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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 4 Recap

The shadow of Nansheng is everywhere in the peaceful memory. He remembered Nan Sheng ’s father ’s death, he accompanied Nan Sheng to the grave for the first time, and regarded Nan Sheng as an indispensable person in this life. And Nansheng also regarded peace as a life-saving straw in his heart, and wanted to heartbeat with peace.

Peace is still immersed in heavy memories. Qiaoman has already tied up his shoes. Seeing peace is full of concerns, Joeman quickly cared, and peace quickly perfunctory. Joman gradually fell in love with peace. However, peace regards Qiaoman as Nansheng’s shadow from the heart.

Peaceful peace of mind exhibition, left the hospital early. Mo Hui arranged the exhibition properly, leaving only one painting by the author of the other side. However, the author of the other shore flower has been sinking into the sea since being selected. Mo Hui proposed to replace it with other works, but Peace believes his own vision and expresses his insistence to the last moment.

As small as a part-time job in foreign countries to do garbage sorting. On this day, Zhuo Yang accompanied her to send garbage. On the way, it was mistaken by foreigners as an art beggar. Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yang planned to make a mistake, and as small as he saw, he returned the money to the man and went straight away.

Basel Square is brightly lit. But without a warm home. The parents worked so hard to study as little as they did, but as little as they did a humble job abroad, they felt very guilty. But there is no free lunch in the world, and it is exhausting to the point where I struggled to this day.

Zhuo Yang quickly comforted him. As small as telling the hardships of life, I am worried that my family can only see their own scenery abroad, but they cannot accept their own difficulties. Zhuo Yang was at a loss, but as small as his stomach groaned, he couldn’t help but bury himself.

At this time, Joeman brought two burgers to give them food. Zhuo Yang couldn’t help but tease Qiaoman. Qiaoman saw that Xiaozhi was in a bad mood and thought Zhuoyang bullied Xiaozhi. Xiaozhi’s mother had already blew the cowhide in China, and she was so sad. Qiaoman understands the feeling of being so happy and not worrying. As small as she couldn’t help looking forward to the life of the rich, several people burst into tears and laughed instantly.

Hansen went to find Qiaoman, Qiaoman did not want to ignore him. Hanson stopped Joeman to apologize, and Joeman hoped Hanson would apologize to peace. Hansen was not happy anymore, and immediately took a strong word. Qiaoman has always maintained peace everywhere, and Hansen immediately accused Qiaoman of causing himself and Pete to relieve Liangzi. Qiaoman angered Hansen as soon as he heard it. Hansen was speechless but saw the lunchbox in Qiaoman’s hand. He knew that Qiaoman must have sent the meal to peace, and immediately overturned the vinegar jar. The two quarreled with each other.

Heping is leading the workers to set up the exhibition venue. Qiaoman went and delivered chicken soup to Heping. Warm in peace. Qiaoman’s appearance is like a ray of sunlight into the haze for peace.

Qiaoman returned to the exhibition hall to see the painting exhibition, and accidentally found a painting on the ground with a back view. Qiaoman immediately accused someone of copying his own work. Yang Lan asked Joman unkindly.

At this time, peace came. Yang Lan said what happened. Qiaoman once again pointed out that someone had plagiarized himself and hoped to see real paintings when he saw peace.

Qiaoman returned home with peace. As soon as Heping came to Qiaoman’s house, he saw the masterpiece in the living room. Peace rejoices. At this time, Qiao Fang heard the voice coming and greeted peace with enthusiasm. Qiaoman whispered whether his sister had reported to participate in the competition. Qiao Fang immediately admitted that he was half-faced makeup. It was great to hear peace, and immediately offered to buy paintings. Qiaoman refused. When asked peacefully, Qiaoman only said that privacy was involved, but he was unwilling to inform.

Yanlan hurriedly called and told A-li about the finding of half-face makeup, but A-li was not happy, and Yang Lan was surprised when she heard it. Ali is so busy with his accounts that he is instructing Yang Lan to return home as soon as possible.

Sister Nini purchased a house through Joman. Unexpectedly, due to improper placement of the fire hydrant in the garage, Sister Nini often had a water curtain hole in her house. Sister Nini thought that Joman had fooled herself, so she planned to sue Joman.

Qiaoman went to sister Nini to explain. But Sister Nini no longer believed in Joman. In order to get the paintings, Heping came with Joman, and learned about the process on the way. Upon seeing this, she immediately proposed to help Sister Nini solve the problem of fire hydrant. Qiaoman kicked the peace as soon as he heard it. Peace persists. Sister Nini was happy as soon as she heard it.

Solving the problem of fire hydrants requires a large amount of 50,000 euros. Joeman does not understand why peace is so hard to help himself? Peace expressed his willingness to believe Joman.

Qiao Fang was unable to pay the breakup fee of 200,000, and was unable to bear the harassment of former husband Anthony, and often suffered from insomnia. So she kept secretly eating sleeping pills to spend the day. Do not want to be accidentally discovered by Joman. After Qiaoman understood the situation, he decided to deal with Anthony alone and advised his sister to return home to take refuge. Qiao Fang decided to consider it.

Peacefully came to Qiaoman with the design concept of the other side of the lighthouse, sincerely hope that Qiaoman can sell the painting to himself, and proposed a large 50,000 euro remuneration. Qiaoman heard that he could repay the cost of the fire hydrant and agreed immediately. Peace and sincere thanks.

The peaceful exhibition hall was borrowed by Joe Man. After learning that, boss Hu was very angry and immediately announced the dismissal of Joe Man. When Qiaoman learned of it, he turned around and asked Boss Hu for questioning. Boss Hu insisted on impartiality.

Joman lost his job and came to the beach to scream and vent. She sat angrily in a chair by the sea. When Hanson learned that Joman had sold the painting, he asked Joman to question him. The most cherished thing in Joeman’s heart is this painting. If it is not for life, where can I sell it. Hansen immediately decided to take the painting back.

Hansen was run into bankruptcy by An Kailun, and for 50,000 euros, he went to An’s house to make a mess. An Kailun rushed back after receiving the news. Hansen sincerely hopes that An Kailun will lend money to himself, and An Kailun thinks a little and agrees unexpectedly.

Yanlan arranged the paintings of the other side of the lighthouse, but I do not know how to mark the price? So he went to solicit opinions for peace. He said he wanted to collect this painting, and Yang Lan looked puzzled. Hansen broke into the exhibition hall with 50,000 euros, and bought the paintings under the identity of Joman’s boyfriend. Heping pointed out that Hansen was wishful thinking and refused.

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