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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 3 Recap

Xiaozhi and Zhuoyang met, and Zhuoyang showed Pete ’s video of the robbery of peace to Xiaozhi, who was a little unbelievable. As small as frugal and frugal, I can finally buy my own cottage. Zhuo Yang was very happy.

Qiaoman followed Hansen to the place where the exhibits were hiding. Hansen searched for Pete to no avail. Qiaoman appeared and scolded Hanson aloud. Hansen didn’t explain it. Qiaoman affirmed his judgment and scolded Hansen to return things to peace as soon as possible. When Hanson heard that Joeman was very upholding peace, he immediately overturned the jar of vinegar, and in turn questioned Joeman’s relationship with himself. Qiaoman reminded Hansen not to break the law, but call the police carefully. Hanson didn’t believe that Joman would betray him. Of course, Joman was just intimidating.

When Hansen sent Joe Man to the hospital, he found that he had lost his memory. In order to help Qiaoman get his memories back as quickly as possible, Hansen took Qiaoman back to his home. Hansen had long regarded Joeman as his family. But his dead duck stunned refused to agree.

In the domestic company, Ari contacted Heping to inquire about the whereabouts of the exhibits. Heping said that he had found a clue and called the police. A-Li was worried about not being able to find the exhibits and opened the skylight at the exhibition.

Peacefully proposed to mobilize a batch of exhibits from the country as soon as possible for emergency. A Li immediately arranged Yang Lan to select exhibits and send them over. Basel ’s ground picking of Zhuo Yang was personally recommended by Yang Lan. He felt that Zhuo Yang ’s work was timid. When Li saw the account, he immediately blamed Yang Lan. Yang Lan was very guilty and said that he would definitely resolve the matter when he arrived in Barcelona.

On the square, Joeman was embarrassed to be caught in the middle, and he was very depressed. Xiao Zhi happily ran and shared the good news of selling the house with Joe Man, who was unhappy. As small as it is strange. Qiaoman said the matter, and suddenly realized that he immediately believed Zhuoyang’s words. Qiaoman accused Xiao Xiao of not telling himself earlier, Xiao Xiao said that he only heard, and there is no full evidence. Qiaoman knew that he didn’t want to offend Hansen, so he had to leave.

It was so small that he took the initiative to give Qiaoman a way to use his way of life and to rule his body. Qiaoman listened very usefully, and immediately acted. Too small to think that it was too dangerous, and to go to peace together, Joeman felt that Hansen would not be ruthless against himself, and worried about affecting Hansen’s reputation and refused.

Qiaoman borrowed a car from Heping and planned to take as little as possible to steal exhibits. Unexpectedly, he was seen by Hansen, and Hansen really minded that Joeman was riding in someone else’s car, and was stopped immediately. Qiaoman and Hansen quarreled on the street. Hanson again mentioned the life-saving matter. Joeman couldn’t stand Hanson’s moral kidnapping again and again. He immediately committed suicide and returned it to Hansen. Hansen had no choice but to leave.

Qiaoman took a child to the door of the underground warehouse and found that there were many people guarding the warehouse. In order to encourage morale, Joeman asked Xiaoyang to call Zhuo Yang for reinforcements. As young as Zhuo Yang called, Zhuo Yang was talking. Qiaoman immediately hung up the phone and went alone.

Zhuo Yang saw that things had reached such a point that he had to call for peace and admitted his mistake. Heping repeatedly accused Zhuo Yang of cowardice, and immediately got up.

Joman took a small one and sneaked into the underground warehouse. The two quickly found all the exhibits. Qiaoman and Xiaozhi are overjoyed. Pete led a man on a motorcycle to surround the two. When the two were panicked, Hansen came to Joman with a rose in hand, kneeling on one knee and expressing his affectionately. Qiaoman was embarrassed. Pete suggested that as long as Joman agreed to be the sister-in-law, he would return the collection to peace.

Qiaoman saw the rose and threw it into the exhibit box. Hansen likes Joman from the bottom of his heart, so he has the courage to confess Joman. Qiaoman cruelly refused. Hansen stood up and wept to accuse Joeman’s ruthlessness. Joeman hopes that Hansen will discuss the matter and accuses Hanson of being a thief. Hansen immediately took out a handicraft from the box to smash it. Pete immediately opposed it, and Hansen ignored them and ordered the brothers to destroy all the collections.

People immediately pried the box down when they heard it. Qiaoman and Xiaozhi stopped in a hurry, but no one ignored it. Qiaoman had no choice but to agree to the proposal and was astonished. Hanson was overjoyed when he saw this, and he embraced his beloved Joeman in tears. Qiaoman’s heart was rigid.

Just as everyone cheered and celebrated, the door was pushed in peacefully, clamoring Hansen in person. Peace was dissatisfied with Hansen’s forced marriage to Joman, but Hanson reminded Peace Dragon to keep his head in check. Upon seeing the peace, Hansen should not hijack the exhibits. Hansen immediately ordered someone to start. Peace and everyone fight alone. Qiaoman quickly stepped forward to persuade him. At this time, someone quietly raised his stick and tried to sneak attack. The appearance of Nansheng appeared in his mind, and he immediately blocked a stick for Qiaoman. Pete and others hurriedly took Hansen away.

Peace was quickly taken to the hospital. Fortunately, no important position was injured, and the doctor told him to be hospitalized for observation. Mo Hui called Ali to report the situation, Ali was surprised. She severely scolded Mo Hui for a meal, told Yang Lan about the delivery, and told Mo Hui to take good care of peace, telling him to report peace every day. Zhuo Yang was very happy to hear that Yang Lan was coming to Barcelona.

In the ward, Joeman kept a peaceful night. After the peace was awakened, Joman immediately thanked Peace for his life and rescued him, but Peace was very concerned about Hansen’s forced marriage. Joeman pointed out that the collection was indeed hijacked by Pete and had nothing to do with Hansen. He doubted the relationship between Hansen and Joman peacefully. Joman said that Hansen was the most important person in his life. Seeing peace, he agreed.

Hansen came out of the police station and called Joman. Qiaoman blamed Hanson for causing peace and turmoil. Hansen blamed Qiaoman for not caring about himself. Qiaoman blamed him unwillingly. Hansen wanted to go to the hospital to visit peace, and Qiaoman refused. Pete was taken away by the police, and because of the solid evidence, Pete faced a prison sentence. Hansen wanted to rescue Pete, but Pete thought it was Hanson who betrayed himself and vowed to be incompatible with Hansen.

At the seaside, Joeman accompanied the peaceful walk. Joeman’s shoes accidentally took off. He took off his shoelaces and squatted down to help Joeman repair the shoes. Joeman immediately started his own hands and sat peacefully on the sidelines. Watching quietly, Nan Sheng flashed again in his mind.

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