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The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 Episode 38 Recap

Li Zilong also found that Zhang Gongzhu seemed to be an important role in the past, but he had conspired for so long, why he so easily exposed himself to another Qingge puzzled. Li Zilong guessed that Zhang Gongzhu’s operation was to sacrifice himself to rescue Wang Xian.

Li Zilong kept meditating on Zhang Gongzhu’s name and remembered a man who was wiped out by history. The man was the younger brother of the first emperor. He had been an emperor for eight years, and finally abdicated because his son died. However, this person has a long princess who can be so disrespectful for Wang Xian. Only the first princess is the princess of the first emperor. Today’s lord, Wang Xian’s wife Gu’an, Li Zilong guesses that this is why she was renamed The reason for Zhang Gongzhu.

West Factory and Jin Yiwei pursued Zhang Gongzhu, but no trace of it was found. Zhang Gongzhu did not have the opportunity to escape from the arsenal, nor did anyone know Zhang Gongzhu’s residence. Now the only thing that can be determined is that through the martial law of the north and south soldiers and horses, Zhang Gongzhu should also be hidden in the capital at this time, so Wang Zhi ordered him to carry out City wanted.

Li Zilong came to Gu’an House to find Gu’an. He first praised Wang Xian for his exquisite wooden kite. Then he handed a mirror to the master of the county. He revealed Zhang Gongzhu’s identity and told her that he would use it one day sooner or later. Yourself.

At the same time, Suizhou’s heart disease became more and more serious, and he even began to cause unjustified violence to wound people and wounded the commander of the arsenal with Xue Lingtong. Tang Fan’s seeming indifference on the surface, but in fact he is particularly concerned about Suizhou. After hearing about Suizhou’s performance, Pei Huai concluded that Suizhou’s heart disease was very serious. For the present, only a strong medicine can be cured. He asked Tang Fan to think about Suizhou’s daily methods of suppressing violence.

The master of the county came to the West Factory and requested Wang Xian to be taken on the ground of Wang Xian’s conviction, but Wang Zhi was still afraid of Zhang Gongzhu’s party and insisted on detaining Wang Xian. In desperation, Gu’an had no choice but to kneel at the emperor’s study. Although he did not see the emperor’s sacred car, the emperor decided to take Wang Xian from the West Factory to the Zongren Mansion and wait for it.

Li Zilong was glad that Tang Fan had not yet seen Zhang Gongzhu’s identity, and wanted to use some hands to force Gu’an to cooperate with himself. Fortunately, Tang Fan discovered the clues all day and night, and finally guessed Zhang Gongzhu’s true identity. He immediately rushed back to the West Factory to prevent Wang Xian from being transferred to the clan’s mansion. The matter was given to the emperor, and the true reason for the marrying of Wang Xian, the chief of Gu’an County, was found out from the mouth of the emperor.

At that time, Gu’an County Lord married Wang Xian at his own request, but after marrying Wang Xian, the County Lord spread rumors around Fang Jian, and intended to use Wang Xian and “Bo Lang” to avenge their father and daughter. The emperor knew that he was owed to both of them and ordered Wang Zhi to make the matter big and small. However, Tang Fan still insisted on detecting the case. Seeing that he could not arrest Gu’an County Master, he wanted to use Wang Xian’s safety to lead the snake out of the hole. After hearing that Wang Xian was about to be sentenced to death, Gu’an County Master could not sit still and immediately took the initiative to get in touch with him according to the method left by Li Zilong.

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