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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 22 Recap

The next day, Changming Shaozu started the practice, putting four jade figurines into the circle, saying that it would take a few days to refine the jade figurines, and he had to wait patiently. Unintentionally aware of the evil spirit emanating from Shaozu, thinking that he must have a problem, but Bai Liuli disagrees. He thinks that maybe Shaozu has broken through the practice and needs to release the old ancestor to clean up the mess. What really caused Bai Liuli’s headache was another matter. Someone had disappeared mysteriously. Although he temporarily suppressed the situation, the paper couldn’t keep the fire out, and he needed to investigate the truth as soon as possible.

Qingluan was always depressed. She felt that Wuxin seemed to be worried, so she went to Shang Qingtian for the answer. Shang Qingtian told Qingluan that Wuxin had a very precious big box, which was full of his former lover’s stuff. Qing Luan sighed, thinking about it, unintentionally, he couldn’t forget the past. Shang Qingtian enlightened Qing Luan without having to eat the jealousy of the dead. Qing Luan said that he was not jealous, but thought that he had no intention to open the knot for him.

Wuxin found the people who had disappeared somehow, and found that those people had become hideous bodies. After unintentional inspection, it was discovered that someone was using black energy to kill, so he told Bai Liuli about the incident. However, Bai Liuli thought it was a matter of chasing after the wind, and could not catch the murderer without real evidence.

The two had a big fight. Wuxin left the Bai Liuli room, and went to see Shaozu with Xuanhu, and found that after a Changming disciple entered the Shaozu room, he never came out, and Wuxin became more and more suspicious of Shaozu. On the other side, Qingluan tiptoed into Wuxin’s room and opened the big box curiously. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Wuxin came back. Qingluan was a little helpless. Fortunately, Wuxin did not blame her, but took out the contents of the box. On the table, one by one tells their stories.

Wuxin told Qingluan that in his past career, he had adopted many orphans once, and he also accidentally met Luoyang Oiran jade flute. Yudi escaped from a military prostitute camp. After encountering Wuxin, he took care of the orphans with him. The two lived a peaceful and beautiful life. Wuxin was very satisfied for a time, thinking that life could be lived like this.

Who knows One day, when the Luan Army crossed the border, Wuxin went down the mountain to buy gifts for Yudi. In this way, Yudi and the children died under the sword of the Luan Army. It was too late for Wuxin to rush back. Qing Luan did not expect that Wuxin’s past was so sad and miserable, and Wuxin sighed. Such life and death filled his life. Every time he returned to the capital, he was heartbroken. Qingluan held Wuxin in tears. Although she would leave, she would definitely find a way to help Wuxin escape from the pain and stop his feelings from being riddled with holes.

Shang Qingtian ran to Wuxin in a panic and told Wuxin that one after another soldiers had disappeared. Although Young Master Chang Ming knew, he didn’t care. Wuxin finally said his guess, suspecting that Xuanhu was using black energy to kill. Qingluan couldn’t believe it, thinking that his younger brother didn’t understand magic at all, but Wuxin pointed out that at the scene where Jinpeng was killed, only Xuanhu was there. Qingluan is not good to say anything, and can only let Wuxin investigate first.

Unintentionally following Xuanhu, he really found that he was using a bell to manipulate the black energy to harm people. Xuanhu was arrested, but he still confidently claimed that he could only be healed in this way and achieve the goal of immortality. Unintentionally tied him up and brought him to Qingluan. When Xuanhu faced his sister, he told the secret of the young ancestor of Changming. It turned out that the young ancestor did not intend to resurrect the ancestor at all, but to refine the ancestor into a golden pill. As long as he takes this golden pill, he can get the ancestor. All mana.

Unintentionally suppressed Xuanhu with a charm, let Qingluan take good care of him, and went to tell Bai Liuli about it. However, as soon as the invisible front foot left, Xuan Hu’s back foot tried to deceive Qing Luan’s trust, broke the spell, successfully broke free, and went to Chang Ming Shaozu to find a countermeasure. But when Wuxin and Bai Liuli broke into Shaozu’s room, they found that he had taken Qingluan under the hood, unconsciously eager to save others. They didn’t realize that the person in front of them was Xuanhu pretending to be, so they were tricked into the secret room and fell together with Bai Liuli. Into the trap.

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