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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 53 Recap

Seeing that Song Minglei not only violated the order of Qing Jiang, but also let his men pretend to be soldiers and sneaked into the palace, and blocked the main passage in the palace, he guessed that he wanted more than jade seal, but greater ambition. .

On the other side, the flower splendid according to the agreement, after personally solving the Xuan Benxu, he came to the palace of the concubine again to ask for the jade seal. However, Li Fei relied on the jade seal in hand and did not want to fulfill the previous agreement. After Hua Jinxiu’s men searched Li Fei’s dormitory to no avail, they had to change their plans and support the little prince Xuan Benqi who had no mother to ascend to the throne. After the original Qingjiang came back, he would retreat to the original Qingjiang.

Song Minglei’s men searched the Imperial Academy and the emperor’s bedroom, but did not find the jade seal. After hearing that Flower Splendid had been staying with Li Fei before, Song Minglei learned that Yu Xi would be in Xuan’s most beloved Li Fei’s hand, but he didn’t want the flower splendid to have disappeared without a trace. He had to send someone to look for Li Fei and Hua Jinxiu, while continuing to search for Yuxi, but did not want the two of them to be hiding in the hall with Xuan Benqi.

Under the protection of Qi Fang all the way, Hua Mujin came to Lifei’s palace and found the jade seal of the passing country in a palace lamp made of Xuan Benxiao’s clothes, and then returned to the dead prison without knowing it. After nothing had happened, he ordered Qi Fang to take the jade seal as a palace man and wait at the gate of the palace to be non-white.

After the men turned the palace upside down, throwing no flowers and empresses to find, Song Minglei later realized that the only blood line of the Xuan family at this time, the little prince Xuan Benqi. After hearing that the little prince also disappeared, Song Minglei guessed the plan of the flower splendid, and then led his hand down to the main hall, and really found the flower splendid, Li Fei and Xuan Benqi who were missing overnight.

Seeing the splendid flowers, the night is long, and under the protection of his men, he immediately supported the little prince Xuanbenqi to ascend the throne. Although he did not want the new emperor to ascend the throne, he did not need the jade seal, but if he wanted the new emperor to exercise military power, cede the land and Zen You must need the jade seal, otherwise it will be invalid. After seeing her painstaking efforts, Hua Jinxiu couldn’t help but be furious when she was drilled by Li Fei. She wanted to force Li Fei to be handed over to the throne immediately, but she didn’t want to be at this time. The original Qingjiang rushed to stop the flower in time Splendid domination. It turned out that the former Qingjiang, with the assistance of Yuan Feibai and others, destroyed the East Court, and then handed over the remaining matters to Yuan Feibai. He hurried back to Xiting.

Concubine saw that the original Qingjiang had arrived, so she accepted her fate, and wanted to hand Yuxi to the original Qingjiang in exchange for the first-line vitality of herself and Xuan Benqi. At a time when everyone in the hall had different feelings, Sima Yun pretended to be the original non-white and inherited the jade seal to the original Qingjiang. Upon seeing this, Li Fei instructed Xuan Benqi to give the emperor the formal Zen to the original Qingjiang.

After receiving the letter from Hua Mujin, Yuan Feibai hurried back to Xiting and rescued Hua Mujin who was imprisoned. After the Qingjiang ascended the throne and established the Highland Dynasty, he also began to discuss merit and reward. Xie Meixiang was chased as queen, Huaxiu was sealed as a concubine, cooperated with Feiyan to make weapon armor, Song Minglei and Yuan Feiyan were in charge of speech, Yuan Feiqing was an envoy and was in charge of state etiquette, while Yuan Feibai was sealed In charge of the three provinces for the King of Jing, in charge of the power of the six departments, acting as the power of the prince, and the flower hibiscus as the Princess of Jing is in charge of the merchants of a country.

After all the dust had settled, Hua Mu Hiran was brought together and came to the death cell where Dou Yinghua was imprisoned before and after. Dou Yinghua saw that the flower of hibiscus was really Hua Bin’s daughter, but she couldn’t help but regret that she had no eyes, and even let him slip under his eyelid twice. Afterwards, the flowers were beautiful and let go, and the hatred of the family and the whole family was returned to Dou Yinghua. The family’s great enmity has been reported, but because of the fact that Qi Fang chose to stand in the sister’s camp, he chose to formally be the enemy of the two. Seeing her sister to this day, Hua Muqin was reluctant to forgive herself and couldn’t help but blame herself very much. As a friend of the two, Qi Fang had to persuade her to be relieved.

After everyone received the corresponding awards, there were also several families who were happy and distressed. The flowers, hibiscus and Yuan Feibai were the original Qingjiang’s preference for Yuan Feibai, and they were deeply disturbed, while Yuan Feiyan was only small because of Song Minglei. A small spokesperson, and felt uneasy, the same flower splendid just because he was in the position of a concubine, and Xie Meixiang, who had already passed away, was chased as a queen, and felt filled with righteous indignation. Started his career traveling around the nations.

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