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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 5 Recap

Li Gun took the valuable things back to Ming Nali, Ming Nali looked at the diamond in her hand and was stunned. Jiang Xianzhi came to buy coffee, and many people asked Ming Nali about the magic of the horse, and Ming Nali wrote on the sign that the horse had gone. Ming Nali also told Jiang Xianzhi that Zheng Taiyi followed Li Gong, Jiang Xianzhi glanced at the chat interface with Zheng Taiyi. Cao Ying told Grandma Lu that Li Gong had brought a woman back, and Zheng Taiyi was still in a state of disbelief at this time. The moment Li Gong told her name was dazed.

Li gang led Zheng Taiyi to the horse farm, Cao Ying followed. The beauty here is like a four-dimensional world. Li Gun said that it should be; the ones and zeros in the two worlds cannot be explained scientifically. For example, where the balloon has floated for more than ten days and has not been broken, there is no sunshine, Wind and air. One minute here is equivalent to one hour outside. Li Gong said that one day he will discuss it clearly and then tell Zheng Taiyi everything.

Li Gong took Zheng Taiyi back to the palace. Zheng Taiyi was almost crazy. No matter whether it was true or not, it made people feel terrified, especially the face of Cao Ying. He clearly should have stood on the united front with her since he was three years old. Zheng Taiyi came forward to see Cao Ying’s gun was blocked by Cao Ying, Li Gang let him let go, Zheng Taiyi knew how to use it. Zheng Taiyi confirmed that the gun was real and immediately picked up the gun and pointed it at Li Gun, Cao Ying quickly blocked him in front of him. Zheng Taiyi asked whether all this was true, and Li Gang told her calmly.

Cao Ying realized at this time that the woman in front of him was Zheng Taiyi, whom Li Gong missed. Li Gong took Zheng Taiyi to visit her private house. Grandma Lu should check Zheng Taiyi according to the usual practice. Like Cao Ying, Grandma Lu also knew her face. Li Gang asked Zheng Taiyi to wait here, he still has to deal with many things, but he will slip back depending on the situation. Zheng Taiyi blurted out. You really owed a fight. She changed her name in the eyes of Grandma Lu.

Li Gong has many schedules, but he asked himself to handle dinner. Grandma Lu asked Ming Shengya to close Zheng Taiyi in the study room. Ming Shengya came to give her sleeping tea. Zheng Taiyi looked at her exactly the same face as Ming Nali and couldn’t believe it. Zheng Taiyi questioned his doubts, and also proposed to replace the tea with wine. Zheng Taiyi wanted to check some information. The computer was private to Li Gang and could not be used. Ming Shengya took out her mobile phone to search for her. Zheng Taiyi said Li Gong’s name, and Ming Shengya looked at the expression of the madman, because the emperor’s name was not free to hang on his lips. Ming Shengya was surprised by Zheng Taiyi’s identity, and Zheng Taiyi could not explain it. Let’s just ask her to stow off passengers.

Cao Ying asked Ming Shengya to avoid it and checked the final fingerprint. Zheng Taiyi understood what he meant. After all, he had done the same stupid thing. Cao Ying asked if she came from a parallel world, and who was it? Is the wound on Li Gong’s shoulder also Zheng Taiyi’s masterpiece? Zheng Taiyi didn’t understand it. She didn’t know that Li Gong had a wound on her shoulder. Li Gun returned to the room with food, looked at embarrassingly with Ming Shengya and Cao Ying, and told Cao Ying to pass him a quantum science document, and also asked him to get a bottle of wine. Ming Shengya feels very strange. Li Gong clearly hasn’t seen her before, but she looks familiar when she sees her.

Zheng Taiyi took a sip of depression and even asked Li gang to test her poison for her. After all, she is now the Alice in the parallel world. Li Gang reassured her that Zheng Taiyi was eating like a wolf. Grandma Lu suddenly came in and wanted to take her to the residence, which was the furthest away from Li’s room. Zheng Taiyi was taken away cautiously by Grandma Lu, and Grandma Lu warned her not to tell everyone outside about it. Zheng Taiyi does not understand how the people here knew her. Grandma Lu said that Li Gang had a magical certificate since childhood.

