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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 23 Recap

When the real Qingluan woke up, he was taken by his younger brother into a cave. Xuanhu said that he was going to make a big bet and didn’t want his sister to be involved. Qingluan reprimanded his younger brother for betting his life, Xuanhu said helplessly, with his own destiny, it is better to give it a go instead of sitting and waiting for death. Qingluan didn’t see Wuxin’s figure, so she asked her younger brother anxiously. Xuanhu was a little disappointed with her sister. At this juncture, she was still thinking about Wuxin.

On the other side, Wuxin and Bai Liuli were trapped in a trap. Wuxin discovered that there was a magic circle called “Yinxian Formation” inside. She felt very strange. Bai Liuli recognized it. This trap was the Changming School’s Ten Thousand Demon Pool. . Qingluan escaped to rescue Wuxin, and happened to meet Shang Qingtian. Shang Qingtian secretly followed Wuxin yesterday and witnessed him fall into the pool of ten thousand monsters, so the two went together to find Wuxin. At this time, Bai Liuli couldn’t hold on anymore, he vomited blood weakly, and fell into Wuxin’s arms.

At this moment, Xuanhu and Shaozu had already begun to refining jade figurines, and the surrounding mountains suddenly shook. There was joy on Xuanhu’s face. He greedily absorbed the power brought by the jade figurines, and wanted to account for all their power. Already. Qingluan and Shang Qingtian finally found the exit of the Ten Thousand Demon Pool. They finally opened the door and saw Wuxin struggling to climb up with Bai Liuli on his back. After Bai Liuli escaped from the Ten Thousand Demon Pool, she was obviously better, and hurried to stop Chang Ming. Ancestor.

At this time, the young ancestor of Changming severely wounded Xuanhu, he also ingested the energy of the jade figurines, and possessed the skill of the ancestor of Changming. Shaozu laughed, thinking that he was invincible in the world. As long as he practiced, he would be immortal. Shang Qingtian and Qingluan joined hands to control the young ancestor for a moment, and Wuxin took this opportunity to invade him with a spell, awakening the long-sleeping ancestor.

After the ancestor regained his consciousness, he realized that his apprentice had turned against him outside. He reprimanded the young ancestor for not knowing how to proceed in an orderly manner, but he wanted to follow a crooked way and lost the face of the Changming School.

Seeing that his apprentice refused to listen to his advice, the ancestor Changming surged in Young ancestor’s body. After a short time, Young ancestor was like an inflated balloon, exploding with a bang, the ashes disappeared, and an old man with white beard and white hair appeared. In front of everyone, he is the ancestor of Changming. Bai Liuli asked the ancestor to force the black qi out of his body, and the ancestor found helplessly that the black qi and Bai Liuli had merged into one.

Xuanhu also regained consciousness. He saw the fate of Shaozu, and knew that all he was after was nothing, so he ran away. Qingluan hurried to chase after him, and the two met together the seventeenth son and others who were on the run. The Seventeenth Young Master’s trip was detrimental to his soldiers, and he failed to obtain the method of longevity. He angrily attributed the blame to Xuanhu’s head. With a light wave of the evil spell practiced by Xuanhu with a bell, he choked the Seventeenth Young Master’s neck. It was useless for Qingluan to dissuade him, but Xuanhu killed him with sorcery.

The ancestor of Changming learned from Bai Liuli that Wuxin was an immortal body. He was surprised while joking, and even implanted black energy into Wuxin’s body, trying to make Wuxin fall asleep and obey his own mercy.

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