy, and concluded that he was dead. In addition, as a rich man, it is even more unusual to wash the clothes yourself, but he does not want to be found if he is stained with blood.

Young Master Yin has been dragging his body that has not healed for a long time, and he is already exhausted. The daily painful torture has made him suffer. After seeing many sophistry, Master Yin simply admitted his crime. Xiao Fang Fang’s obsession with him has become a kind of paranoia, and now that Young Master Yin has others to heal, it has cut off his money.

After all, killing requires a reason, because it means killing, and Jane does not know that there are other secrets in it. However, Young Master Yin strongly denied this idea and was willing to pay for his crimes. Jane did not know that this was the case. The doctors gathered here were originally here for the treatment of Young Master Yin. After they discussed, they decided to treat the illness first, then settle the murder and pay off the crime, and temporarily detain Young Master Yin in his own room.

The evening sun is neither too cold nor too hot, and the right warmth shines on the three people with their own thoughts. Zhan Shiqi watched from a distance, Jane Ignorance and Gongque, who were chatting together very happily, but didn’t know that they were discussing herself. Luo Hua is sentimental and flowing water is unintentional. This is because Jian doesn’t know how to feel about herself and Zhan Shiqi. He also doesn’t know that this sentence is more appropriate to the mood of the palace at this moment.

Jane didn’t know if she wanted to know about Zhan Seventeen, so she could only turn to Palace Sparrow. Seeing the person she liked was asking herself about another woman’s news, the tears of Palace Sparrow couldn’t help streaming down after all, but she still chose to fulfill it. And Zhan 17 who misunderstood the two people is equally sad, sad that her own destiny is not worthy of having such a good man as Jane does not know, sad that her destiny cannot be like an ordinary woman who can courageously pursue her love, but this does not prevent her from treating Jane. Unknown maintenance.

Thunder was thundered at midnight, and a black shadow kept flashing outside Young Master Yin’s window like a phantom, but he opened the door but disappeared. When he turned around, he suddenly saw that the black-clothed man was hiding in the dark night. Only when the lightning struck him could he be faintly visible. The person was like a ghost, but he didn’t see Young Master Yin panicking and panicking.

Zhao Wo still had three sticks of incense but didn’t see Jane, and complained, which made the palace sparrow unwittingly say that Xiao Fangfang had quarreled three sticks of incense with others for a long time before he died. A thunderstorm that night suddenly awakened the sleepy palace bird, only then did she understand that one of them was Master Yin, and she mistakenly thought that it was Master Yin all the time. But at the time, Jane on the first floor didn’t know it but knew clearly that Young Master Yin went upstairs after a thunderstorm, and it was only time for him to go upstairs and find the body of Xiaofangfang.

Jian didn’t know the unusual thing in an instant, but when they found Young Master Yin, the other party was already killed by Tie Zhu. At the same time, there was an exclamation of Zhan Fifteen, and the blood rain outside the door shocked everyone. After Zhao and I jumped to the roof to check, I found that the long missing live Bianque had died on the roof. Everyone wanted to leave, but the murderer was fixed in it, and Jane didn’t know that she swore to solve the case by daybreak.

Before Huo Bianque died in the dark, he had secretly left the inn, and Jane didn’t know whether he had discovered some secrets and was killed on the way back. After the murderer killed him, the luggage that accompanied the live Bianque was left on the roof, creating the illusion that he was leaving early. The heavy rain washed down the blood tonight, and everyone found his body inadvertently. There are still too many doubts that have not been investigated. With the deaths of the three, the truth is even more difficult to uncover.

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