The title of guard does not exist in this country. Zheng Taiyi also does not exist in this world. The sudden appearance of non-existent people is incredible, but Grandma Lu is convinced that Zheng Taiyi ’s inexpressible existence will cause trouble to the world and bring harm to Li Gang. And Cao Ying, and her, other people try not to contact, and also do not be curious about this world, including Li Gang. After Grandma Lu left, Zheng Taiyi sat depressed in the room. Li Gong suddenly came in through the window and brought her beer. Li Gun sat next to her.

Zheng Taiyi wanted to see his identification card. Li Gun explained the sky because he was afraid that Zheng Taiyi would return to his world immediately after seeing it. Zheng Taiyi asked again, where did the doll he hung on his car key look super cheap. That was obtained by Li Gun when he passed by the toy store, and it cost a lot of money. Li Gong flickered that the painting next to Zheng Taiyi was a monitor. Zheng Taiyi was very excited. In order to prove that he was deceiving, Li Gong leaned on Zheng Taiyi’s shoulder. Zheng Taiyi asked Li Gang if he had never been in a relationship. Li Gang talked eloquently. Zheng Taiyi guessed that he was talking about now. Li gang kissed Zheng Taiyi’s mouth, which proved that he was in love.

Piao Wenzhi asked Jiang Xianzhi to have dinner together at night. Jiang Xianzhi glanced at Zheng Taiyi’s chat page desolately and still did not reply. Li Gang asked Zheng Taiyi to put on the clothes of the Royal Guard. He had a day to run today and hoped that Zheng Taiyi would follow him. But she didn’t want Grandma Lu to be beside Zheng Taiyi. She depressedly warned the two that they couldn’t take a picture together, and defaulted that they went out of the palace together.

Zheng Taiyi put on the clothes of the Royal Guard and followed Cao Ying, watching Li Gang kick off, give a speech, and his heart was complicated in the applause of the audience. Li Gong asked Cao Ying to give Zheng Taiyi her plain clothes, and planned to let her out of the palace. Li Gang also had other trips. Zheng Taiyi had to act alone. Zheng Taiyi asked Cao Ying to ask for some money. Li Gong has taken a helicopter to the disaster area, opened her phone and found Zheng Taiyi’s search record, and was very happy to see her search for various scandals of her own.

Li Lin conducts her own actions in another world. The woman in this world is a civilian, but the other world is the rich wife who was born and married into a rich man. Li Lin claimed that he can save her life, as long as he kills another A world of itself is just fine. No one has ever rejected this temptation, and this woman is no exception. Zheng Taiyi walked on a familiar and unfamiliar road, thinking that the kiss was a little lost last night. Zheng Taiyi found that the roadside news said that the Korean Empire ’s personal GDP remained the fourth in the world. It is not surprising that the roadside students said that the Korean Empire provides rare earths to the world. This is not uncommon, and these rare earths seem to belong to Li. All of him, Zheng Taiyi was speechless. Zheng Taiyi bought a ticket to Seoul, but it was thought that Luna was going to catch her back. Cao Ying suddenly appeared to stop them.

Many girls chased after Juli Lian. Zheng Taiyi passing by was a little surprised. The meeting between Juli Lian and a group of rich wives was not very pleasant. Zheng Taiyi came to Seoul and returned to the police station with which he was familiar. Obviously they did not know themselves. Jiang Xinzhi in this world did not become a criminal police, which meant that his family had not gone bankrupt. Zheng Taiyi thought it was good news. Zheng Taiyi inadvertently seemed to pass Jiang Jiangzhi. Jiang Xianzhi met his psychologist. Before his family went bankrupt, he lived in the same district, so he often came back.

Zheng Taiyi went to his home again and determined that she and her parents did not exist in this world. Zheng Taiyi did not have enough money to return to Busan. She called the royal representative’s special line to talk to Li Gong, but they were all hung up. After learning that Zheng Taiyi had made a phone call, Li Gong immediately turned the helicopter around to Seoul and confirmed Cao Ying’s location. Cao Ying has been following Zheng Taiyi, and the sudden appearance surprised her.

The two stood under the building, Li Gong got off the helicopter, appeared in front of Zheng Taiyi, and asked her who she was looking for. That person is Zheng Taiyi’s mother. She thinks that in this world, maybe her mother is still alive, or she may have another identity, but she will not be sick. After receiving the notification of Li Gang’s emergency landing, Gu Ruili hurried over, and Cao Ying didn’t have time to tell Li Gong that she appeared.

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