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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 24 Recap

After the seventeenth son died, Jin Peng led the people to chase Qingluan sister and brother all the way to the edge of the cliff, unintentionally rushing to help, in the chaos, Jin Peng held the blackbird and jumped off the cliff of ten thousand meters, Qingluan jumped afterwards. Going on, the unintentional naturally follows life and death. In the process of falling, Qingluan’s head hit the stone, and she bleeds into a coma in an instant. The blackbird exhausted the last trace of spells, lifted Qingluan’s body upwards, unintentionally hugged her, and flew back to the ground. But Xuanhu fell on the bottom of the cliff, and a pool of blood poured out under him.

Shang Qingtian found that Qingluan was seriously injured, and speculated that she could not wake up in a short time. However, Qingluan unexpectedly regained consciousness, but she felt something strange on the back of her neck, where there was a shining light. It didn’t hurt to see Qingluan unintentionally, and finally stopped worrying and frightened, and turned to visit Bai Liuli, who had been focusing on cultivating. Bai Liuli was in a good state, ready to fight against the black energy in his body with concentrated cultivation.

In this way, Xuanhu was unsure of his life and death, and unintentionally accompanied Qingluan back to Liu’s house, only to find that the place was bleak and dilapidated. Those aunts and his servants, seeing that the Liu family was gone, all left. Only the stupid Baihe remained here. Qingluan stepped forward and hugged the poor child, but Baihe recognized Qingluan as a blackbird.

Qingluan went to see his father, but he hadn’t seen him for many days. His face was much older, and his whole body was no longer in a spirited mood. Qingluan asked his father why he wanted to marry the stupid Baihe. Liu’s father seemed to be in madness, saying that he would let Liu’s successor be no matter what. Seeing his father’s stubbornness, Qing Luan ran out of anger.

Qingluan stayed in the empty room and couldn’t help but start to miss Xuanhu. Somehow Qingluan would always hear Xuanhu’s voice, and her living habits have also changed. She, who liked to eat sour in the past, unexpectedly began to fall in love with sweets like Xuanhu. Unintentionally saw Qingluan’s appearance, and couldn’t help being very worried, but he didn’t see Xuanwu’s obsession with Qingluan. Shang Qingtian thought that Qingluan was just over-worried. He took Qingluan’s pulse and told her to take a break and not stay up late to play the piano. Qingluan was surprised to say that he couldn’t play the piano at all. That was a skill that Xuanluan was good at.

Qingluan became more and more aware that the Xuanhu had not left. In order to find the truth, she simply gambled and fell into the lake, but she did not expect to emerge from the lake safely, as if nothing had happened. Qingluan was surprised when Xuanhu finally showed up. He had a disheveled head and was dressed in black with red eyes. He claimed that he didn’t know how to integrate with Qingluan. Anyway, he could only live on Qingluan now. Qingluan hopes that his brother will return to a normal life, and wants to seek help from Wuxin. However, Xuanhu thinks Wuxin will definitely get rid of this alien, preventing her sister from telling Wuxin.

Qingluan tested Wuxin’s view on soul possession. Sure enough, Wuxin believed that the natural path of nature should be followed, and the people who should leave should leave. Qingluan was shocked, and even more dare not to tell the matter about the blackbird being stored in his body. At night, Lu Peihua called Wuxin into the room. She wanted to know if Jin Peng left any words before he died. Unintentionally answering truthfully, Jin Peng fell off the cliff without time to leave his last words.

Lu Peihua burst into tears, and her life experience is quite pitiful. She is obviously a young girl, but she wants to marry the very old Liu Fuzhi for family marriage. Later, although she met the true love of Jinpeng, she was also unacceptable. Lun’s love. Lu Peihua knew that Jin Peng had not suffered much before his death, so he also fulfilled his wish.

Lu Peihua had no worries in this world, Acacia made her dying, and decided to die with Liu Fuzhi. Therefore, Lu Peihua went to the ancestral hall to find Liu Fuzhi alone. The two broke out in a quarrel. They pushed the Lieutenant General to set fire to the ancestral hall. Lu Peihua laughed. She hated Liu Fuzhi and hated him for ruining her and Jinpeng’s life.

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