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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 2 Recap

After the party, Joeman stood at the door to give out gifts. Seeing peace came over. Qiaoman was very surprised. She also rejected the peaceful red dress yesterday. She wore it today and was embarrassed. Peace has no mood to tease, and appreciates Joman’s beauty. Peace hopes that Qiaoman can help himself to go to the customs, Qiaoman slightly thought and agreed.

Hansen returned home and happened to see Pete fooling around at home. Hansen drove away two enchanting women angrily. Pete was a little dissatisfied, and Hanson wanted to start angrily. Pete accused Hansen of being frustrated everywhere, hoping that he would cheer up and report everything about Lin Heping together. Hansen vowed to get Joeman.

Joman was on his way home, and Hansen had been waiting for the roadside. Hansen put Joman on the telephone pole and questioned Joman’s relationship with peace. Joman thinks this is his freedom. Hanson abducted Joeman morally. It turned out that many years ago, Joman was kidnapped in Basel, Hansen rescued Joman recklessly. Joeman was grateful to Hansen, but he hated Hansen’s behavior. Hansen expressed his affection and wanted to kiss Joeman. Qiaoman don’t overdo it, he promised not to marry Hansen. Hansen left with satisfaction.

The barmaid Xiaofang meets his ex-husband Anthony, Anthony asks for 200,000 breakup fees, and Xiaofang has no money to pay, so Anthony plays a rogue. Xiaofang shouted for help, Anthony was subdued by the bar security. After that, Xiaofang told her sister Qiaoman, the two met in the square, Qiaoman quickly asked for concern. Anthony appeared again to intimidate Xiaofang, and Qiaomanyi drove away Anthony without looking back, saying that he would pay for Xiaofang.

Peace and Mo Hui first found the customs, but learned that the goods were not in the customs at all. Mo Hui thought he must have been cheated. At this time, Joeman came panting. The three went to the police station to call the police. From the police station, Ali called on the phone and questioned, Heping said he had called the police.

Ari worried that the matter would affect the company’s listing, and even blamed and concealed himself. Mo Hui blamed himself upon seeing this. It turned out that Mo Hui was worried about not being able to explain to the company, so he informed A-li of the matter. He didn’t blame Mo Hui for seeing the peace, but just wanted to find the exhibits. He analyzed one pass and judged that the robbers would definitely bring the exhibits to the market to realize. Mo Hui worried about how to find Barça so big? Qiaoman saw himself and recommended himself.

It was Pete who robbed peace. Pete thought that he had found a way to make a fortune, and happily pulled Hansen to visit the loot, asking Hansen to get rich together. Hanson was surprised at the source of the goods, and Pete told the truth.

Hanson listened and blamed Pete loudly, accusing Pete of being a man without a bottom line. Pete was very dissatisfied, saying that he was scared, indicating that the goods had flown to the market and he had no escape route. Hanson punched Pete with a punch, he didn’t want his good brother to go to jail. Pete was stubborn and accused Hanson of not stopping him from making a fortune. Hansen got up and left.

Heping and Qiaoman came to the panning market to find exhibits. The weather was hot, and Peace bought Joeman a sun hat, which was mistaken by the shop owner as a couple. Afterwards, a hawker deliberately surrounded the two people to sell crafts, and the crafts fell to the ground during the dispute. The hawkers gathered around the two people for compensation. Joeman was terrified and resolved peacefully. After the crowd dispersed, Joman found that Peace’s hand had been cut by a piece of porcelain, and hurried to buy Band-Aid.

Base Plaza, Joeman bought a potion to help heal wounds peacefully. Qiaoman was gentle and considerate, and he couldn’t help but treat Qiaoman as a Nansheng.

Domestic, the company’s Yan Dong was informed of this matter, and came to question A-Li, A-Li promised to do his best to find exhibits, and assume all responsibilities. A-Li felt guilty and called Peace to ask for progress. He didn’t find any clues yet. A-Li deeply understood and offered to postpone the exhibition. Peace did not agree, saying that he would stick to the last moment.

The next day, Joeman took peace to a familiar restaurant. Young people are gathering in the restaurant. Qiaoman jumped to the table with peace, rewarded everyone with a lot of money to help find the exhibits, and suggested that he could streak to help. Everyone listened and cheered.

Peacefully covered Qiaoman’s mouth, promised that there must be a lot of money waiting for you, and then pulled Qiaoman out of the restaurant and walked while counting, Qiaoman disagreed, and was surprised why Heping’s emotional reaction was so intense. Heping would rather lose the exhibits than hope that Joman would lose the girl’s bottom line.

Peace took Mo Hui to continue to look in the grocery market, Mo Hui accidentally found the exhibits. Heping stepped forward to ask, but the owner knew nothing about the source of the goods. He bought the exhibits immediately and brought them home.

In the hotel, Joman looked at Peace and found the exhibits, and felt that there was something to do. At this time, Heping received Zhuoyang’s call and learned that someone else went to the market to sell the exhibits. It’s too late to call the police. Peace decided to arrest the robber himself. Qiaoman volunteered immediately when he heard it. Peace is worried about Joeman’s safety, but Joeman is very confident.

Peace took Mo Hui and Qiaoman together to find an excuse to leave Qiaoman in the hotel. Heping came to the market and happened to see Pete delivering goods. He Pingren immediately started the hunt. When Qiaoman returned to the hotel and couldn’t find his mobile phone, he suddenly realized he had been cheated. A man went to the market in a hurry, and unexpectedly discovered that the robber turned out to be Pete. She thought of Hansen for a moment, then turned her head and ran away.

Peace and Mohui blocked Pete in a small alley, but Pete took hold of Mohui. The two sides confronted each other, and Pete dropped Mo Hui and fled. Zhuo Yang secretly took pictures on the side, and came out only after seeing Pete left. He knew that there were all sorts of small alleys here, and advised Heping to stop chasing. He had a glimpse of Zhuo Yang and took pictures, and he wanted to report to the police as evidence. Zhuo Yang denied it all at once. There was doubt in peace.

After, the three of them went to the police station to call the police. Zhuo Yang’s words flashed in front of the police, and peace was sure that Zhuo Yang had something to hide.

Hansen always disagreed with Pete’s behavior, so he went to the collection site again to persuade him. Unexpectedly, Joeman followed along the way.

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