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Rugal 루갈 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Qifan recalled the picture of being framed to kill his wife, and an illusion appeared in front of him. Han Thai bears seeing Jiang Qifan uncomfortable and took everyone back. Susan Bradley found the trace of the murderer and quickly told Han Thai Bear and others. After listening, Han Thai Bear and others planned to catch the murderer. Bradley pointed out that there was more than one place where the incident occurred. Han Thai bear Li Guangzhe split up and Song Mina stayed to take care of Jiang Qifan. In order to store the murder case that Jiang Qifan saw before, the artificial eye played it repeatedly. When Cui Yiyuan read the news, she found that Jiang Qifan had been reported dead before.

In order to prevent others from searching for Jiang Qifan’s personal information, Bradley Susan kept deleting Jiang Qifan’s personal information. Officer Liang received many calls asking Jiang Qifan about his whereabouts. He felt speechless about those who asked about the whereabouts of the dead. Based on the clues provided by Susan Bradley, Han Thai Bear found the hostages being held and rescued them from the enemy. Li Guangzhe saw a couple live broadcasting at the scene of the crime and felt that the couple was playing with fire. Li Guangzhe told Jiang Qifan that the police learned that Jiang Qifan was still alive and was pursuing Jiang Qifan. He let Jiang Qifan run away quickly. In order to hide his eyes and ears, Jiang Qifan deliberately put on the clothes in the trash can. During Jiang Qifan’s escape, he was stunned. When he woke up, he found that he was taking the headquarters with him.

Jiang Qifan told Bradley that one of his eyeballs and head was definitely a problem. He just saw a line of Jiang Qifan’s murder and his whole memory was messed up. Bradley explained that he had had this situation. Bradley helped Jiang Qifan reset the data. The machine was excluding the cause of the cognitive disorder, and then deleted Jiang Qifan’s data. Jiang Qifan found that the situation was wrong and immediately cut off the power. Han Thai bear said to Song Mina that the work was going smoothly, and Song Mina said that she was not the leader of Han Thai bear. Jiang Qifan asked Bradley to conceal today’s affairs and eye problems. He would be careful before finding Chief Wu. Bradley had no choice but to agree. Huang Dejiu learned of Feng Manzhe’s arrest, but he was not worried about being discovered by the police.

Cui Yiyuan asked Huang Dejiu to come forward to solve Feng Manzhe’s problem. She wanted to see the director of the police. Huang Dejiu knew that President Xuan was also involved and agreed to go to see the director of the police with Cui Yiyuan. Huang Dejiu went to the police to visit Feng Manzhe. Feng Manzhe heard that the person who arrested him was not Huang Dejiu, but the police, and a group of guys who wanted to get rid of them. He believed Huang Dejiu’s words. Feng Manzhe asked Huang Dejiu to get him out, but Huang Dejiu asked Feng Manzhe to cooperate with him. Cui Genzhe said in a meeting that there was news that in order to save Feng Manzhe, the political, judicial, and media circles may all be mobilized. Jiang Qifan speculated that the other party would use their hands to remove Feng Manzhe. Cui Genzhe said that Cui Yiyuan wanted to leave Feng Manzhe because Feng Manzhe was in her favor. Feng Manzhe Building will become the battlefield, Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe and Song Mina will follow, and Jiang Qifan can only stand by because of his appearance.

Jiang Qifan came to Mobin Credit and used Feng Manzhe’s fingerprint to open Feng Manzhe’s safe and got what he wanted. Then he tried to open the vault. Li Guangzhe saw Cui Long at Mobin Credit and immediately reported to Cui Genzhe. After trying many times without opening the safe, Huang Dejiu guessed that as long as he got Gao Longde’s eyeballs. At this time, Cui Long came to ridicule Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu gave Cui Long time to run behind other people’s butts. It was better to care more about his business. Cui Long ridiculed Huang Dejiu and left. Jiang Qifan was bored, so he went to chat with Bradley. Cui Long left Mobin Credit. Cui Genzhe asked Li Guangzhe to follow Huang Dejiu. Li Guangzhe knew that Cui Genzhe sent Song Mina to follow the police chief. He was afraid that Song Mina would be in trouble.

The disguised Han Thai bear helped Cui Yiyuan to open the door. Before thinking of it, Jiang Qifan Susan pointed out how he and Song Mina were posing. Han Taixiong followed Cui Yiyuan, and Song Mina followed the police chief. Huang Dejiu came to the police chief and found suspicious Song Mina. At this time, Li Guangzhe came and pretended to be Song Mina’s boyfriend and took Song Mina away. Huang Dejiu’s police chief Cui Yiyuan met three people. Cui Yiyuan interceded for Feng Manzhe. The police had no evidence to prove that Feng Manzhe was at the scene of the crime. They might as well take a step back. A hooligan caught the police injustice.

Huang Dejiu intimidated the head of the police, when another policeman came in. Cui Yiyuan used his position to seduce the director of the police. The police asked Cui Yiyuan to use the dead police officer to create topics to deprive the public of the trust of the police. Cui Yiyuan did not admit that she was behind the prank. Wu Kechang secretly snatched the other party’s insurance key while the enemy was not paying attention, destroying the electrical switch in the room.

Cui Genzhe speculated that the power outage was the distress signal sent by Chief Wu, so Jiang Qifan immediately rescued Chief Wu. Han Taixiong, Li Guangzhe and Song Mina received the news and hurried to rescue Wu Section Chief. Huang Dejiu was very angry when he saw the short message sent by Jiang Qifan from Cui Yiyuan’s mobile phone. Jiang Qifan met Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe Song Mina, and then went to rescue Section Chief Wu. The indoor power supply returned to normal, Li Guangzhe turned on the light, and Jiang Qifan and others found many corpses lying on the ground.

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